BBM? You know I got it. What’s your pin? 

Overheard at Starbucks.
  • Girl 1: Omigod, it's Earth Day! FREE STARBUCKS!
  • Girl 2: I know, I totally forgot to bring my own cup though. I hope they'll still make my half-calf venti soy vodka soda with a splash of grapefruit twist, do you think they will?
  • Girl 1: I'm sure. Want to go to Intermix after work? I have a date this weekend with the elliptical and then that guy from that happy hour we went to last week. I could NOT get over the fact that he knows Jeff from camp!!!
  • Girl 2: He was totally soooo adorbs. But like, smart cute and not too nerdy cute. Really your type I thought, especially when he started bbming you things like, "we should totally hang out sometime." Sooooo sweet! I bet he'll respond to your bbms this morning. Did he read them yet?
  • Girl 1: Ugh he read them but didn't respond. He hates me. I hope it goes well this weekend, we're supposed to get drinks at Churchkey. If not, that shit's ending up on FFJD.
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FFJD Interview: The Boys from "The Pursuit of Jappiness"

I hope by now you’ve seen the Pursuit of Jappiness video, made by three Jooish boys from the University of Michigan. FFJD sat down with one of them: Skyler, (rapping at the end) to see if we could be his Brazilian-haired JAP.

How did you come up with the concept for the video?

We all were randomly put next door to each other in our freshman dorm and became friends really quickly. We would make parody songs about our friends. We released all of the songs to 30 friends and someone discovered POJ and sent it around. By the time sophomore year had started it was already a hit so we recorded it in a studio and decided to make a video.

What has the response been like?

Unreal. I thought it might get some plays within Michigan Greek Life but I really didn’t expect it to spread so quickly to other schools. It’s a great feeling. We all worked hard on it.

Are you guys single?

I am. Devin has a girlfriend and Lucas is saving himself for marriage.

Do you plan on doing other songs and covers?

Yea hopefully. Seriously considering some hidden camera stuff too.

Where are you all from? Do you think you’re “jappy”? 

Me: Newton, MA. Lucas: New York City. Devin: Roslyn, NY (Long Island). Nah we’re not jappy. Actually Devin kinda is. But in a good way.

Whats your piiiiiiin?

Say whaa? [Editor’s note: he apparently missed the joke.]

Thanks for the coverage. Glad you like it!


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