The Shout Out #11

The eleventh issue of the Shout Out is a bumper edition! On it, you can find a list of creators and bloggers new to our Directories, as well as brand new community leaders and cultural ambassadors!

They’re always write!

We welcomed a pair of writers to the Creator Directory this week! One was @bubbleteahime, who you’ve hopefully already checked out after she debuted on this week’s Fanfiction Round-Up!

The other is @bzrava, who’s yet to appear on the FFRU, but why wait for that? Go ahead and check out their writing tag right now, and stay ahead of the trend!

World-renowned ask blog!

The cosplay ask blog with a roster of characters so huge we couldn’t fit it on our Creator Directory, @ask-a-nation joined us this week! If you have a burning question to ask a country, this blog is your best bet for an answer!

1 in 100 (million)!

We also said a hearty hello to @aph-ghoul, the newest edition to our list of 100% Hetalia blogs! If you want your Hetalia fix all in one neat blog, there’s the place to go! We’re sure it’s not actually haunted!

The leaders of leading!

We’ve had a few people join us as community leaders! These people can be contacted for help concerning their community, so here they are, and here’s what they represent:

If you’d like to become a leader, please read this post!

Ambassadors to amazingness!

We’ve had a lot of people sign up as ambassadors for their countries! It’s been fantastic meeting them all! If you need help with a country, see if someone represents it below:

If you’d like to become an ambassador, please read this post!

Birthday Reminders!

On the 15th of May, it’s the anniversary of the Hub’s launch! This blog will be turning a whole year old! Then, on the 17th, it’ll be Norway’s non-canon birthday! Don’t let our anniversary distract you, just make sure to prepare some amazing gifts for him!

Have something you want us to promote? Contact us off-anon!