Watch: This great new documentary lays out the facts: two thirds of women are plus size, but Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week totally ignores them

“The majority of women in the U.S. are wearing plus-size women’s apparel. Yet, the fashion industry treats these women as the minority. And even though there is a surplus of women who want, need, and seek fashionable, on-trend, well-made clothing, there is a deficiency and a disconnect.”

Gifs: The Sixty-Six Percent



SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW. FFFW is finally releasing the videos! This is Curvsyta, maybe you guys can spot me! ;)


Full Figured Fashion Week - 90s Launch Party

Miss Gwen DeVoe knows how to throw a launch party for the FFFWeek Finale: with a 90s theme!

What a perfect way to mix and mingle with the crowd we will see all week long, having a drink, laughing and dancing on Salt N Pepa!

People got dressed for the event and I asked them to give me their best 90’s pose.

My fave is Bree Woodley who went down on one knee for the pose. Runner up: the 3 models with their commitment to the theme.

We had fun, danced and met new people (Marco, you totally made our FFFWeek extraordinaire! Sasha Renee, it was great to finally meet you this year!). What a night!!

Thank you Gwen! It was worth it to take my vacations so early into the summer again this year.  ;)