Dragoon (竜騎士): also localized as Dragon Knight or Lancer, the dragoon is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series. First appearing in Final Fantasy II, they have become one of the most iconic job classes in the series. They are powerful physical attackers who wield spears and lances, wearing special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, such as helmets shaped like dragon heads, spikes, and wing/scale designs.

taekwoon doesn’t know how the family photo turned out so well. wonshik had chased the kids all over the studio and tried to get their rambunctious, headstrong daughter to listen to at least one of the things he was telling her.

it was amusing to say the least, when all he had to do was pick up their son and he was as calm as a sleeping baby.

“they only listen to you because they’re scared of you,” wonshik pouted as the impatient photographer waited for them to get into pose.

taekwoon scoffed. “i already told you, if you reward them for listening, they’ll get used to it. why don’t you ever listen to me?”

wonshik hiked their daughter up onto his hips, still pouting. “maybe you should reward me for listening.” he quipped cheekily, winking at his husband.

taekwoon rolled his eyes and leaned in, pecking wonshik on the cheek and then glossing his breath close to his ear. “hmm, you’re right, maybe i should.”

wonshik shivered. the photographer huffed with annoyance when they were finally ready.


”I have walked through the ruins of an empire as it fell through
the passageway of time. I have witnessed  star after star
exploding like fireworks, as I fixed  my gaze light-years into
the sky. and I was only a pinprick of dust on the day they split
the atom. I had yet to learn the most destructive thing in the
world is the quiet yearning between two people who long to
find their way back to each other.” -  The Chaos of Love (Lang Leav)


It had been days ( maybe weeks, he couldn’t keep track anymore ) since he watched Hongbin’s back disappear around the corner of the trinkets shop. That small amount of footage was seared into his mind, and it burned. He had gone to Taekwoon’s that night to waste himself away against his hyung’s good judgment but because everything happened so fast, he couldn’t bring himself to care about anything but Hongbin.

And now here he was, some whatever days later, being invited to go out by a pretty girl who was Wonshik’s friend. She was nice enough, really. He thought she was pretty, smart, and her aegyo actually made him smile.

Smile …

Her smile wasn’t very bright. It didn’t reach her eyes. Maybe it did, but he was used to something that used to absolutely blind him. Crinkled, sparkling, crystal eyes and beautiful, adorable dimples. A smile that lit up the – his entire world.

She was saying something, but Sanghyuk wasn’t listening. A part of him felt ( or would feel, later ) bad, but whenever she would ask him about things he liked or about hobbies, he’d always bring Hongbin in up in his stories. Self-discovery: he couldn’t talk or think about anything without bringing up Hongbin. Sanghyuk thought he might have hurt the girl’s feelings, but she didn’t show it. He was a terrible person, wasn’t he?

While they walked, there was a familiar shine of black hair crossing the couple’s path and his eyes widened as he stopped in his tracks and watched the oh-so familiar retreating back. The girl noticed him stop and frowned at him, asking if something was wrong. He flopped around for words, pointing dumbly in the direction of his fading lifeline.

Her eyes dimmed with disappointment, but then she gave him an understanding ( sad ) smile with falling shoulders. ( She really was pretty. He wished he could like her. ) With a slightly encouraging nod, she motioned for him to go.

And trust him, he definitely did go.

… He was going to have to apologize to Wonshik.

She’s saying something, but it’s not coming into my ears … My heart is only for you. The words I’m mumbling are stories about you.

… Without knowing, I’m only talking about you.

What do I like to do? What’s a typical day for me? It’s hard for me to answer those questions … Because my answer is you.

Only you.

When Taekwoon accompanies Hyuk to a derelict hotel on the outskirts of town—the residence of a strictly invitation only… den of iniquity—he’s not expecting it to be such a clean and professional establishment. What’s even more unexpected is the temptation to book time with a man of astonishing good looks that he finds inside. (–kai-tana)