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How about horror au?

*rolls up sleeves* We’re so glad someone asked this! 

Come Hellbound: Sure, the Seidou kids always had suspicions that their dorm was haunted. But it wasn’t until the first years arrived that they were able to confirm their suspicions. 

Bartender: After “messing up” one too many missions, Chris is forced to take an easy mission to clean up a bar that serves spirits, evil or not. There, he meets Sawamura Eijun, the most definitely human bartender with too bright of a grin.

Haunted House: For their final gift, the third years put together a Test of Courage for the bravest of their underclassmen. So these monsters and bloodied handprints are all fake… right?

We also have pseudo-horror such as Office, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Warfare. These verses, although it has veins of horror in it, the horror aspect isn’t the main focus. Did you know that we also used to have few more horror verses that were eventually replaced by more fluffy verses? lol

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are you still playing fanfic trope? if yes what about pirate/mermaid AU? thanks :)

Why, yes! We are still playing this game! And yes, we do have pirate/mermaid AUs!

Pirate & Mermaid AU: See You Soon - In Eijun’s defense, he wasn’t trying to fish out a mermaid. He was all ready to set her back to the ocean when his pirate crew reminded him that they’re poor pirates with little to no funds. And mermaids catch a hefty sum on the market… 

Mermaid AU: Aquamarine - Chris had the whole beach trip planned out. The swimming competition, the volleyball match, the meals, his confession to Sawamura under the fireworks… But nothing goes according to plan when Sawamura is involved.

There’s also a side mention of mermaids in Wrecking Ball. ^^

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seiyuu au (✧ω✧)

Technically speaking, we’re not playing the trope game, but…

We do not have a pure Seiyuu AU. We do have a verse where Eijun is both an actor and voice actor (Super Bass). But it’s just Eijun, and no one else is involved.

Most likely, we won’t write one, but if we were to do so it’d probably be something along the lines of… Takashima recruits Eijun to be part of an anime produced by the Seidou Studio, which has been on the decline since the director changed to Kataoka. With the help of the genius voice coach, Miyuki Kazuya, can Eijun be part of the team that brings Seidou back to glory…??? 

Pfft, that came out really dramatic. ^^ 

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What about Mutant!AU? you know, a la x-men? Btw, I just finished utopia. Talk aboud mindscrewing Sawamura. Nice. I have questions but latter! -Juanitastar

We do have a Mutant!AU, but it’s not quite X-Men like. It’s more like… Uh… This is embarrassing, but have you ever seen the music video for Alesso’s “Heroes (we could be)?” It’s a little more like that.

Horizon: For the Seidou lab rats, all they knew about the world was this laboratory, the unfeeling scientists, and the never-ending tests of their powers. Then one day, the sun appeared before them and changed everything.

(And not quite mutants, but we also have superhero!AU, Love in a Little Lie)

But if you were looking for more X-Men like story, then no, we do not have one… We don’t think we’d write one, but it’s possible that if the fancy strikes that we might sneak a verse in. lol. If we did write it… it would be fun to explore the other schools’ powers. The two stories we do have both focus mainly on Seidou, after all. ^^ 

((Also, you read Utopia??? Let us just hug you and not let go~~))

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Singer/band trope

Yes, we do have this trope!

Riptide: Seidou is a musical school in this AU. So I’m sure you can imagine the shenanigans, no?

Although these verses don’t have this trope front and center, we also have themes of singer in Confession and Play Date. (Also possibly in Allure of Bright Lights, but that one’s not as certain).