favorite ficscoeurs des enfants by lavenderforluck

“don’t you forget it, harry,” louis smiles, brushing hair away from harry’s head. they lie there quietly for a moment, the room gold underneath the single bedside lamp. harry’s breathing evens out after a while and he falls back asleep, his fingers clutching at the belly of louis’ t-shirt to keep him there, like a petulant child.

“i’m only telling you this because you’re asleep,” louis murmurs into the crown of harry’s head, “and because i need to say it. i love you. that’s it. that’s the whole story.”

“i love you too,” harry sighs, and louis can feel his smile curled up on top of his skin, “i wasn’t asleep. i was pretending.”

“you’re absolutely insufferable, harry,” louis whines as harry giggles quietly, “too cheeky for your own good.”

harry’s response is a wet, soft sigh, rubbing his cheek into the fabric of louis’ shirt.