308 🎯.
@remingtonarmscompany 700 SPS 308 win.
@dmr_llc barrel work: shortened to 16.5", threaded, target crown and clocked the @vg6precision Gamma 762 muzzle brake
@boydsgunstocks Pro Varmint laminate stock
@burriscompany XTR II 5-25x50 FFP
@magpul Hunter 700 bottom metal and 10rnd mag from @aimsurplus
@trigger.tech Rem700 adjustable trigger
@brownellsinc oversized bolt knob and action pillars
@caldwell_shooting_supplies pivoting bipod

submitted by Chase

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Functional and lightweight updated EDC. Every tool for every job.

The Hand Unit

William Afton was the co-owner of Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria back in the day, and was a big influence to the Boss to re-open the place with new animatronics that he would built.

In the middle of the 90′s, William met a staff of the FFP called Hans, he was younger than him. They get along pretty well.

Though all the confusion and transicion to clean the reputation of the franquice and make a new building along with animatronics, Hans were always helping William with anything he needed, this slowly turn into a friendship that grow up along the years, unti eventually.

It turn in a romance.

William was married with a woman, but he didn’t love her more than a friend. He always felt attraction to boys, but that was unacceptable in the time he grow up, so he always manage to hide it, until his parents began to force him to get a girl, get married and have childrens. William ended up getting married with his best friend, who never show any attraction to the boys or girls in her life and her parents were forcing her to get a family. Both marry each other and decided to have kids, but never feeling any romantic attraction to the other.

The romance between Boss and Worker wasn’t a problem to William’s marriage, but they had to keep it as a secret, the word wasn’t a safe place for them back there.

Hans was part of William’s life and family, he met all his kids, they were used to see him around as a friend of his father. On 2003, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria make his re-opening, being a success with the new Toy Animatronics. The Boss was so happy by this that decided to give Afton the chance of make his own “spin off” pizzeria based on FFP, William took the chance and began to built Circus Baby’s Pizza world, attraction that was ready on 2005. Hans was transfered to work in the Circus.

The whole Circus had a lot of mechanism that were really advanced in that time, along with the animatronics. There was a room called “The Scooping Room” that clean the animatronic’s insides after a day of work, breaking it to clean evey cheese or dirt that could enter inside their systems. The mechanism was safe for the animatronics.

But it was dangerous of the workers. One day, Hans enter to the Scooping Room to check no animatronic part were there, he enter a few minutes before the room activate. He was “scooped” and died.

Nobody expected this, not even William, who was in shock by the scene.

The love of his life died in the pizzeria he built, he felt guilty, he felt sad, broken… but before the bad feelings took control over his actions, he felt something touching his back…

A screen of the Circus took one of the wires that connect it and touch the owner of the pizzeria.

Hans’s spirit was transfered to the security system that William was making for the Circus, the quick and surprising death of the technician make his soul take control of a mechanic being.

Hans was alive inside the Hand Unit system, William could transfer his data to another body and have his lover with him again. But an AI and a human soul were different things, what if a normal animatronic wouldn’t accept his soul? what if his soul were erased when he tried to bring him back? William Afton had to experiment first… create prototypes, design different models, experiment with human souls.

He had to create a kidnapping system to his animatronics to get childrens, he had to torture childrens in order to imitate the Scooping Death, he had to get a human soul and experiment with robots and prototypes, he had to kill innocent people in order to give the Hand Unit a body.

He had to turn into a killer


favourite famous people: raúl esparza

You have to look outside yourself. It’s very easy, particularly as an actor, to stare at your navel for twenty-four hours a day and think, ‘What’s wrong with me? What did I do?’ You know? I think we have to contribute to the world beyond us. I’m not always incredibly successful at it, but it helps to be aware of it.


Still working on a long distance .308 load for my Remington 700 aac-sd, Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 mrad ffp, Specwar 762 can.

Today’s test consisted of-
Hornady 168gr BTHP each weighed to +/- .02gr
New Lake City Brass sized & annealed
CCI 200 Primer
2.800" OAL
H335 powder 2 batches 1st 42gr 2nd 42.5gr measured to .00 accuracy.

42gr had an avg 2564fps with a 30fps max variance and good accuracy.
42.5gr had an avg 2617fps with a 28fps max variance and better accuracy.
Look at the staple size for a scale reference on the targets that were at 100 yards

I need to check max loads and if it doesn’t exceed them I’m going to try 43gr next, the 42.5gr didn’t show any over pressure signs so it should be fine.

FNaF Inbox Meme!

Send me a number and I’ll tell you…

1. When did you get into FNaF?

2. Favorite character?

3. Least favorite character?

4. Who do you think was the killer?

5. Who do you think was the victim of the Bite of ‘87?

6. Do you think Golden Freddy actually exists?

7. Toys, ‘Originals’, Phantoms, Nightmares, or Diner models?

8. Did an LPer get you into FNaF? If so, who?

9. Favorite game?

10. Favorite night guard?

11. Any headcanons?

12. Unpopular opinions?

13. Which animatronic do you think would be the easiest to fight off, and why?

14. If FFP was a real place, would you go there/work there?

15. Do you think Foxy/Springtrap are ‘good guys’ (meaning they’re not actually trying to kill you)?

16. Who do you think was the culprit of the Bite of ‘87?

Working on a new load for my Remington 700 AAC-SD in a KRG X-ray chassis with a Vortex Viper 6-24x50 ffp MRAD & Specwar 762 can. New round I’m developing is based on the 175gr SMK & IMR 4895.