i just hit my goal, so i though i should do my first follow forever. In almost 4 and a half years i’ve meet very nice people. So I wanted all of you to know how much i love you and appreciate you. 

~ mutuals: i love you all, thank you 


@2-ghosts , @21harryy 

a ~ c

@adidasmodel , @agenderliam ,  @bambiharrie , @cupcakelirry

d ~ g

@ducksongmp3 , @edwardstyles , @fionnarry , @fancyharry , @fionnftharry , @givelovechooselove

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@harrystylesmusic , @harryschancla , @harrysadwank , @harrygotstyles , @harrystiyes , @hello-from ,  @ihateharrystyles , @harrypeaches , @haazlou@harryqstyles ,  @harlodst ,  @harryplease , @hsrainbow@harrysgoldenheart , @im-too-tired-to-think , @imetyouinthetoilette

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@tommyshepherdd , @wavesthatcalm 

~ non mutuals: thanks for doing my experience in this hell of a website a good laugh 

@sincerelyharry , @sighsofthetimes@iftheresnolove

* if you don’t like being tagged in follow forevers let me know, i don’t want to bother you.

According to Marvel’s release schedule, January 22 will have the 16th and final issue of FF hitting the spinner racks and digital download sites.  This is an absolute travesty, but rather than lament this terrible loss perhaps it’s better to instead celebrate the 16 issues that we did get from this terrific, original, ground-breaking and heart-warming title that we did get.  

I propose that January 22nd be made an (un)official day of celebration for Fraction, Allred, Quinones, Allred, and Allred’s FF.  Please feel free to blog or re-blog as many FF posts as you feel comfortable with, highlighting your favorite moments, favorite characters, favorite Moloids, favorite whatevers, your hopes the characters’ futures in new comics, or wishes for a possible relaunch…  As many and as often as you like… all with the hashtag #FForever.  

This could be a fun exorcise, a sort of thank you card to the creators involved, as well as a means of letting Marvel (and the comic industry in general) know that there is still a significant audience out there for fun, smart, all-ages books like FF.

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who might chose to get involved with this project.

please signal boost :)


❄ 2016 is coming to an end (finally) so it’s time for me to join the rest of tumblr and make a list of all the sweet and talented people i enjoy seeing on my dash everyday. i’ve been following some of you for years, others recently and you’re all amazing. happy holidays and thank you all for sticking with me trough all these years, fandoms and new obsessions  ❄

♥ now, here’s the list of my faves & friends (i hope i won’t forget anyone & if i do i am truly sorry) in no particular order:

@newtonscamandered@vivienvalentino@honourinrevenge@liziebennets@queenssaviour@martinlydias@corlgrimes@scorpiusmilfoy@katsuukis@clexasblake@onetrueslayer@mccallsscott@baebastianstan@merlinsprat@snowscharming@adamruzek@blairwaldorfings@walsholiver@iwasalwaysaromantic@coppellayla@sashapieterse@prettymysticfalls@strawberry-split@bekksrich@claryalecs@swanshope@rrahl@buckybarnesx@amorverus@colinodonoghue@phoebe-halliwell@ofkingfrank@hotchocolatewithkillian@apskepner •  @blindwitch@bhatmans@jiynerso@hermionegrangers@reginaslittleprince@swanscaptn@jyncassian@chlucifer@lydiastlinsks@brooke-davis@alectightwood@emmaswaen@rileyblu@davineclaire@tmellis@emmamorrison@barryallhen@peytonsawyers@effiestrinkets@grifinnclarke@dekerstar@haleyquinn@warriorswan

+ blogroll

Hello! So it’s been about 3 months since I’ve made this blog and i was -200% expecting 3.5k followers in that time frame (or ever).So that’s pretty cool. I’m honestly horrible at writing things so I’m going to keep this short. Thank you to all the people that follow me, it makes me very happy that you enjoy my gifs and occasional text posts. I was actually planning to do a giveaway so I would be doing something for those who follow me but that isn’t an option rn. So here’s a bunch of cool cool people I follow, thank you for keeping my dash alive and well, also your A+ content.

