Slipping Through My Fingers

I couldn’t get @lesbianlinkle‘s Hyrule Warriors post out of my head, so I wrote fic for it. 

Summary:  Cia had waited thousands of years for Hylia to return to her, but eventually, she finds she must take matters into her own hands to rescue her love from her own mistakes.

(Also on Ao3 and FF.N)

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anonymous asked:

I have a request, but please don't sweat it!! You've been writing allot and I'm sure you are busy, so write it whenever you want if you have the time for it ^^ But can I have a short where you and N watch the rain falling down the window and he gives you a back hug? And maybe you two decide to run outside in the rain? XD -LK

Here’s the “Rain” request ;) Hope you like it ^^ 

N x Reader


Word count: 866


It was finally the weekend and you were glad you could spend it with your boyfriend at his place. The weather forecast talked about a rainy weekend and you were sure you’d never be able to make it to Hakyeon’s apartment in the middle of a storm. To get to his place before the storm was a good decision. 

It was already raining when you cleaned the table after dinner with Hakyeon’s help. He insisted that you wait for him in the living room while he took care of the dishes. He literally kicked you out of the kitchen when you argued that you should help since he had cooked dinner and set the table.

You gave up and left the kitchen when you heard raindrops drumming on his window. You got from your seat and walked toward the window. Pulling the curtain aside and a smile crept into your face when you saw raindrops rolling down the window. You’ve always loved rainy days. The blurry streets through the window, the laughter of children as they jump into puddles, couples sharing an umbrella and running the rain. Everything about rainy days warmed your heart and brought a content smile to your face.

As you were indulged into the beautiful view of raindrops randomly falling down the window, you felt strong arms wrap themselves around your body and a firm chest resting on your back. Hakyeon’s warm breath tickled your neck as he kissed your shoulder before resting his head on your shoulder.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

You asked as you placed your hands on his. He rocked your body back and forth in a soothing manner as he hummed in response. He then added:

“But you’re more beautiful.”

You turned around and printed a kiss on his cheek before turning to look at a couple of kids running around their driveway in their raincoats.

“Aren’t they cute?”

He said with a giggle in his voice.

“Very cute.”

A crazy idea suddenly popped in your head and you turned around to look at Hakyeon as you said:

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

He thought for a second as he stared into your eyes, as if trying to figure what you’re thinking.

“Cuddling on the couch?”

You hit his chest playfully before saying:

“I want to run under the rain!”


He gawked at you. You held his arm as you said:


“But you’ll get a cold.”

“I won’t. We’ll go out for a couple of minutes only. Please!”

He let out a sigh before placing his hand on your shoulder and saying:

“Okay but wait here, let me get my umbrella.”

“No. No umbrellas. Let’s just get wet!”

Before he could protest, you were already running toward the door.

“Come on, let’s go!”

He followed you reluctantly before closing the door behind him. He stood at his doorway holding your hand in his and preventing you from leaving his side.

“Come on!”


He let go of your hand and you were soon running like a little kid under the heavy rain, getting your hair and your clothes wet with a grin on your face. Rain had a cleansing effect and you enjoyed the feeling of raindrops running down your face. It made you feel alive.

You looked at Hakyeon who was still standing at his doorway.


“I don’t want to get wet.”

“Oh come on!”

You ran toward him and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the pouring rain amid the kids’ laughs. They were laughing at the expression on his face and his pointless attempts in running back inside the house.

“Happy now? I’m all wet!”

 He asked and you giggled. His bangs stuck to his forehead and he had a cute pout on his lips. You pulled yourself up and placed your lips on his in a short peck.

“Very happy. You look really cute.”

“You didn’t say anything about kissing in the rain.”

He said as he wrapped his arms around your middle, pulling you closer to him. One of the kids cheered and you blushed as you placed your hands on Hakyeon’s shoulder.

“I said it now.”

“You can’t take it back.”

He said and then leaned forward and pecked your lips. You cupped his face and moved his bangs off his temple as you said:  

“I won’t.”

It was your turn to pull yourself up and lock his lips with yours. He tilted his head to the side and kissed you back, while his hands went up and down your back. You pulled out after a couple of seconds and stared at him dotingly as you whispered:  

“I love you.”

He printed a kiss on your temple as he whispered back:

“I love you more. Can we go cuddle on the couch now?”

You burst out laughing as you nodded. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder as he led you toward his apartment. After a hot shower and putting on matching pjs, you could finally cuddle on the couch next to him, wrapped up in a blanket and resting your head on his shoulder. You looked at him and thought to yourself, nothing could be better than this.

  • [history course mate and i are casually chatting about harry potter]
  • him: ah yes, and the snitch, the one that wins you the game-
  • me: the snitch doesn’t win you the game.
  • him: /obviously/ it /does/.
  • me: /obviously/ it /doesn’t/. it wins you 150 points and ends the game which often leads to a victory but in /no way guarantees/ it. how else d’you think viktor krum caught the snitch, but ireland won the world cup in the 1994 world cup finale?
  • him: ...

Thiefshipping….ON ICE!!!

A birthday present to Littlekuriboh! :D

Bakura: Marik, how does competing in ice skating brings us closer in ruling the world?

Marik: Think of the fans, Bakura! We’ll be making quadruple the fangirls if we do! We’ll make history, Bakura! We were BORN to make History! >:D


Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!