Reading List 8

OH MY GOODNESS I’M SO SORRY GUYS! Ok I know that this is 2 weeks late I’m so sorry!!!!! I’ve had a ton of work lately and honestly this just completely slipped my mind. Unfortunately, I do have to make an announcement: I’m going to go on hiatus soon. I’m really sorry but in 2 weeks (I think but that date might change) I’ll post that week’s reading list and then be gone for a while. I’m not sure if I’ll post in August or not, but I really can’t in June and July. I’m really sorry guys and I’ll be back, but I need to take a break. Thanks for being so understanding! Love you guys <3 On a happier note…WE HIT 100 FOLLOWERS! Thank you guys so much this honestly means the world to me. I love each and every one of you so much and I want you to know that any one of you is free to message me randomly I want to make friends with you! Ok whoo that was a lot of information but this is an actual reading list so let’s get to it!

  1. how do you keep a wave upon the sand? | everdeen | ao3 (GUYS THIS ONE IS SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS)
  2. Asylum | Ash M. Knight | ff
  3. Holland, Their Savior | Mischiefs93 | ff
  4. Bait and Switch (A Swan Queen Fanfic) | juicecupswanqueen | ff | ao3
  5. To Sleep, Perchance | Qym | ao3
  6. The Big Uneasy | SkinnyProcrastinator | ao3
  7. Finding Sofia | Qym | ao3
  8. Landing Spot | Dakota829Snow | Deleted fic but can be found on google drive
  9. The Swan and the Nightingale | RebelByrdie | ff | ao3
  10. Dark Swan Redux | dushkahasdibs | ff | ao3
  11. Letting Go | McDumbles | ff
  12. Retrospective | SarcasticLesbian | ff 
  13. Reset | SkinnyProcrastinator | ao3
  14. The Art of Being Extraordinary | purplehershey | ff
  15. Love Undefined | hummingbirdswords | ao3
  16. Teacher’s Pet | RegalChromaggia69 | ff | ao3
  17. Hide and Seek | absedarian | ff | ao3
  18. The Staircase | redcharcoal | ff
  19. To Remember her Happy Ending | hope2x | ff
  20. for endings are where we begin | Grevling | ao3
  21. Bring Her Home | SQ_RoundRobin | ao3
  22. Teaching Miss Mills | Helvetica Brown | ff | ao3
  23. Troubled Teachers | SwanQueenUK | ff | ao3
  24. Consequences of a Broken Heart | Jaded Logic | ff
  25. Butterfly Effect | misscantelope | ff | ao3
  26. A Mind Can Bleed a Heart to Death | SillyDreamer | ao3
  27. Altered Fairytale | VioletScented | ao3
  28. On Prophecies | NinaFey | ao3
  29. Now You Know | jehc | ao3
  30. Down East Decisions | FlyYouFools | ff
  31. Addict Fic | fictorium | ff
  32. Coveted | I.heart.mean.girls | ff
  33. so does this make us both the other woman? | coalitiongirl | ff | ao3
  34. always known | deceptivelycomplex3925 | ff | ao3
  35. Over the Rainbow | Egoperceptum | ff
  36. Curse You and Your Dinner | highheelsandchocolate | ff | ao3
  37. Right There All the Time | dvje | ao3
  38. The Favor Or What’s a Girl Like You doing on a(White)Knight Like This? | PinkRabbitPro | ff | ao3
  39. The Debt | Scribes and Scrolls | ff
  40. An Ill Wind | neverenough04 | ff | ao3
  41. Building Windmills (A Swan Queen Fanfic) | juicecupswanqueen | ff | ao3
  42. Approximately 525 600 Minutes | Reighne | ff | ao3
  43. Striking a Bond | sultrysweet | ff
  44. Operation Wingman | withgirl | ff
  45. Stockholm Syndrome | SQWriter | ff
  46. Not Going Anywhere | TML9115 | ff | ao3
  47. An (Un)welcome Surprise | withgirl | ff
  48. Beautifully Unbroken | WritingForMySoul12 | ff 
  49. Daylight | queercapwriting | ff 
  50. Temporary Distractions | amycarey | ao3

I made a really long list in honor of 100 followers! Again, it means so much to me thanks guys!

