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Tangled Up In Blue ‘Deleted Scenes’

Chapter 2: The best form of therapy is you

Summary: Killian gets a massage from Emma. Fluffiness ensues.

Notes: Set sometime before Emma goes into labor and based on a combination of prompts.

Prompt 1: What about Emma giving Killian a nice massage once, as a reward to his very sweet effort to take care of her all the time?

Prompt 2: Now I would like Killian enjoying touching her belly like singing to her baby etc

For those of you waiting for an update of A Helping Hand, it will be next, I just had to get this one out of my system first.

Rated: T

Read: DS 1

Also Available on: AO3 FF.N

Killian came home late from a really long day at the clinic. He was sore, his whole body aching, there was a wobble in his step and he was just overall exhausted. The thought of a good, satisfying sleep sounded like heaven as he threw his keys on the counter and trudged through the house.

The warm light in the family room illuminated through the doorway, so he walked in, finding Emma sitting on the couch knitting. She looked absolutely adorable in her white tank top and pajama bottoms, her pregnant belly protruding underneath the scarf she was working on. His sister-in-law had gotten Emma into knitting a couple of weeks ago and it gave her something relaxing to do when she wasn’t working.

He stood there watching her, a smile struggling to make it’s way across his lips as her eyes lifted from her task. Her beauty alone made his whole body dissolve. He wanted to hug and kiss her, and give her his undivided attention, but he was afraid that he just did not have it in him to do so.

“Oh goodness, I didn’t even hear you come in,” she breathed, a bit struck as her hand went to her heart.

“Sorry, love. Didn’t mean to startle you.”

She was smiling but her features fell when she scanned him up and down, studying him intently. She immediately set down her knitting supplies, holding her belly as she pulled herself up from the couch. “You look exhausted, baby. You poor thing.” Her words were soothing as she walked over to him, eyes glowing with a mixture of concern and love.

“I’m fine. Just a little tired and sore, that’s all.”

He could tell she wasn’t completely buying it as she cupped his cheeks in her hands, gracing him with a soft smile. Her touch was warm and instantly helped him to relax a bit. “Are you hungry? Dinner’s in the refrigerator. I can get it for you,” she murmured softly before pressing a kiss to his lips.

“Not really. Just mostly want to sleep,” he assured her, his hands finding her waist and wrapping around her as he pressed another tender kiss to her lips. Since they’ve been living together, he would normally come home to a warm meal when he wasn’t so late, the house was always clean by her hands, even though he insisted that she leave it to the maid. And she would take care of him and help him to bed when he was too tired to do anything but rest.

Killian attempted to offer a smile but it hurt too much for even the small gesture and when she gently rested her hands on his shoulders to remove his jacket, he winced.

He could see Emma’s motherly instincts kick in as worry washed over her features and once she pulled his jacket from his arms and draped it over the sofa, she came back to him, tugging on his hand. “Come on. I think the doctor needs some good doctoring.”

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panicking chocobro noises
Final Fantasy XV
panicking chocobro noises

Meeting the Zu for the first time  or they’re seeing me in the morning.

Prompto: Gwaa… Oh em gee. Neeagh. We’re supposed to get near that thing?! (゚´Д`゚)゚

Gladio: Pipe down before you wake it up.  ( •̀□•́ )

*panicking Prompto noises*

Noctis: Tch.

Prompto: *sighs from relief* *pouts*

Noctis: *screams* Gaahh!!

*more panicking Prompto noises*

Noctis: *sigh* We made it out alive.  (゚∀゚ )

Prompto: BARELY! I seriously thought we at journey’s end.  (´;Д;`)

Gladio: But that feat was fit for a king.  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)

Ignis: Indeed. (•̀ㅂ•́ )

anonymous asked:

Can you possibly write about what would have happened if Snow hadn't come in when she did? I'd die happy!!

omfg anon I WASN’T PLANNING ON WRITING THIS because flkjhlkj i have so many things i should be writing (and also i have work today that i’ve been putting off) but like… i get it cause that scene fucking ruined me too, so here you go, have some porn with feelings. aslkjhs.

the scene (kitchen table sex with no interruptions) – AO3
~1800, explicit, obvs

“To hell with the pancakes,” is a sentiment that Killian wholeheartedly agrees with. He much prefers the taste of her tongue and the smell of dried sweat and lingering morning sex on her skin to anything else right now. And, it seems, she has nothing on her mind now either, aside from consuming his groans of pleasure and sliding her deft, teasing fingers across the back of his neck, down his shoulders, his chest, his tense abdomen, all the way there, where he is alive and awake and quite ready for another go at it.