bold: mutuals + faves

0 - D:
@1cmplus, @4obi, @95duo, @aegyojimin, @asdfghobi, @auriee, @ayezimin, @bangtan-tv, @bapofficial, @beagletae, @bts-x, @bwimino, @bwiseoks, @bwiyomi@cianary, @cowjimin, @cuddletaehyung, @daddydaegu, @dalsyubet

F - J:
, @forjimin, @fyeahbangtaned@geniusyub, @holdmehoseok, @hoseoh, @hoseoke, @hugtae, @hulkeu, @j-my-hope, @jaes-glasses, @jeon-day, @ji-minnie, @jiguk, @jiminew, @jiminiejam, @jimins, @jiminth, @jiminwe, @jimyoong, @jinips, @jinkooks, @jinpout, @jinqki, @jjungkooked, @jngn-km, @jung-koook, @jwxngs / @namjuicebox

K - O:
@kimidilois, @kimstrongchan, @ky-ngsoo,
@kyvngsoo, @lycheepeaches, @mini-jimin, @minjom, @minpuffs, @minsugapd, @mintsuga, @mirsuga, @mongdo, @moonsuns, @nampooh, @ofjimins, @ohhobi

P - S:

@pancake-flip, @pingkeujin, @pokpokchikchik, @professorpark, @rapperhyung, @shoulder-hyung, @snowmons, @soekjins, @squishyoongi, @sugaaka, @sughyun, @suho, @superbaptan, @syuba-inu, @syubie-hyung, @syubjeon

T - Z:
@taegirene, @taehyu, @taerolls, @tbhobi, @twinkyoongi, @twoseoks
, @vhope, @vmiin, @vminv, @vttae, @yesung@yoongbeans, @yoongisoo / @yoongeu, @yoongillest, @yoongreasy, @yoonig, @yoonkooks, @ziminz


Since 2015 is about to end (and I can’t believe I’m still on this website), I guess it’s the right time to make a list of all the amazing, sweet and talented people I follow. Wishing you all a happy new year and hoping it will be better than the previous one :)

@arthurs-pendragons @bekksrich @blairwaldorfings @britcroft @coramlls 
@cerseis-lannister @claryherondales @clarkegrieffin @clexasblake @coppellayla
 @cordeliaschase @corlgrimes @daniels-gillies @digglebellsrock @dilaurentisliar
 @dirtymonstaa @elirya @emmawswan  @evenstarss @faithsumners @fairestregal
 @farklesrileys @finncollins @frivolouswhim

@haleysbrooke @honourinrevenge @ilovett @iwasalwaysaromantic @jonsnows @lanasfeather @liziebennets @llolamontez @merlinsprat @missivess 
@myackles @nathanshales @ohmyklaus @olivqueen @oncepromised​ @onetrueslayer 

@parrillastratens @prettylittleliars-bitches @prettymysticfalls @prior-incantatem  @queenssaviour @reginaoflocksley @riihaana @sashapieterse @sebastijanstan
 @sharmaniac @snowscharming @strawberry-split @swanshope @theladysifs
 @thetruedetective @walsholiver 

+ BLOGROLL (in case I forgot anyone I am truly sorry but so many of you changed their urls and I don’t always remember who is who)

Finally my first follow forever, I decide to do it because the 1st of January I was gonna have 1 year with this manga blog. I wanted to post it the last day of 2013 but I didn't had chance to orz 
My dashboard has been full of new things to see thanks to all of you guys, always making it interesting to be here and not letting me able to close the tumblr tab because of all the amazing things you guys reblog.

