Interview with Hippo Campus @ the Teragram Ballroom (3/3/17)

Interview by Megan Hullander

Where did the idea for the album art for Landmark come from?

Nathan: It’s a recreation of our old rehearsal space, Zach’s basement.

Jake: Each of the objects in the room represents one of the songs on the record.

Ouija boards - actual ritual or running joke?

Nathan: Do we dabble?

Jake: We dabble, we dabble.

*exchange look*

Jake: No we don’t really.

Nathan: I don’t think I’ve ever used a ouija board, there’s a first time for everything though.

Jake: Tonight’s the night.

What do you picture people doing when they listen to your music?

Nathan: Making out.

Jake: Yeah, making out.

Nathan: Honestly, I would just love if it was just a poorly lit basement and this kid is like 16 or something and he’s just trying to cop a feel…That’d be cool. There’s nothing in my head, I don’t think about it that way. I guess I would want it to be fairly romantic.

What are your Tinder bios?

Nathan: Zach is the only one who has a Tinder.

Jake: And his bio is “I play bass in a band, this is my most defining feature.”

Nathan: He also used the wrong ‘affects.’ He was talking about something that affects him and put e-ffects instead of a-ffects and I’m like, “Dude, come on.”

Jake: Like come on, your Tinder linguistics man.

If you had one, what would yours be?

Jake: Tinder-what am I doing here again?”

Nathan: Tinder more like timber cause I’m falling off the…I down know. Or…eat me. Just go straight for it.

Jake: Some Little Big Town lyrics.

Nathan: Class of 2013.

Jake: Making waves, catching waves up on the roof.

Nathan: Bible verse. I’d probably put something from “Song of Solomon” in there.

What band would you leave this band for?

Jake: I wanna be the guy with Lorde that plays the drum pad.

Nathan: I wanna be Lorde.

What is the strangest dream you have had about one of your bandmates?

Jake: The death dreams are always…

Nathan: Those are always so real.

Jake: I had one about Zach a while back. I just remember like us three going to the funeral and then like flash forward like a month and we were all like hanging out and we were like “We should call…” and then we all looked at each other and we were just like…

Nathan: NO dude.

Jake: It was so heavy. I woke up so upset.

Nathan: I think one time it wasn’t that one of y’all died, but that Justin Bieber died.

Jake: He’s one of us man.

Nathan: Can you imagine if he died? We were all together and it’s just like we all just kind of broke down. But I woke up and I was like, “Holy shit this is where we are now in the world, Biebs is dead.”

Are you guys big Bieber fans?

Nathan: Man I appreciate…you gotta respect the guy.

Jake: I kinda feel for him on a level.

Nathan: I fuck with some of his shit.

Jake: Yeah I fuck with his shit I just don’t fuck with I feel like he’s trapped.

Nathan: Yeaj he needs to find himself a little bit. He’s got like the world on a string so hjw are you supposed to maintain yourself in that?

Jake: Well from the time he was young, people were just always telling him what he was to be like ‘Justin.’ Yeah, we’re pretty deep in the culture.

Nathan: It’s weird it’s kinda like we grew up with Justin Bieber in a way. I had the haircut. It’s not like we’re fans, there’s like camaraderie.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Jake: I mean Migos are the Beatles of our generation.

Nathan: I’d like to collaborate with… or I just want to sort of be in the same room as Young Thug. Just watch him do whatever…”

Jake: Sean Paul?

Both break out in song (again), a mediocre rendition of Sean Paul’s “Temperature.”

Nathan: Hippo Paul or Sean Campus?

Jake: Shippo.

Many artists have been getting political have you ever considered making a statement with your music or using your influence?

Nathan: It’s been talked about. It’s a weird subject. I think there is a fine line between our duty and our business. I think it’s…Yes, we have considered it.

Jake: There was an interview the other day where we talked some politics. I think within the band it’s a very person to person basis. We’re all political in different ways. And if we are getting political, we use a personal platform as opposed to the band’s. Everything is very political right now.

Nathan: Everyone is doing it. It’s very trendy.

can you imagine writing a sci fi story and you could literally do anything you could present a beautiful utopia where everything goes well and humanity never did anything wrong and instead you choose to use your platform to remind ppl of the ffects of climate change and how important it is that right now corporations want to make us take what we have for granted and that we might loose it all and you make people feel it cause in this story some of those characters might be them

Mass Effect Halloween Art Prompts

When: October 24th - October 31st
Tag: #MEHalloween  
(remember to put this tag in the first five so we can find them when we search!)
Who: @vorchagirl, @joufancyhuh & @cactuarkitty
Master Post: HERE

Yaaaay! It’s the most spooktacular time of the year! The Mass Effect Spooktacular! And here are some suggested art prompts in case anyone is coming up dry this spoopy season. These are totally just suggestions, and you don’t need to feel obligated to use them at all! Be as creative as you like and remember that this event includes Andromeda as well as the Original Trilogy!

