taekwoon doesn’t know how the family photo turned out so well. wonshik had chased the kids all over the studio and tried to get their rambunctious, headstrong daughter to listen to at least one of the things he was telling her.

it was amusing to say the least, when all he had to do was pick up their son and he was as calm as a sleeping baby.

“they only listen to you because they’re scared of you,” wonshik pouted as the impatient photographer waited for them to get into pose.

taekwoon scoffed. “i already told you, if you reward them for listening, they’ll get used to it. why don’t you ever listen to me?”

wonshik hiked their daughter up onto his hips, still pouting. “maybe you should reward me for listening.” he quipped cheekily, winking at his husband.

taekwoon rolled his eyes and leaned in, pecking wonshik on the cheek and then glossing his breath close to his ear. “hmm, you’re right, maybe i should.”

wonshik shivered. the photographer huffed with annoyance when they were finally ready.

When Taekwoon accompanies Hyuk to a derelict hotel on the outskirts of town—the residence of a strictly invitation only… den of iniquity—he’s not expecting it to be such a clean and professional establishment. What’s even more unexpected is the temptation to book time with a man of astonishing good looks that he finds inside. (–kai-tana)