This is the huge list of amazing blogs I follow (a lot of them are since I started this blog)It's had been like 4 times I had go to the page of "Following Blogs" to unfollow but you guys are the ones I had never thought about unfollowing because the blogs that all of you have are just perfect and i had fallen in love with the your personality/ theme/posts/edits. Everyone of these blogs has something special that makes me still want to follow them and I'm grateful that I had found there blogs♥

I was going to link all your urls but I'm too lazy, btw If I wrote wrong your urls tell me so I can fix it ;---:
Bolded: Are my senpais! I had follow them since I had my other blog and every single one of you had inspired me to have a better blog and I really admired them <3 They have I a great personality and blogs that make them my favorites 

A → D

-jenjam | agapi-san | aho-rashii | ahomin-e | aisaretaii |
akairingoo | akatsukii | akiiseru | alice-chii | all-i-want-is-anime almightyone | angel—flowers | angrywaifu | asameruu |
asamicch-i | astroemia | atsush-i | azranian | b-b-bakaaa |
dai-suki-da-yo | baenre | baka-potato | baka-satan | bentous |
blushing-pikachu | bobbidyboo | bokusatsu—tenshi | byaakko |
Captnkawaii | cold-decay | contracttodevil | cosmogyral-s |
cyfia | cyhe | d-delusions | deadbaka | deerlinqs | derikisu |
disenchanted-moon | divorced-lama | donatsuu | dorei-shounen |
doseijin | dumb-child | durararas |

E → M

eniguma | fallen-kira | fujoshii—chan | fumizukis | gaenyeom |
greekg0ds | greentea-melonsoda | gumi-tan | hakuryus | hanz-kun | h-eichou | h-eiwajima | h-ornymermaid | hanae-ichihara |
hanz-kun | hazuki-senpai | hearts-resonate | hijoushikina |
otaku-desuka |hikikomoiri | hikikomori-chan | holder-of-the-end | homokuro | hopeless-being | hydroge-n | inori—san | inuyashadepijama |isntoolate | izachi | jaapanese | jafarucchi | jigo-ku | jungraehwa | k-eikou | k-u-r-o-s-a-k-i | kaijus | katsu—sama | kinkeu | kiritoi | kiritopls | koitenshi | kono-yaro-baka-yaro | kuroh-chan | kurohoshime | kuronanashi | kurotachi | ky-chi | lazy-kun | levidono | littlelovergirl |
lonachu | luminalight | lurida | makilatro | manga-edits |
mchippie | medatanai | melodioussilence | merrrys | midorimo |
momokka | mugenchi | mugeneien | mushokuu |
N → Z
namida-no-nai-sekai | nekonurse | neomichan | nephilium | 
nezu-mi | nikiyaa | niriru | noimine | noriiko | noctvrnel |
oujiko | otomeinhell | panda-hiro | pandycake | peeeeeeeeeeh |
utoopias | phoeix | pinkupetals | plainwater- | planetary—suicide | plitz | psycho-chi | psychopas-s | psychopizz |
psychoticscream | psyyyycho | rarami-chan | relcreatesrue |
rikamii | riri-neko | seriss-a | rob0t-ick | ruffy-senchou |
s-eramic | s-h-i-t-a-i | s-hieru | sabishiis |sadako-wa-bitch |
saga—masamune | sakura-milk | seijuros | senpai-s | senpaihero | sexuoh | shiishios | shinigama |shinji-chan |shirokkuma |
shlnji | shoujo-world | shoujuu | sillysylvia96 | simptoms |
soranir | strawberrypenis | su121 | super-asian-annie |
t-sumetai | takrai-tama | teacupnyanko| tenyakami | the-gray-eyes | thinconceivable | thispieismine | tisetto | tsume-tai |
tsumikis | tsundere-sweet | tsusumi | ultraviolet-screams |
urayamashii-princess | uroborom | watashinjingles | wensdaytoday | wildherz | withoutlookingforit | world-o-f-nonsense | yaguchii | yamaguchi-kenji | yamaken-chi | yamazakis | yasashii-samurai | yinggg | yudoku | yukariis | yuke-i | yunzix | yuukiina |

Nath’s follow forever 2014

Hey guys! I’ve been following some of you for years, others recently, but you are all amazing, talented and sweet. And since 
this year is about to end and I wanted to make a little something to thank you for making my dashboard beautiful.

