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você é minha garota favorita!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD I HAVE TO PUBLISH THIS! Mah Russian Soul Sistah speaks Portuguese and complimented me. envy away!

Вы моя любимая сестра души!!

is that right? need to start on the russian asap!

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  1. What are you reading right now? Gaiman’s American Gods
  2. What’s the best vacation you ever took? A tour along the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario last summer
  3. Favorite childhood memory? Camping with about thirty other Boy Scouts and their fathers in a one-room cabin, it was insanely loud and obnoxious. My dad asked me to follow him out into the woods one night, so we escaped the madness. He told me that in a few minutes, once our eyes adjusted to the darkness, the stars would look like they’d never looked. And he was right; they opened up like never before. He pointed out a few constellations. It was probably the one and only time I’ve felt especially close to my dad, who keeps his feelings and emotions very internal.
  4. Favorite card game? Euchre. Ever heard of it? A Michigan favorite, similar to Pinochle but very hard to explain. Learning how to play Euchre is a young person’s rite of passage in Michigan.
  5. What was your first concert? Lame answer? The Beach Boys, but with a neighbor kid and his parents. Cool answer (first concert I bought a ticket to)? Jane’s Addiction with Rollins Band.
  6. If you could take a year off of work/school what would you do? Sabbatical to the great north to write screenplays and poetry and live in a cabin. Or a distillery tour of Scotland. Or build a wooden boat.
  7. What movie(s) could you watch over and over and never tire of? Blue In The Face, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Half Baked, Harold and Maude, Citizen Kane, F for Fake, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Conversation, Goodfellas. My problem appears to be watching movies over and over again.
  8. What’s your dream job? Own and operate a 12-room motel in the middle of the deep woods, earning enough to be comfortable but having nothing to do with the great economic chase to the bottom of humanity.
  9. Do you consider internet friendships to be as important/real as real life friendships? I think they are real, but they are also fickle. An internet friend is only as visible as they make themselves out to be. Carefully chosen words/images and the ability to disappear at will separate them from brick and mortar friends. This can be useful to both parties, but if you fall too deep, or even deeper than the other, it can be very painful.
  10. Cake or pie? PIE. Give me ALL THE PIE. Pies are delicious. Cakes are too cakey. Plus pies are special occasion numbers…special holidays, etc. But cake you can have with coffee. I was addicted to those Hostess pies in my stoner days until I realized they were fried in beef tallow.
  11. Do you have a hobby? My filmmaking is pure hobby as it has yet to earn me a living. Plus music. When I’m not listening to music I like to read about music.

My questions:

  1. Bagels or English Muffins?
  2. Dream mode of transportation? Think big…
  3. Describe your favorite time of year where you live.
  4. Kittens or puppies or too cute to call?
  5. Favorite album of all time?
  6. Favorite film of all time?
  7. A film that didn’t live up to its hype?
  8. An actor/actress everyone loves that you don’t understand?
  9. Favorite SNL cast members/ensembles?
  10. How do you take your eggs?
  11. Tell me a story…something bizarre that happened to you, a crazy thing you’ve done, an adventure you went on…


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