often possessed of an active mind, aquarians are engaging communicators whose straightforward manner may not endear them to everyone. they are selective with their friends, and truthful to a fault, though that truth may only exist in loopholes others haven’t taken enough care to notice.

This is my first follow saturday/forever, so i'm sorry! I had to do for two reasons. First: It's the last saturday of the year. Second: I have so many favourites blogs here. I'm so proud of follow all of you and grateful you for make my dashboard so perfect. I wish to you a very happy New Year and I love you so much guys <3 

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Sorry If I forgot someone...


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So I got 200 like yesterday or something. I hate follow forevers but I didn’t have any other ideas so here is my follow forever. ((Don’t get butt hurt about not being not it alright.))

the clique

laurenrph , lousrp , lexarps , winnieofrps , kendallassists , andyofrp


boysofrp , boofrp , holdenhelps , harryassists , charlieofrps , caillouofrp ,  halesrph , 

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Also check my blogroll because everyone of the people I follow, make my dash full of quality every day 

So I haven’t done a follow friday in a while and this week I felt like I needed to make one because these people have literally made me smile or really helped me in some way or I’m just in love with their blog this week and overall they are amazing people.

holmeschapel | coolcharlie | nickiminiall | gaybastards | wewillalwaysbeinfinite | suckitstyles | liamhasawoody | cptainamerica | perksofbeingyomira | tomlinsassypants | buenas-tardis