allisonsisaacbekksrich - birdysalvatoreblairwaldorfingsbritcroft
coveredbytattoos - cruelladevldaniels-gillies - elirya - emilyfieilds -emmaswn - ercnorthman - evenstarss - fairestregal - frivolouswhim - fuckyeahrickyl -
hannarivers - honourinrevenge - ilovett - irobbstark - iwasalwaysaromantic - 
jasondilaurentis - jinglearthur - juleitburke - lanamparrillas - lanasparrila - lasagnamills -
liziebennets - locksleymills - nathanshales - ohcaptainswans - ohmyklaus - ohtauriells -
oncepromised - onetrueslayer - owenhunted - prettylittleliars-bitches - prettymysticfalls -
queenssaviour - regina-mills - reginaoflocksley - 
sashapieterse - scotthowling -
sebastijanstan  - sharmaniac - sinaxi - sixlegends - skyewards - snowyspencer -
stefansalvation - thedeathofsound - thelocksleymills - thetruedetective -
 vervainnecklace -  walsholiver ♥  

+blogroll in case I forgot anyone (and if I did, I am truly sorry)

Happy Holidays!                          


another tumblr year has passed bitchachos and i just want to thank these amazing buttheads how amazing they are in making my 2013 tumblr experience a+! happy christmas!!!

the ‘people who i’ve spoken to throughout the year and they are absolutely wonderful like wtf guys i stalk u from afar why do u follow me’ list: (i really want to make this list longer but curse my uncool and weird personality that im too shy to talk to u all)  hover on your name!

bea - bria - sarah - shruthi - zora - bridget - sasha - christy

 a - g

arrchangel - artonfireasheathes - ashleybensons - assgods - asgardies - avxs - baginns - bellefrenchsblacklakes - brucewyane - captainbuckyscerseibitchclarkkentscatelystark - cedridiggorycumberbatchs - daehnerysdanielcraigsdiannagrons - devpatelsennobaria - fassyyfoxxcordelia - freshlyfallensnowgrdtheftauto - gwenstxcy - greyewind

 h - n

hansolo - hrrypottersheavensby - ichabadsimodairhubrmannhaymitch - jamesfrancos - jonarya - jenslawrencejlawrsjohannsmason -kennexedladykili - lecrawleyslydiamarten - lukesolosmadamlestrangemirkwoodlingmccoysmmockingdream - mallfoys - milakunismjolnrmoriartymydraco -  milkyswaysnightinglocknevilllesnevehrland - nyotas - nyot-a

 o - t

odairfull - olivesnookprrimspunkkirkmirkwoodroses - queencersei -riddlesdick - roseshathaways - robertdowneyjrsamclafflin - samwisegshatterdomes - shiningnightsky - sherlokish - starfleetisttheycallmekirktonysassytrackerjabbers 

 u - z

valiantchildveelatrix - whitelaws - whoisreturningwinsletxaniszoesaldans

and to the rest of my lovelies here! thank you all sosososososo much! ♡

It’s about time to post my first follow forever. Thank you all for being wonderful and making my tumblr experience truly amazing. Thank you for always being there for me, for every kind message and following this mess that happens to be my blog.
Happy New Year, elflings ♥

@torhin @sgtsally @princessirisse @idgie @gatissed @jxhnmitchell @oo0nebula0oo

@annasacconey @artannis @arthurpendragonns @arwwenn @attackoneyebrows @badvvolfrose @bagginshield @braverdeen @braveten @catherine-tate @cinnasownmockingjay @confundoh @cutepippin @duirins @elektrahnatchios @elvenking @eowynsheildmaiden @feanope @feanore @festiveten @frodo–baggins @galadrielles @gandalfth @granger-malfoys @hansolohs @havodads
@kili-is-not-dead @ksica @linmirandamn @me13in @minervamcgonagxll @mistflarden @nervouspearl @nobleamy @oakenshieldbaggins @orcpher @panlyra @princemaedhros @princessaredhel @ravenhilll @rebeltwelve @rivendclls @riverstwelve @ronesweasley @silmarile @silvan-captain @sinnermoriarty @thebadwolf @timelordsfallnomore @tinnuviels @trenzalwhore @twelvec1ara @victaerion​ 


okay so i made one of these awhile ago but ive made so many new fabulous friends on here so i decided to make another one. i love each and every one of you who follows me and i love every single person who i follow. this is a list of the people who have especially made my time on this site the most fun and i just love all of you so much okay. some of you i talk to all the time and some i love from afar. anyways if you think you should be on here LET ME KNOW because i might forget some people by accident but i dont mean to. okay so HERE GOES <3 

