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CS AU week

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11 - CS Season 3 AU Canon Divergence


What if Hook was able to go with Emma and Henry when they left to escape Pan’s curse? With no memory of each other or Storybrooke, Emma and Killian meet in New York as complete strangers, both with broken pasts, and both with clean slates for their future.

Can be found on A03

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -Chapter Six -  Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten

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double line breaks mean change of POV!

Chapter Eleven

When most people realize they are in love, it makes them happy, fills them with joy, and makes them want to tell that person right away.

Emma isn’t like most people. The realization that she’s in love with Killian causes shear panic and fear to run through her and the last thing she wants to do is tell him.

Because she’s been down this road before. She opened her heart up to someone, let him in, and he left her broken.

She’s so stupid to think anything would be different. Love isn’t like it was in the fairytales, there are no such things as princes and princess that share True Love.

Love is hard and it hurts, and people never stick around for it to last.

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Alice, Oh Alice || Jisoo || Pt. 4

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 //

Word Count: 3757

Genre: fantasy, Alice in Wonderland based!au, based on this oneshot (rewritten)

Summary: With a missing princess, a desperate fiancé, and the craziness of Wonderland, you wondered if you would ever make it back home with your head still on your shoulders.

Joshua sat on the trunk at the end of his bed. His feet were stretched out and his hands fell down past the trunk’s lid. He kept opening and closing the latch, the only sound in the room was his soft breathing and the sound of the latch opening and closing. He stopped momentarily, his fingers feeling the shape of the latch, and then he started again. His brain buzzed with various thoughts. You were staying at his mansion. Jeonghan was forcing you to stay too, so that meant it would be nearly impossible to get you out and back to your world even if he wanted to.

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Hello everyone! Ever since I started uni I don’t have the time to come here as often and I never seem to find the inspiration and energy I used to have to make pastel edits, as I haven’t posted a graphic in months. I realized being an aesthetic blog is boring to me and I only come here to keep this blog at least a bit alive. So after debating with myself for some time and asking for advice to a lot of friends, I’ve come to conclusion that I should go on indefinite hiatus until I decide I should come back. 

First of all I’d like to thank all my followers, all the 5.2k of you who’ve been here with me whether since my @pastelsoo days or simply this week. I’m extremely grateful for you always supporting me and sending me love when I needed, I honestly have no words to describe my gratitude. Second of all, I’m grateful for my mutuals and friends! I love you guys, you are all amazing and angelical and I feel blessed for once following each one of you, you’re the best part of tumblr, thank you ♡

Even though this blog is from now on hiatus I still want to keep using tumblr, so I’ll be starting fresh with a non-pastel blog (since I honestly can’t function without kpop and photoshop lmao)! If you’re interested in following me please send me a message off-anon so I can send you my new url, but please don’t feel pressured to do so :)

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Gif is not mine.

Member: V x Reader
Genre: smut, kinky, V p.o.v, tied up, choke, 
words: +2k 
Summary:   She was my favorite, for sure, and I loved marking her. Every mark was something of ours. Every night were hours in which she was mine.Only mine.


I’m uploading my old fanfics as you can see :)
Let me know what you think about this one! ^^

That dark room had a light which was waving back and forth in a slow pace, lighting from time to time the pale skin of that fragile creature who had dark signs, ghosts of the past nights. Her breath was so heavy then, so perfectly in harmony with the sweet melody of the silence.

I looked at her trembling legs. Her knees were red and her body had goose bumps because of the thin leather cloth I asked her to wear. She was such an obedient child after all, she would have been naked if I asked her.

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can you feel it right now? (7/?)

summary: When Emma Swan agrees to let her annoying neighbor Killian Jones join her to go to the grocery store, the last thing she could have ever anticipated is becoming his wife over the course of a conversation with some people from his past. (based off of this prompt: you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks i’m married with a baby)

word count: ~4200

also found on: ff.net, ao3

catch up here: one, two, three, four, five, six


The second Killian enters The Rabbit Hole, he’s reminded of a past he’d like very much to forget. It rings in his ears, the bar fight he’d gotten in that night before he left, and David’s silence as they’ve made their way here has spoken quite loudly, too.

Killian chances a look at his friend and finds him with a lopsided grin as he nods his head at him.

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she lingers with me

Just a quick scene I thought was missing from 5x22. Enjoy!

Killian feels the photograph in his pocket as heavy as if he were lugging around the entire galaxy within his leather jacket, close enough to grasp if he just reached for it. 

Mary Margaret seems to notice the way his hand twitches, but if she’s thinking of making any comments, she decides against it. They’re all feeling a little helpless, but Killian feels like if he doesn’t flex his fingers wide, he may just take his anger out on the floor beneath him. It does little to soothe his frustration.

The picture in his pocket does not make it any easier. The picture of Emma Swan. 

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Hi guys! This is Mina. I just changed my url from nakajiimatsuhis to kiseryoutas, recently. Putting that aside, I want to thank you all! Thank you so much guys! I’ve reached another milestone, and this is because of you! Thank you for also sticking with this blog of mine, even though I’ve been inactive for awhile. These are the amazing blogs that I’m following! I highly recommend that you follow them too! Also, please don’t mind this simple edit lol. If I made a mistake on the list , please tell me!

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I wrote this before the season finale aired, but never posted it. However, I’m cleaning out my drafts and didn’t want to throw it away. So, have a bit of Killian being reintroduced after his resurrection.

After twenty-four hours that had been filled with forgiving the man who initially caused his death, fighting beasts rising from the river of Lost Souls, helping destroy Hades, having a god see him off to “where he was meant to be,” and even being resurrected from the dead, he could honestly say that the most surprising part of it all was the joy that he faced when reintroducing himself.

He had been anxious to get home, to relax, to get Emma back into a state of full health that came with a good night’s rest and a large meal. Emma, on the other hand, wanted to show everyone that he was alive again, that there was a positive side to such an awful day. She wanted to share her happiness.

And, with her smiling like she had just found the world’s finest treasure, who was he to tell her no?

So they headed to the loft.

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Boa noite, amores! 
Deu vontade de fazer um FF, porém ao mesmo tempo estava com preguiça, e é por isso que a listinha está menor dessa vez hihi

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Cloudy Gray || Jimin || Prologue

Prologue // 

Word Count: 1122

Genre: romance, fantasy, mild-angst, drama

Summary: Writing was a form of expression, something that was a way to record your dreams. And dreams don’t become a reality, no matter how much of a coincidence it is. Because there is no way that he fell in love with you. 

From when you were a small child, you had always had the dream of becoming an author. When you saw your dad picking out covers and fonts and the type of paper, you knew that this is what you wanted to do with your life. From the time you could hold a pencil properly and write, you would scribble on every piece of paper you could find. Your parents would smile encouragingly and give you a quick ruffle of your hair before heading off to work (in their office or otherwise). And as you grew up, you found that you loved writing even more. It was a way to help you relieve stress and forget about the world. It took you on adventures of what you could have said, or would have said, if you were more confident. You liked the way the led or the ink flowed on the page or the way the texts popped up on a blank document. It was enchanting to you.

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