We just received fan request from the lovely @alisonhendrix22: 

Hey, OBTumblr! I’m realizing as I look through my dash that there’s barely any Orphan Black there right now :( I want to try to follow a bunch more OB blogs before the premiere tonight! Is there anyway you guys could start a follow spree post or something so people reblog it and we can look through the notes? <3

Your dashes should ALWAYS be filled with top quality OB content. No dash left behind. Hencethereforth, we encourage #CloneClub to reblog this post and FFFF (that’s short for find fellow fans to follow.)



The Aurora Borealis in Tromsø, Norway, by James Burrows (st0rmer)


Yet another video I did. This is me watching the Northern Lights for 1.5 hours.