#FFB: Carleigh Bettiol (Fit For Broadway):

Q: You are super tuned in to living a healthy Bway lifestyle. What’s your daily regime for staying Fit for Hamilton?

A: The show provides a great workout every day, as we are onstage dancing for over two and a half hours each show. Because of that, I don’t go to the gym. I feel very strongly that the body needs rest just as much as it needs work to be strong and fit. I try to eat healthy with very little gluten or dairy intake. My favorite Midtown West spots to grab a snack are JuicePress, Juice Generation, and I love ordering delivery from SweetGreen! I also see a Physical Therapist twice a week, get massages bi-monthly, and go to an acupuncturist.


Q: You’re an amazing dancer! Do you rely on fitness or any other physical therapy methods to keep your body ready for the show each night?

A: Thank you!  I do a few different stretches before every show and throughout the show that I feel work for my body.  I had a shoulder injury during the rehearsal process for our Off-Broadway run, and it hasn’t been quite the same since. I do stretches that focus on my shoulder to keep it strong and to hopefully avoid stressing it further. The foam roller and lacrosse ball are my friends, ha!


Q: For all our Hamilton fans (me included!), what’s been your most memorable Hamilton moment to date?

A: The opening night party was my most memorable moment, for sure.  That party was epic!  If I could relive that party over and over again, and re-celebrate with my co-workers, I would.  It was an incredible night!

more pictures of the beautiful Carleigh over on the interview page. (seen previously on FFB: Ariana Debose)