favourite famous people: raúl esparza

You have to look outside yourself. It’s very easy, particularly as an actor, to stare at your navel for twenty-four hours a day and think, ‘What’s wrong with me? What did I do?’ You know? I think we have to contribute to the world beyond us. I’m not always incredibly successful at it, but it helps to be aware of it.

“We have players from all over the world, from China, Brazil, and Europe for our women’s league.”

😲😱 really want to know which european players are going to Colombia

FNaF Inbox Meme!

Send me a number and I’ll tell you…

1. When did you get into FNaF?

2. Favorite character?

3. Least favorite character?

4. Who do you think was the killer?

5. Who do you think was the victim of the Bite of ‘87?

6. Do you think Golden Freddy actually exists?

7. Toys, ‘Originals’, Phantoms, Nightmares, or Diner models?

8. Did an LPer get you into FNaF? If so, who?

9. Favorite game?

10. Favorite night guard?

11. Any headcanons?

12. Unpopular opinions?

13. Which animatronic do you think would be the easiest to fight off, and why?

14. If FFP was a real place, would you go there/work there?

15. Do you think Foxy/Springtrap are ‘good guys’ (meaning they’re not actually trying to kill you)?

16. Who do you think was the culprit of the Bite of ‘87?

alfredafton4563  asked:

Alfred porque tu compraste la pizzeria? Y porque todos los afton han trabajado en una??? >o>

“Veras, el dueño de Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza fue un señor llamado Byron Brown, mi abuelo William conoció este lugar por el año 1987 cuando tenia 24 años, ese año hubo un tipo de conmoción o algo asi que ayudo a mi abuelo a hacerse mas cercano al jefe y termino volviéndose su socio y segundo dueño del establecimiento.

El tuvo el permiso para, en la re inauguración del 2003 de la pizzeria, construir un establecimiento distinto pero en base a FFP, este seria el Circus Baby’s Pizza World.

Yo crecí oyendo historias de ese lugar de parte de mi padre, ademas nuestra familia en si tiene varios artículos de ese lugar, como vasos, juguetes, mascaras, etc.

Hace 8 años me entere de la construcción de Fazbear’s Fright de parte de Mahogany Brown, hija del fallecido jefe de la compañía, así mismo me entere que mi abuelo aun conservaba a los animatronics de su circo. Un año después el lugar se quemo y yo aproveche para ir y conversar con ella, esperando que me diese el permiso para construir un nuevo circo… ella no tuvo ningún problema en firmar y darme el permiso legal para construirlo.

Mi abuelo, William Afton, y yo, Alfred Afton, hemos sido los únicos que hemos trabajado en una pizzeria así, ambos como jefes.. aunque claro, el construyo a los animatronics así que le da a la mecánica… oí que no tenia técnicos como yo, que el se encargaba de mantenerlos a todos y no dejaba que los vieran con detalle como funcionaban… es un honor para mi tener su permiso para reutilizarlos.”

“Ah, y yo tengo el derecho de esto porque ni a mi padre ni a mi tío se les ocurrió reconstruir el circo, a mi padre le gusta que este emocionado con esto, mi tío Michael dice que esta bien que siga con el negocio familiar… desde que abrí me ha estado pidiendo que deje que Adrien trabaje allí, pero para ese entonces estaba todo el staff copado… claro.. hasta ese accidente…”


the loud house…
and my loud house hehe a friend ask me:
“well if you draw something from The Loud House in your version i will writte a replica of the song with your feelings in freddy’s fazbears pizzeria (FFP)”
hahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!! done so he writte me the song and say “put the song in your tumblr” so there it is haha he was really inspired xd:

Crashing through the crowded halls,
everyone like ping pong balls,
Just to go the stege on time
(Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Leaping over all the chairs,
everithing is burning down,
they gotta do what all can to survive!
In F.F.P! In the F.F.P!
Duck, dodge, push and shove,
It’s how we show our love!
In F.F.P! In F.F.P!
i’m there with others twelve
(Wouldn’t trade it for the world!)
Me time, a little space to keep calm,
A little quiet and peace, I’ve never had.
At least I’m ever wish that,
i will be happy with they here!,
Maybe this crazy’s not that bad!
In F.F.P! In F.F.P!
Duck, dodge, push and shove,
This is how we show our love!
In F.F.P! In F.F.P!
Gotta love from “Scott”,
For not going completely mad!
In F.F.P! In F.F.P!
i’m there with others twelve
(Wouldn’t trade it for the world!)


