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As long as you’re by my side…

My only wish is to be with you…

ETA: And now I’ve made a Cloud/Tifa one to mirror the Zack/Aerith one.:D

Cloud/Tifa has been one of my main OTPs for a while now, and they’re story is such a difficult one it just gives me so much to think(and write)about. I don’t see why Tifa is demonized for being human and having feelings(even negative ones). Cloud has his share of blame, too, for what happened before AC/ACC, but I’d like to think that they learned to work through their issues post movie.

And about Zack/Aerith, I’ve never been a big shipper of those two, but even I can see the tragedy behind their doomed love. I don’t think either Zack or Aerith would ever forget their first love(hello, how many letters did she write him??). And even though she may have fallen in love with Cloud, it doesn’t mean that she couldn’t hold a special place in her heart for that SOLDIER who never got a chance to keep his promises.:’)


É, a vida vai nos endurecendo. A gente nasce livre, puro, ingênuo, acreditando. Tomamos uma, duas, três, vamos colocando um capuz, um escudo, uma armadura. E salve-se quem puder. E consegue chegar quem deixarmos. O fato é que estou com medo. Medo da gente. Pânico da capacidade que as pessoas têm de andar lado a lado com a maldade. Medo de viver num mundo imundo como o nosso. Pobre de valores. Pobre de espírito. Podre de coração!
—  Clarissa Corrêa.