A Bounty Worth Fighting For || Rinpoo & Ba'Gamnan

-Resting her head in the palm of her hand, Rinpoo glanced over at Spar reading through his usual stack of books. “How can you be reading at a time like this?” She managed to mumble out in boredom. “Some of us enjoy the finer things in life.” Pfff…sure. Rinpoo thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. “I bet there isn’t even anything interesting in this damned things.”-

-Randomly grabbing a book for the stack, her fingers flipped through the pages noticing that it did not have its share of pictures. As she got farther in the book she noticed an odd looking symbol; one that wasn’t familiar to her. Running her hand over it, she looked closer to see that there were small, almost invisible words written around the circle. Rinpoo pulled the book closer to her face as she was about to read the words. “Hm..must be some other language..” Trying her best to read the words anyway, Spar had given her a look. “Don’t!” He said in a stern voice but she continued.-

-Just as she finished the last word, a cold feeling came over her. Rinpoo quickly threw the book across the room. Slowly, it could be seen that her body started to have a faint glow to it. “What the hell was in that book?!” Her eyes looked up to Spar as even her vision was starting to fade as well. “Hang in there! We’ll find a way.” The words confused her but she was more worried about what was to happen to her.-

-Tightly she closed her eyes only to open them to find herself in another location. Rinpoo gasped as she looked around in the crowd of people. “W, what is this place..?” Just less then a second ago, she was in Township with Spar; arguing over books. But now she was in a whole different city, almost as if it had been a spell in those words. Her heart raced as Rinpoo tried to get a better grasp of her surroundings. Getting bumped in the shoulder, her eyes glanced to get a glimsp of the person. “Watch what your doing girl!” Snaring at the man. “I’m not scared of you buddy.” She quickly said in return. Although Rinpoo knew that her comments should be kept to herself until she was sure of this place, but there was no way that he’d get away with that if she could help it.-

-Shaking her head, she walked against the crowd; curious as of what they were coming from. The people had been much different then tribes known her home world. Rabbit like, tiny bears and lizards all surrounded her. Had they been unfound all this time? Much like her own. Even since she was a child, Rinpoo traveled alone. Her family deserted her, siblings as well. Woren tribe members slowly started to disappear from society, leaving her in much confusion as she grew up. But somehow she felt comfortable with this crowd.-

-Looking around, Rinpoo noticed a few drunkards coming from inside a nearby building. “Hey…look at the little kitty cat…” She just shook her head as she walked by them. It was something that she had dealt with her whole life; the harassment, and name calling. Glancing inside, the bar completely made her think of the Pub in her homeland, Corsair; busy, and a rough crowd. Rinpoo walked in, taking a seat in the far corner. She was unsure how to exactly take these people, but interaction now would just cause her more trouble then good.-