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Could you stop talking about school or at least readmore it? It's rude to trigger the rest of us who have anxiety/issues because of it.





Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.

-AHS (Photo: James Burrows)

Finally made some Pokemon Variations of my own!! Went with Raichu since it’s my precious favorite Pokemon.

Original/Wild: A pretty regular Raichu, general size and strength and electrical abilities, usually short haired but can develop longer fur depending on environment, generally found in forrests and cities.  Not often found with unusual markings.

Battle/Shiny: Battle Raichus are often much larger than others of it’s species, Much more muscular in build with larger electrical sacks in their cheeks, though this would take much breeding through their line from Pichu-Pikachu and would have to be bred from a very low level/young age for a prime battle Raichu. (Shiny’s being darker in their orange fur.)

Contest: Contest Raichus are often slimmer in their build, with longer legs for contest moves and presentation, they can also have different patterns and designs in their fur as long as longer tails and ears for points in contest. They are also kept as pets due to a more gentle temperment and nature.

Hooded: Hooded Raichus are very rare and can only be found in very particular regions and areas. They are often kept as pets and sell for a very high price, they can be very affectionate but hard to tame, they are usually very vain and require more training and attention than other Raichus, they can also be used in contest but due to their hard to tame nature and stubborn personalities they can be difficult to control in contests.

Golden belly, Water Raichus: Found in swamps and rainforests and sometimes along coast lines, These Raichus are very well adapted to water, their paws are webbed for quicker movement through the water, they are often hard to spot due to their markings which can make them appear to be a rock or a piece of wood floating along. They are Wild pokemon and not many are kept as pets or as trained Pokemon, they are very aggressive when they are threatened but are far more likely to flee. It isn’t advised to approach them when they are in the water, their electricty is just as if not more dangerous as any wild Raichus.

Premature evolution: A prematurely evolved Raichu can sometimes not be ready for their evolution and can posses traits of their pre evolution form Pikachu, shorter tails smaller hind legs and un developed ears as well as pinker coloured cheeks are all signs of a prematurely evolved Raichu, this can happen if the pokemon is forced to evolve to early or if a Pikachu has very recently evolved from a Pichu. They do not posses as much electrical power as a fully evolved Raichu.


Hairless/Albino: VERY RARE, these forms of Raichu are both extremely rare and hard to find, Hairless Raichus are only ever kept as pets, as they have a very hard time living on their own in the wild, due to the cold and sometimes from sickness and must be kept warm and safe. Albino Raichus are just as rare and are often bred by scientists for electrical experiments and are used to power stations and for work on finding other power alternatives, are VERY RARELY found in the wild due to their light colour and fur they are not only hunted by predator pokemon and pokemon poachers, if found by trainers they are just as strong as any Raichu and can be used in battle or contests.

Sips' Skyrim playthrough in a summary, of my own experience
  • Sips:*gets attacked* The fuck I'm the arch mage
  • Sips:*is asked to chop wood* Why would I do that I'm the arch mage
  • Sips:*kills someone* Oh yeah, I'm the arch mage!
  • Sips:*obtains a new follower* I don't know if you've heard but I'm the arch mage of uh, Winterhold's magic college?
  • Sips:I think I hear a yelling wall
  • Sips:Oh shit it is a yelling wall
  • Sips:*to follower* I don't know if you know this but I can uh, absorb dragon souls?
  • Sips:*names every single little thing in skyrim series* Borris, yeah. Borris the cow and Samuel the 'duck'
  • Sips:*laughs at everything and everyone*

Growing up in Night Vale forces one to develop jaded and protective while passing judgments you know deep down are harsh to keep some semblance of control. But hey. Hot hero scientist boyfriend. 

Growing up in Desert Bluffs forces one to watch everyone around you grow fat on compliance until you’re the last one fighting for what only a few even acknowledge any more, only to lose your free will and loved ones. But hey. You still got your smile.