1. Pumpkins / Pumpkin Carving

2. Ghosts & Graveyards

3. Zombie AU

4. Trick or Treat!

5. Horror Movies 

6. Halloween Costumes

7. Character Outfit Swap

8. Classic Horror Monsters

9. Space Invaders / Alien Menace

The Semi Effect

se · mi  e · ffect,   phenomenon

When you don’t have a particular interest or opinion on a character, then you see one post or picture that absolutely changes your mind and you’re now in hell congrats

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ooc. it feels so great to have the drive to write back! i’ve
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~*~Happy N7 Day you guys ! 👽🚀🌠
Ten years ago, on November sixteenth, we met our crew aboard the  SSV Normandy SR-1 and drove the Mako over alien terrain. 

I would like to take this time to remind everyone that my Mass Effect verse for Chris is under the tag #vMEEP. The reason I went with this tag is because Porthos is an engineer in this verse so his abbreviation is M.ass E.ffect E.ngineer P.orthos. I still need to rewrite my verse page and add the Mass Effect verse back, but I have had a lot of fun with the threads that I’ve had in that verse. Chris knows what’s happening on the news in that verse and he is one of the people that believes that Shepard is crazy until of course, it’s too late. 

There are many roleplayers in the Mass Effect fandom that have inspired me with their writing and unique styles. They have made the universe their own and you can tell from just looking at their blogs just how much they care about the characters. Anyway I hope everyone’s day is going well and I am looking forward to more adventures with Ryder in the future.  👽🚀🌠

An Introduction to Dipnip

The prompt jar said ‘cat’ - so of course I had to write about the first time Mabel saw Dipper on Dipnip.


Mabel flipped through her book, looking at the pages without really seeing them.

Dipper had gotten pulled away from the Shack right in the middle of the two of them helping Grunkle Stan as he turned it into a Library by a summons, and despite everything Mabel was worried.

It seemed like Dipper was getting summoned more and more often, like the whole…thing…had made people aware of demons and spawned a million cults and they all were summoning demons left and right and this couldn’t be good for Dipper’s mental health.

Last time he’d been summoned he’d gone into sweater town for two days.

As if she’d called him with her thoughts alone, Mabel’s brother blipped into existence above the recliner she was sprawled out in, belly flopping down onto her and knocking an “Ooomph” out of both of them.

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anonymous asked:

i haven't watched the anime so i'm really curious as to why you'd say the staff don't get the manga, could you elaborate if you have time and feel like it?

Thank you for asking! (I got another ask asking me essentially the same, I’ll just answer it here.) I was actually referring to anime adaptions in general, not specifically Gintama. Apologies for the confusion! I don’t necessarily think the staff doesn’t get the manga. However, there are a few differences between the manga and the anime. Most of them have to do with the filler episodes. Thankfully, I’ve never seen anyone else having an issue with the anime. But if you want, I’ll gladly point out some of the differences between the two. I’m nitpicky like that.

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thad goes to the farmers market and spends $45 on many types of potato chips but not many types of potato to give to the girl over 14 who stays in the museum longer than 4 hours to see the big nose horn face at the mississippi delta but herminia has set la patria free while the dogs at the rope task crave the personal touch of the spanish moss that is not spanish or moss but miguel has published the (a/e)ffect of frederick douglass’ poems, and digital image processing needs more digital image processors with the, “minds of artists,” to pay 50% more for the hotel of the farm fish with no cursive

what do we have this year? (I’ll update)

farmers markets are rising, Spanish moss goes by another name, digital image processing need more digital image processors, wolf pups won’t look me in the eye, that dinosaur with the big ass nose, freedom poems, Fredrick Douglass won’t take any of your bullshit, people in an art museum for 4+ hours, (a/e)ffect, thad and his damn sandwiches, fish like farming, NO CHANGE, and music makes you smart but only for 10 minutes


In-depth Explanations on How I am Effected By Globalization


Over all the force that influences my life the most would hands down be transportation because  without it I would have no way of getting to and from school which is basically mandatory. Also in order to make it to my sports practices and/or games which are usually in various different locations I would need a source of getting there. Likewise the same thing for my job which is 15-20 minutes from where I reside. Without transportation to my workplace I wouldn’t be able to contribute to economic globalization. Needless to say that other forces don’t effect my life because honestly they do. Such as keeping connected with my friends and family through communication technologies, like a cell phone, social networking or a simple cup and string …. just kidding. Entertainment wise comes from watching television shows that I enjoy (pretty little liars, teen wolf, and my favorite awkward) this fits in media category, meaning that without the use of universalization it would not be possible to view these shows. the material used to watch and use these advances usually come from different parts of the world, they contribute to trade. The computer I type on could possibly be made in china but the chair I sit on may come from a small country in asia. With forces of globalization also comes negative side effects. One of many transportation flaws is the fact that all vehicles release pollution into the atmosphere. Ruining the o zone layer little by little each day. Transportation really isn’t meant to last forever so when eventually your source breaks down your going to have a problem. Many communication technologies are very costly especially if it is a new up to date high tech version, and with this specific globalization improving so fast a new development could be right around the corner and with the need for todays society to have the newest thing they’ll throw away a perfectly good technology spending even more money on something they dont need.