ffs i got work in the morning

FFS people grow the fuck up

I am 200% done with work this weekend. I’m not even the admin on call. Seriously.

Since Friday morning we’ve had several call offs and constant insufficient staffing and I got called Friday night when I was gettin’ busy, several times, after a few drinks to boot, and then got yelled at by someone that I supervise which isn’t going to go well for her when we have a little chat btw and then I got an email resignation letter and I’m so fucking over it right now I can’t even.

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Prompt:  Part Two to “UNO”

Uno (part one)

Pairing: Bruce Banner X Reader

TW: None, pretty tame and fluffy.

Word Count: 1,971

The two of you had played a couple rounds by the time someone landed on the top of the elevator. You and Bruce snapped your heads up, and the small emergency hatch was opened to reveal Captain America- well, Steve Rogers -out of uniform. He wore a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans and he gently lowered himself into the Elevator. “Doctor, Miss. L/N,” he greeted the two of you with a nod of his head.

Bruce used the momentary distraction to place his second to last card onto the pile with a quiet, “Uno.”

You looked down at your cards with a smile, “Nice one!” Bruce started to gather up the card so you could put them back into the sleeve. As the two of you stood up, you looked at Steve, “So, we have to go up to get out?”

Steve nodded, “Yes, the firefighters weren’t able to recall the Elevator, so we were forced to open the doors. The cart is sandwiched in-between the eleven and tenth floors, so we can’t open the doors without risk of it shifting and… well…”

“Say no more,” You said as you waved your hand, “I’d rather not get crushed.” Bruce stood and offered you a hand and you stood as well. You looked back up at the hatch apprehensively.

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Someone requested I make a masterpost for my fics because they’re a mobile user and I did! I hope it works well and you guys like it, I’m including Flash Fics (FF) and Three Sentence Fics(TSF)

F=Fluff, S=Smut, A=Angst, O=Other

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Separate Lives, Ch 20 (20/?)

Ch1 /Ch2 /Ch3 /Ch4 /Ch5 /Ch6 /Ch7 /Ch8 /Ch9 /Ch10 /Ch11 /Ch12 /Ch13 /Ch14/Ch15/Ch16/Ch17 /Ch18 /Ch19

Fic tag: It will also include notes on the fic and music and lyrics inspiration :)

Read it also on Ao3 or FF

Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for reviewing this and laschatzi for encouraging me to write this idea!

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Chapter 20 – The Aftermath

Oh…love…you say inlove there are no rules
You’re so cruel
Oh…love…to stay with you I’d be a fool
Sweetheart…you’re so cruel

So cruel, U2

He drifted awake slowly, expecting his bed to be empty, but then he felt her body still snuggled against his. She hadn’t left.

Bloody hell.

Panic arose in him. He wasn’t ready to deal with this. He definitely was not ready to deal with a morning after with Emma Swan, especially after the little mind game they had going on the night before. He could only picture how a talk like that would go.

He would get his heart broken again.

He had to think this through. He had to stay ahead of the game again.

It was the only way he’d survive.

He sighed, got out of the bed carefully to avoid waking her and headed to his shower.

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This is about as patient as I get with fan art, usually… 20 minutes in the morning before work, even with characters I love. After that I get incredibly bored. Either way: Aeris (in my game, it was “Aeris”) is and always will be my favourite FF-character, I think. I experienced loss at a very young age; GoT is nothing.

I imagine her having slightly off-but-pretty features because I like thinking of Cetra as such… Maybe I’ll gather enough patience to make a real picture one day. Hahah…

i’d recognize you (anywhere you go)

summary: 01. always getting the same cashier at target no matter what day it is au. requested by in-spirational.

word count: ~ 1,800

rating: g. 


It’s funny that every time he goes to Target just to get some basic necessities, he finds himself with the same cashier tending to his checkout every day.

Not that he’s complaining.

Emma as her nametag says, is a lovely cashier who’s fantastic at her area of service. Plus, she’s easy on the eyes. And she’s got his eyes for sure, knowing that he’s developed a little, stupid crush on her. He has never once thought he’d find himself infatuated to the cashier that checks out his stuff, but here he is, second in line and anticipating his short moment he’ll get with her on this fine Monday evening.

“You again?”

“Flattered to know you recognize me, lass.” He chuckles and pulls his wallet out from the back pocket of his jeans while she scans all of the items. “Business seems slow today.”

“It is,” she confirms, carefully placing his stuff into a bag. “Twenty-eight, sixty-five.”

He pulls out a fifty dollar bill (he needs to head over to a bank later…and he forgot his credit card), handing it over to her, and digging out sixty-five cents so he doesn’t get too much spare change. That weighs his wallet down, and he doesn’t exactly like carrying that extra weight around of coins he doesn’t always get to use.

“Hope you have a nice day.”

He smiles, taking his bag and nodding. “You too, Emma.”

