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Word count: 4.300
Warnings: Smut
A/N: Yeah umm I don’t know what happened xD Naji and I were talking about oneshot ideas and this is what become of it.
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Most people don’t believe in them, but to your kind, they were important, very much so. As werewolves, your soul mates are your other half. They are the person you would spend eternity with and when you find them, you’d know. When you were a little girl, your parents often said that your soul mate would be powerful. Since your parents were alphas when they had you, you were born an alpha. There are three classes of werewolves, Alpha, Omega/Beta and Rouge. Alphas are the leaders of the pack and have absolute authority. They are very powerful and their senses are 2x better than the average werewolf’s. Betas and Omegas are a majority of the population and are very normal. Their senses are better than the average human but not as good as the alphas. The lowest level are the rouges. They were either kicked out of their packs or they broke pack rules. They were what people would call “lone wolves.” Even though you still follow the ways of your kind, you’re still like any other human being. With the exception of your heats. Both male and female werewolves have to go through this, and you usually only get it 2-3 times a year. It goes on for about a week and it’s like being super horny for 24 hours, for 7 days straight. Since there’s such a high chance of your kind going out and fucking a human of the opposite sex, they keep you chained up and away from people. If a werewolf has their mate, they’d usually help each other out during these times, if not they spent the whole  week in  a dark room alone, the feeling of your body being on fire.

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FWAD ‘16 - CS Fic Faves

For Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Captain Swan fics of all time from Fanfiction.net and AO3. I’ve read them all at least twice and they are just as good the second (or sometimes tenth) time around. It was so hard to make this list because I got caught up in re-reading some of them!

Nearly all of these are modern AUs because that is my kryptonite. GO READ THEM PLEASE. THEY’RE ALL WONDERFUL. (There are a few authors I couldn’t find on tumblr, so if you know their handle, let me know and I’ll fix it.)

Thank you so much, fanfiction authors!! I appreciate you!


Long Multi-chapters (>50k)

As Real As You Want It To Be [M] [92k] on AO3 by @ive-always-been-a-pirate

With Affection [E] [55k] on AO3 by @phiralovesloki

Give Me Love (Like Her) [E] [55k] on AO3 by @phiralovesloki

A Thin Line [T] [78k] on AO3 by curiousconstellations

Search and Rescue [M] [95k] on AO3 by @navykillian

Sharing Space [M] [57k] on AO3 by @singingisfun

These Nights Aren’t Made For Thinking [M] [66k] on AO3 by @nowforruin

Warm Nights & Firelight [M] [201k] on FF by @oubliette14

Under the Crimson Flag [M] [98k] on FF by @kissmelikeapirate

Flirting, Fraud, and Other Bar Crimes [M] [164k] on FF by @emmakillianfan 

Thank God It’s Friday [T] [58k] on FF by curiousconstellations

Across Time and Space [T] [139k] on FF by Annaelle

Short Multi-chapters (<50k)

The Captain’s Cabin [G] [12k] on AO3 by @nightships

Call Me, Maybe [T] [5k] on AO3 by @xhookswenchx

Bean There (Brewed That) [T] [5k] on AO3 by @wordsmith-storyweaver

Pay It Forward [E] [7k] on AO3 by @acrobat-elle

Bar Nights & Christmas Lights [T] [22k] on AO3 by @nowforruin

Failure To Appear [T] [26k] on FF by @gusenitsaa

A Million Shores and Bays [T] [22k] on FF by @piratesails

Never Hurts [M] [30k] on FF by @laschatzi

Bird of Prey [M] [29k] on FF by @shoedonym

Whatever Floats Your Boat [M] [37k] on FF by @shoedonym

When Killian Met Emma [M] [9k] on FF by @lenfaz

Bitter Hearts (middle of the ride) [T] [26k] on FF by @bookstoreromantic

Viva, Las Vegas! [M] [6k] on FF by @hooklineandswan

Sign of Attraction [M] [27k] on FF by @hooklineandswan

You’ve Been Lonely Too Long [T] [32k] on FF by Lady Callista

beautifully dangerous [M] [24k] on FF by @joneskillian



Rack ‘Em Up [E] [9k] on AO3 by @always-a-slut-for-pirates

All I Want For Christmas Is… [T] [4k] on AO3 by Nostalgia_101

all that you are (is all that i’ll ever need) [T] [6k] on FF by @bluestoplights

In the Heat of the Morning [T] [6k] on FF by @shoedonym

Be Patient [M] [4k] on FF by @sailtoafarawayland

Consider Living a Life [M] [8k] on FF by @laschatzi

That Damn Bar Wench I Kissed [M] [6k] on FF by @laschatzi

Love is a Battlefield [T] [9k] on FF by @mryddinwilt

Pushing Emma’s Buttons [M] [2k] on FF by @captainswanismyendgame

Baggage Claim [M] [13k] on FF by @shipping-goggles



Canon in D Major [M] [28k] [5/8] on AO3 by @i-know-how-you-kiss

Theoretically [E] [23k] [¾] on AO3 by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

settle on down with me [T] [12k] [2/3] on AO3 by @saramck

These Nights Never Seem To Go To Plan [E] [50k] [16/?] on AO3 by @stophookingatmeswan

Deep Cover [NR] [20k] [8/?] on AO3 by @dassala

Unbreakable [M] [70k] [16/?] on AO3 by @xemmaloveskillianx

mortuusflores  asked:

oh also to add on I would like to point out the cocaine references just for the sake of emphasis. girl & good girl are both terms I've personally heard to describe coke. a common street name, at least where I live. so there's that "gets into parties without invitations" don't think I need to elaborate on that one "how could you ever turn her down?" ditto "there's not a drink that I think could sink her" "she's all I think about" "she feels so good" "I met her once and wrote a song about her" yep

You use the term “cocaine references” very liberally there. You could substitute ‘she’ and ‘her’ for booze, money, or bloody Branston Pickle  in half of those lyrics and make the same claim ffs. But ALL of those lyrics relate to a woman too, just like the rest of the lyrics in the song.

anonymous asked:

"There’s a LOT of filler" - I love how j*ff claimed they just 'couldn't cut it down' to their normal 40mins and how mtv was mad but lbr, it could probably be 25 mins if they legitimately cut out fillers and slow-mo and it wouldn't make a difference.



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