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be alice angel please!!!!

Wait, what? How can I do that? I’m not a cosplayer or something liket hat (not yet).

But… okay. I can do something for you with the power of my lipstick and in my black top! 

~ People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel … lips ! 

( Oh my god! What did I say!? Don’t think anything BAD! )



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hthte spoig?? hhete spoig



It wasn’t just his optics going out. His inner pupils dilated too. Devil’s in the details.

AUGH I HATED TAKING THIS PHOTOSET FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. He’s so sad. He probably thinks everything he worked for is going to disappear. ;_;

I put the resurrection in to make it better. Because I can’t just LEAVE it with him dead. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Karkat Forgot

He learned 2 Valuable things today:

1. John is a magnificent cheat at water races

2. He’s a total shit at splash battles and attacks from all angles

I spent like 20 minutes thinking about mermaid!john + young folks AU


for those who are confused this is what happened

Lynn was scribbling furiously at her desk, trying to rush the last of her essay due the next day. Skipping school for 2 consecutive days have of course gotten the teachers mad and this essay was what she ended up with. Finally finished, she stretched, throwing her pen down onto the desk before heading back over to her bed to just relax. 

The noise outside her door had been getting louder and she sighed, pulling a pillow over her head to block out the noise. Ayato was always loud, especially when it came to his food. Kanato definitely didn’t lose out either, speaking of loud. For a mansion this big, it’s always so loud… She was about to close her eyes when she heard her door barge open, followed by a “Oi, chichinashi!” Only one person ever called her by that ridiculous nickname. And to think she locked her door properly. “Ayato… What is it?” Peering up, she saw that Kanato was right behind him, holding his Teddy as usual. “You’re the only human around here, you took my pudding didn’t you?” 

Guessing that he would have confronted her for something this minor, she calmly shook her head. “No, I haven’t had any pudding.” Pudding huh. No wonder he would have looked up Kanato first. “Could you please get out of my room now? I want to rest…” It wasn’t like she disliked them. Despite everything, she found this family to be fun… In a weird sense. “Oh? But now that my pudding is gone, I’m hungry.” The look on Ayato’s face changed and with his word, Kanato finally spoke. “I wanted the pudding as well… I’m hungry now too…” Hearing their words, she quickly sat up, backing away from them. This was not going to be good….