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Fem!France x America

The room was eerily silent, especially considering these two were usually relatively chatty. An angry blush had risen to the frenchwomans face, and she looked at her current lover. She almost swore she could see the smugness on his face. Another comment with double meanings, and she was beginning to tire of it.

Just as she was about to start rambling, his voice cut her off. “Marilyn Monroe.” She didn’t understand, and it was clear in her expression as some of the anger had faded. Why was he bringing her up right now? He was supposed to be getting yelled at, but then…her name always stopped it.

A cheesy grin slipped onto his face, and if you know where to look, you could see the hints of apologies in his expression. “That’s…That’s who you reminded me of….” His voice trailed off, and his blue eyes were slightly sad. Although whether it was by her name, or the fact that he’d upset Francine again was unknown.

Her hands, which had been balled up into fists, relaxed slightly, and a soft sigh left her lips. The anger seemed to leave her expression, and she looked up at him. Indigo coloured eyes met his own blue, before she leaned forward so her head was leaning on his shoulder.

She knew he knew, he knew how much she had admired the American woman when she’d been alive. Everything about her, was just so wonderful. The fact that she wasn’t stick thin like most woman now, and she knew what beauty was, well that was one of the things she admired the most about Miss Monroe.

After leaning against him for a moment, she felt his arms wrap around her waist, and he gently started swaying from side to side. “Well, you definitely have the looks to remind me of her.” His usually joking voice had quieted down slightly, as he apologized for poking fun.

"You shouldn’t lie, it’s not healthy," she murmured against his shoulder. Although her hands reached upwards, until they locked around the back of his neck. To anyone watching, they never would have guessed that only moments ago they’d been bickering.

Alfred chuckled lightly, a deep and throaty chuckle, as he looked down at her. After a moment of swaying, he pressed his lips to her forehead. “Darlin’, I wouldn’t lie to you. I promised you that on the joyous day two years ago.”

Francine almost wanted to apologize for her behavior, but instead she simply looked up, and pressed her lips against his. It was an effective way of shutting him up, but it also made it so he couldn’t see the light blush dusting her face.

He really knew how to push her buttons.


I hope that was good enough for you Anonyme ^^; While I do like this pairing, this is the first time I wrote for it.

I’m still taking random requests by the way to anyone else.

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