I was tagged by @alpalaganda to shuffle & list the first 10 songs off a playlist. Thank you ♥ 

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Tried So Hard
Donovan - Mad John’s Escape
The Moody Blues - Have you Heard? (part 2)
Keaton Henson - Field
Grapefruit - Yesterday’s Sunshine
Ultimate Spinach - Sacrifice Of The Moon
Scott Walker - Duchess
Soft Machine - Why Are We Sleeping
Fleet Foxes - Third of May / Ōdaigahara 
Rainbow Ffolly - Sun Sing 

I’m tagging @the-octopus-ride , @shutthefrontdoor85 @marianne-layne @theteaset @flossie-jones only if you want to of course!! (and if you haven’t yet)