He loves kissing her, always has; she’s a hell of a kisser and she knows it. Though he may have a few more centuries of experience, she’s managed to master the art in her short decades on this earth. Push, pull. Tongue, teeth. Wet lips, plush and pliant, with a gentle ease even when forceful and wild. He could drown in her kisses, although he has, in fact, been resuscitated by them once before. (Whatever excuse she’d had about that “CPR” nonsense had been just that: nonsense. It was definitely the press of her lips that saved him, of that he is entirely certain.)

It’s the combination that does him in – her mouth on his and her hands massaging him through the jeans that he wished he hadn’t even bothered putting on this morning. He can’t stand it, is too revved up and desperate for her that he couldn’t care less about anything else.

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All of you are so strong, you are.
I suppose I ought to work a tad harder if I’m going to keep up now.

A Terrible Idea

I was supposed to work on CSBB today.  I did this instead.  Blame the show writers and Captain Swan when I miss this weekend’s CSBB check-in, but I had to get this out of my system.  Sorry if it’s a little slapdash, LOL.

A quick and dirty missing scene from 6.18.  (Canon Compliant.  Plain Smut.  Rated M.)

Find it on AO3.

Tagging @the-lady-of-misthaven, @noorasaetlre, @villains-happy-ending, and @kmomof4 because you all are enablers.  And @bleebug because she asked for stuff like this.

Emma shuttles her mother out the door, promising to meet up with the troops at the sheriffs’ station shortly. Snow totes her ominously-large wedding planner – as great a harbinger of future suffering as any magical artifact Emma’s ever encountered – down the porch steps, and Emma waits until she’s halfway to the sidewalk before shutting the door and turning the bolt (for all the good that does).  

Breakfast long forgotten, she flies up the stairs to the bedroom to suit up for another day of dealing with the Black Fairy’s machinations.  Pulling clean underthings from her dresser drawer, she catches her reflection in the bedroom mirror.  She pauses at the sight of her mussed hair, biting her lip at both the memory of how it got that way and the realization that she definitely needs to see the inside of a shower before they get going – to the wash away the evidence, as it were.  Her eyes dart to the closed bathroom door.  The sound of running water coming from within reminds her that their shower is currently occupied and she has to wait until Killian vacates it or use the bathroom down the hall. And then Option C hits her.  

It’s a great idea.  

It’s a terrible idea.


She’s all in.  

Gods, they’re going to be so late.  

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Missing scene ficlet from Emma’s first night home, right after Killian comes back inside from David shrugging of his help with harsh words. (very mild M rating)

He’s thankful for the door at his back keeping him steady as a lightheadedness overcomes him at the whiplash of emotions hitting him all at once. It was just a few minutes ago when he’d looked around the kitchen at the family sipping at their glasses, smiling and hugging, realizing that he no longer felt like an outsider. There were no sidelong glances his way during that toast, no raised eyebrows from Regina or scoff from David, just a loving look from Emma as if he was the most important one in the room. He’s was in this. He had a home, a family larger and more complicated than he ever could have imagined. He finally felt like he had a place in it.

But the words David has just spoken has simply reminded him of how far off he is from ever deserving any of it. Killian’s past is something from which he will never escape, but he’d hoped David had seen his attempts to change. Shaking his head, he tries to remind himself that David is on the edge of delirious, overtired and scared. Lashing out is an understandable response in these circumstances. He’s certainly done his fair share of that. Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath, holding the air in his lungs for a moment before letting it out slowly through his nose, a trick he’d taught young sailors feeling their first bout of seasickness on choppy waters. The future he wants, the one taking shape around him, in this house, in every one of Emma’s smiles, he’ll weather any storm in order to grasp it. Tomorrow, he will step into that tempest, one way or another.

Leaving his coat on the hook and his boots by the door, he heads up the stairs, pausing on the landing when he hears Emma’s voice drifting quietly from Henry’s room at the end of the hall. The door isn’t closed, but he senses the need for privacy and leaves them to their conversation. Once inside the master bedroom, he closes the door and begins to undress, dropping his dirty clothes in the hamper in their impossibly large closet piece by piece. He will do laundry tomorrow, he thinks, wash everything from the time Emma was away as if that can erase the feelings of having her gone. His hand reaches out to feel for the box hidden in the pocket of his leather duster, needing a tactile reminder of all he is fighting for.

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