fframran mied bunansa

You know what’s a crying shame? The fact that Dr. Cid had so much potential to be an absolutely astounding FF villain but barely got enough screen time. I would have loved to see more of his perceived madness, a flashback (or a few) that elaborated on his strained relationship with his son. Finding the exact moment in which Balthier finally had enough of what his father put him through.

Like, we see in the credits a picture of Cid holding a newly born Ffamran and you can see that he had so much love for his son. I think he genuinely was a good father up until the point he visited the Jagd Difohr and met up with Venat.

Tbh I just wanted to see more of the Bunansa family in general. Square stated that Cid had three sons and Balthier being the youngest. What about the other two? What where they like? Are they even alive? Because going by what he tells him at Ridorana you’d swear Balthier was his only hope at upholding the family honour and continuing the name. Well that’s the feeling I got, anyway. And what about his mother? Was she like one of the majority Archadian women who had such a high opinion of themselves because of their class, or was she actually pretty chill but had super high standards? I just… *flails*

I really wish this could have been elaborated on in some way. It’s a shame that the manga was discontinued or else more of Balthier’s past could have been explored in much grander detail like they did for Ashe.