Hunting load development for my Remington 700 aac-sd .308. Today I was playing with a new bullet the Barnes 175gr LRX and I wasn’t sure about all of the hype but now I’m a believer. I used 4 different powders today 3 rounds each of TAC, BLC(2), Varget & RL15 they all had great groups. I’d give the slightest edge to the TAC which was mid range speed wise and only a 7fps spread. Next step will be trying some TAC in slightly higher and lower amounts. Rifle has a 20" 1/10 twist barrel, Specwar 762 can & a Vortex Viper 6-24x50 ffp MRAD scopes
I know someone is going to say that I should be doing the “ladder test” but I know my rifle, what fps range it likes and the powder amounts for the types/weight of the bullets to get there. Considering this I’d just wasting bullets that I already know what the outcome will be. If that test works for you awesome and there are situations I’ll use it just not today.

In which I draw the guards from FNaF. Hope you guys like them. :>

If you’re interested-

Pierce Gein, the man who was the first to work the night shift at the ‘new and improved’ FFP, and also the one who was responsible for the murders. He does not like children. He was in the criminal database for assaulting a crying child, and when the robots tried to get in his office to escort him out he tampered with the facial recognition and asked to be switched to the day shift where he was almost immediately pushed to the edge before he murdered the 'screaming brats’ as he put it. He likes dark quiet places or else he’ll get horrible migraines.

Jeremy Fitzgerald, Highschool senior, relatively popular, took the job to save up for a car, suffered the Bite 0f '87. He seems confident but when faced with the animatronics it steadily deteriorated before he became a nervous wreck.

Fritz Smith, he took the job because he had heard about what was going on there, and he has a damaged amygdala, so he does not feel fear. He’s relativly good with computers and he thought it would be funny if he messed with the AI of the animatronics. He has no sense of self-preservation obviously.

Prescott Graham, the 'phone guy’. He’s nervous and paranoid, but the reason he lies so much is because of the contract he was forced to sign when he took the nightshift job. If it was not for that he would have immediately told you to leave and never come back as he is a very empathetic individual. He doesn’t like to see people hurt, and he was completely devastated when he found out about one of the employees kidnapping and murdering children. He worked until he couldn’t take it anymore (about six years) so no one else would have to be stuck working there.

Mike Schmidt, an ex-con (in both senses of the word, as he is not a violent offender, which allowed him to get the job) he continues to work at FFP despite the risks because he needs the money to pay rent so that he is still able to recieve visitation rights for his two daughters. He is a rather somber individual who will remian calm even when faced with the threat of looming death. He can be manipulative when he wants but will try to  avoid it, so he can avoid falling back into his old habits of conning people, and by assosiation, jail. 


Still working on a long distance .308 load for my Remington 700 aac-sd, Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 mrad ffp, Specwar 762 can.

Today’s test consisted of-
Hornady 168gr BTHP each weighed to +/- .02gr
New Lake City Brass sized & annealed
CCI 200 Primer
2.800" OAL
H335 powder 2 batches 1st 42gr 2nd 42.5gr measured to .00 accuracy.

42gr had an avg 2564fps with a 30fps max variance and good accuracy.
42.5gr had an avg 2617fps with a 28fps max variance and better accuracy.
Look at the staple size for a scale reference on the targets that were at 100 yards

I need to check max loads and if it doesn’t exceed them I’m going to try 43gr next, the 42.5gr didn’t show any over pressure signs so it should be fine.