Mini Disney Challenge Movie: Day 1: Pick a movie

The Black Cauldron

So, why did I choose The Black Cauldron? I wanted to do this challenge but I didn"t know which Disney movie take. The Black Cauldron is the last movie I saw today. When I was young, I was afraid of the Horned King and by the music. But now, I realize it is a good movie, different from the other Disney movies. I’m sad because this is actually a good movie which is underrated so, with this mini challenge, I hope I could make it a little more enjoyable.

Disney Adapting "The Prydain Chronicles" for Film
(Photo: Disney)

Disney is returning to the land of Prydain.  Variety is reporting that Disney has picked up the rights to The Prydain Chronicles, a five book fantasy series written by Lloyd Alexander in the 1960s.  The books star an Assistant Pig-Keeper named Taran, the princess Eilonwy, and the failed bard Fflewddur Fflam and their quest to protect their Wales-esque homeland from the forces of the Land of Death.  

Disney previously adapted the first two books of The Prydain Chronicles into the Black Cauldron animated film, which is notable for its surprisingly dark tone and lack of songs.  The Black Cauldron was the first Disney animated film to earn a PG rating and was also the first Disney film to utilize computer generated effects.  The Black Cauldron received mixed reviews and was a box office failure, which led to Disney delaying the movie’s home release for a full decade.

Per Variety’s report, Disney has yet to tap a producer, director or screenwriter for the film and it is unknown if they plan on adapting the movie as a live action or animated film.