Real life friends who i will stalk to my grave: DeAnne, Madeline, Katie, Alex, and Beth

a-c: arthurdarvllamysgone, ameliapondelia, ameliaoswalds, beautifulclara, bbaskervilles, bowties-and-cheekbones, bowtieforclara, cruciotheworld, claracloud, cutiebatch, claraozwald, clever-doctor

d-g: doctormcoys, dalektogallifrey, doctorstears, darvillspond, definitelytrenzallore, dobrevawes, dearestponds, everdeenflame, forgetfuldonna, fragileclara, finikcs, gotchapond, goldensnitch, gloriousponds,gallifregallifreyanrequiem

h-l: hellohsherlock, hisimpala, helloackles, hnnibal, impalecki, imaginedaleks, imposiblegirl, iambringingreichenbackjennyfllnt, jkirrk, karungillan, karengillskirksiclekaerngillan, lordsofgallifrey, ladyoswald, lonelyponds, ladylokid, lustgood, lostamongfantasy

m-p: moriartys, misterclever, malfoyinthetardis, mayhawkins, myrorypondmytardismydoctornickmillers, ohmysnogbox, omgclara, oswwin, oswinsteacup, ozzywin, oswinsfez, ohlegilimensoswinitis, pondsy, pondory, porntrova,plaidpalapondshavethephonebox, potterwhore, potterphile, pond-winchester, ponderish, pondderful, pondsational

r-s: raggedtimelord, reichebach, roryweasley, renlybaratheeon, robbsdead, rick-grimess, scarsofsilence, somerporn, stuckinthepondorica, shawrlock, sededuce, sherbot, snogboxings

t-z: thetwelvedoctor, timetravellingsnogbox, timesturners, trenchcoatofsex, timeywimeyish, tardis-theif, tardissauce, teatimeat221b, thistvd, theportablepolicehut, weeping-castiel, winchestire, walkingdeads, whouffle, zonkkos

follow forever!

meumundopelalua - blancovatos - melh0rpramim - iloverebels - myrbrlove - opssblanco - awnfroncks - everlua-r - itslatina - wiakk - 4suede - c-hameleira - luademelphia - ohsomic - aliveforluar - eisuede - ineedarthura - arthurdopramim - luarlovealways - viciadanalua - more-love-styles - respiroporluar - aguiabrahao - respiro-sophied - addictioncsuede - abrahaogomez - luarapesardetudo - looveluar - desejosophia - thesophthurblog - softdosuede - uniao-blanco - loverstepenicos - suedde - fronckowi3d - lovaphied - micaelzetes - nexo-luar - withsomic - 4evermoonlight - m-ondlicht - luwieds - flowermelanie - eternaluarnatica - fevermika - lumic - world-moonlight - chayvida - micaelborgs - eternalmelar - melarrs - m3lphia - ohmfroncks - opschay - suedcrack - diario-de-uma-sophied - chamelphi4 - thurphiars - lovemoonblanco - olharesrebeldes - heartluars - therapylua - livrepraviversomic - qedslchamel - ineedmicaelb - m-ariablanco - sentimentos-rebeldes - thereasonlua - melphinaticas - weheartrebelis - worldaguiar - lumelfan - lovingtorebeldes - meu-glitter-sophied - wowmelanie - rebelisfolks - l-u-a-b-l-a-n-c-o - blancoeaguiar - addictionmelmic - te-amarei-dejaneiroajaneiro - orgulhosuede - needlatina - allmelphia - luar-my-life-forever - suenomelanie - luarex - equipemelf - sosmelar - teamoolhoslindos - aguiarme - ilyfroncks - melzex - orgulhoaguiarthur - folkrebeldes - aguiar-blanco - rockabrahao - lumel-aguiar - hojetemluar - ownlua  - defendwiak - orgulholuar - sophiednaticaforever - por-siempre-parte-de-mi - pont0-fraco - sophiaabrahhao - folksuede

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