ML Fluff Month Day 2 || Goodnight Kisses

Nino and Alya’s first date is coming to a close but now Nino is wondering what he should do when he drops Alya off at her house.

Rated G || 670 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

To Kiss or Not To Kiss?

The date had gone wonderfully in Nino’s opinion. Him and Alya had both agreed whole heartedly on seeing the new rom com that had just hit theaters. They’d had a romantic walk along the Seine while eating ice cream they’d gotten from a cart nearby, trading cones every so often so Alya could have some of Nino’s mint chip and Nino could have some of Alya’s strawberry. As first dates go, Nino thought it had been practically perfect.

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Fic Rec List 3 of 3 tonight

Since my original post was too long, I had to break it up into 3 posts tonight. Hopefully this works. The whole thing is the definitive list of all my favorite fics. On a scale of 1-10, all of these are rated 11 or higher. A single asterisk next to a fic is a desert island fic that I couldn’t do without. A double asterisk is a #1 all time favorite fic that I reread regularly. All links, Tumblr handle (if I know it), ao3 and/or ff profile, links to fics on ao3 and/or ff, are included.  So settle in for some fabulous reading from this EXTREMELY long list. 

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Reading List 5

Hi! I’m back after my accidental hiatus…please don’t kill me? I have a great reading list today and yeah here ya go!

I wish | Keki186 | ff

enough | adorablebadass | ff

Home | Olivia Janae | ff | ao3

Feed Me (Give Me Your Heart) | monchy | ff | ao3

Letting Go | McDumbles | ff

Sisterly Interference | Errol’s Feather | ff

Trading Places | queenssavior | ff

If They Can’t Have Each Other They Will Never Be Happy | edean13 | ff

How A Dress Changed Everything | hope2x | ff

Truth | SgtMac | ff | ao3

The Long Haul - Swan Queen | KarinaSQ | ff

Nine Months to Months | LZClotho | ff | ao3

The Talk | MaybeWeAre | ff

I wish for a future | MoonWriting | ff

To Protect and Serve | janemac24 | ff | ao3

A New Hope | Obsidianna | ff

Porcelain to Ivory to Steel | Imsosorry| ao3

Ravishing Evil | rolystatz | ao3

the gusts came around | bringyouhometoo | ao3

The Crystal Looking Glass | Of_Princes_and_Savages | ao3

Part of Your World | queenssavior | ao3

Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned | Hana (SecretSmile101) | ao3

Your Journey Left Marks | imaginethat57 | ff | ao3

Fic Rec List 6 of 6

It’s almost finished! Aren’t you glad? I know I am! This has been way too hard, but so much fun putting together and remembering all these wonderful fics! Once I’m done with this and finish reading Fragile Design, I’ll look forward to  immersing myself in the sheer joy and beauty of these fics and authors… Same as before, these all rate 11+, a single asterisk is a desert island fic, two additional asterisks means it’s a #1 all time favorite fic.

List 1  List 2  List 3  List 4  List 5

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a house is not a home

a/n: based on the theory that the underworld is like a cursed S1 storybrooke and killian doesn’t remember emma ///// i am not ok

Ao3 / FF

To say Hell is not what she expected is a bit of an understatement.

She supposes after nearly three years of Camelot, Neverland, Oz, and the whole freaking bippity boppity Enchanted Forest, Emma Swan should be used to this. 

But no—every damn time they traipse off into a new land it always throws her for a loop. Finding out that Peter Pan is a suppressed sociopath, wondering if Rumplestiltskin planned an elaborate curse in lieu of shopping for moisturizer, realizing King Arthur is the biggest dillhole to cross her path since her bailbonds days—

Just once, she would like one thing to go at least marginally according to plan. 

But as the smoke clears and as she takes her first tentative step off the ferryman’s barge, all she can do is curse because of fucking course

She’s already established with herself that she should’ve known better, but Hell—or the Underworld, sorry—was one of those places she’d been a bit more confident in. It’s not like she was expecting the valley of the shadow of death to literally be, say, Death Valley, but she did have some idea of what it might be like. 

Underground, for one thing. 

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