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Sunday Recs ((Monday Edition Vo 2 😉))

I’m just gonna blame SDCC for the lateness and this time I ain’t even sorry! lol Comic Con was really GOOD FUN -even from miles away!! we got so many goodies, I still have a happy happy heart from it 😊

That said, today’s recs! Thank you all for all the beautiful works! You all make the CS shipping experience all the more incredible and wonderful! Many many thanks and love your way!! :)

  • My Love, I’m in Love With You -  @i-know-how-you-kiss
    Future CS family FEELS! Daddy!Killian! Need I say more? I didn’t think so :) This left me on the floor unable to deal with all my feelings! It’s SO cute, and of course their kid would be confused and has no idea who the heck this Emma person is! SO CUTE! :)

  • i’ve known since yesterday -  @mermaidswans
    friends to lovers, fake dating. modern au. In other words, EVERYTHING that is pure and perfect as far as fanfic tropes go, is HERE, and it’s WONDERFUL! I loved this! SO MUCH! So here is how it goes: they are best friends, roomies even, who are friends with disgustingly adorable Mary Margaret + David, and of course leave it to Emma freaking Swan to decide they need to give MM + D a taste of their own medicine by fake dating Killian and kissing him all over whenever they are together. THIS IS HEAVEN! I love love loved it! It’s really well written, and it’s cute when it has to be, FUNNY a LOT, packed with FEELs, really, a perfect 10! :)

  • a new map home -  @swan-stories
    Future CS family fluff –SUPER FLUFFY! just so cute! This is the cutest way how CS actually come to decide they want a babe of their own. My favorite part, them PLUS Henry naming the kid. It melted my heart! Such a sweet read! I also appreciated Emma a lot, she feels very Emma and I loved that! :)

  • Heartless -  @hook-come-back-to-me
    This is a GREAT ONE! Cursed!Princess Emma + the most mysterious wizard-y portrayal of an au!Killian! Emma’s in big ole trouble, and getting the help of a very dangerous wizard may just be her only hope! SO GOOD! I loved how he earned her trust! their meeting, him just knowing little things, and just their dynamic here is PRICELESS! I truly want to read more (A LOT MORE) of where this came from! SO GOOD! 

  • Whenever I’m Alone With You -  @amagicalship
    SMUFFY(ish) CS GOODNESS with a dash of angst AND SO MANY FEELINGS AND LOVE!! My all time weakness! how did ya know??! ;) Just joking! THIS IS terribly amazing and I bow to your amazingness! I’m not kidding anymore! this is sooo good! Big ole M for sexy times, so beware, but SO freaking well written, and the love and the honesty, I’m a puddle of goo, thank you SO much!! I was hooked from the beginning, Emma just knowing him and being able to read him is one of my fav things to read! Kudos to the author! Their talk about his darkness and past mistakes especially relevant after this weekend and comic-con spoiler-y talk! THIS is how I wish it would play out….alas it shall be kept PG for the show, but still! THIS IS WONDERFUL! :) (also that nod to The Cure was awesome!)

  • this family we build -  @belovedcreation 
    CS AU! This is a very different arc that gets us to Henry, pretty much! but it’s so great! AND this Killian is to die for! (as EVERY variation of HIM is, but still, ya know what I mean!) Emma’s a waitress at Granny’s (I’ve been playing with that idea in my head a lot lately too so I loved reading this!) and Killian is a college student in Boston, yet rooted in Storybrooke! I LOVED him swearing by Granny’s counter as his lucky charm for studying! what a lovable dork he is! ANYWAY, cuteness ensues when they start to get to know each other and fall for one another! this is yet another universe I’d love to read tons of!

  • Twice Blessed -  @katealexandra26
    My fix of Captain Swan wedding feels of the week! It’s so sweet and fluffy you may need to brush your teeth for days afterwards, but so so so worth the cavities! Killian formally planning a proposal, and asking both Henry and David for his Swan’s hand, it just doesn’t get sweeter than that! SUCH A LOVELY READ! :)

  • Untitled Pirate!Emma | Prince!Killian AU -  @cutieodonoghue
    This is the sweetest tiny thing! I LOVE SO MUCH the idea of Emma properly being Captain Swan! it makes me giggle, but I loooove it! Can you just picture ruthless Pirate Emma falling for the handsomest Prince Killian??? SO GREAT! of course they’re in trouble deep, if you know what I mean, but still, their dynamic was epic and wonderful and I can’t believe it was so short and yet I loved it so much! :)

And this is it for today! I have LOTS to read from the awesome CS AU WEEK yet, so expect lots of recs from those works in the coming weeks! Life’s just life and it gets in the way of my reading all the time, but I’ll get to them! Just you wait! :)

You got this humongous ball of fluff from me this week ((  morning ducky )) I’m not even sorry! Fluffy Future CS family is what my dreams are literally made of, so I hope you don’t mind me diving back into that pond of self indulgence hehe! :) 

AND that is it, now for real! HAPPY MONDAY Y’all! Hope your weeks are lovely! <33