ff: claiming!



honestly i???? cannot thank you guys enough! it’s been such a great journey and as of 2/18/2017 it’s only beEN TWO MONTHS AND ALL OF YOU ARE HERE??????? like omg

in all seriousness, i could not be luckier. i’m here roleplaying one of my favorite characters and i have all of you to support me! i absolutely love this community and i love all of my friends i’ve made here so far! some are newer, and a few have been here since i started this blog! i’m just incredibly happy that i get to share this experience with you all, i really am!

so without further ado, i give you this speedpaint!

i knew i was going to do a speedpaint for one of my milestones, i just didn’t know which one nor did i know if people would like the idea. i’ve never really heard of anyone doing a speedpaint for a milestone on here before, so i hope the idea spreads a bit! i figured with how much i drew i would want to share the whole process with you guys and it would be something special for this celebration! anyways! i hope you guys like it! i think it took about 3-4 hours give or take.

programs used: paint tool sai, photoshop, bandicam, sony vegas 8
songs used: five finger death punch - coming down [piano mix], thomas edwards - evil in me _ requiem for a dream remix, castle - halsey (official corvyx cover)

and considering how i can’t celebrate followers without mentioning some, here are some people that brighten up my day!

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