CS kiss prompts: stomach + hipbone kisses

It takes him a moment to settle in to what exactly he’s feeling as he watches her move about their kitchen. With her bare feet padding along the hard wood, looking slightly rumpled in her light blue flannel pajamas and hair piled high atop her head, she looks more beautiful than if she was back in her ball gown from Camelot. As stunning as she was that night, what he sees know, this is his Emma, without walls or armor. She looks…content.

Content is not something he’s ever known how to feel, the idea so foreign he feels a bit winded at the realization that he’s finally found its meaning.  All this grand talk of happy endings and True Love somehow managed to eclipse the simple joy of this, this bone deep happiness with the state of life as it is. His heart doesn’t ache for something more, more adventure, more treasure or excitement. There is no ache now, just a beat that speeds up at every smile, touch, kiss - every look across the room meant only for him.

It’s taken nearly 300 years, but he finally knows what it is to be content.

She catches him staring as she turns from the sink to wipe her wet hands on the sides of her pants and he can’t stop the swoosh of his belly at her mild blush and the adorable twitching of her nose. His Emma is still not used to be wanted. That thought is still lingering in his mind as she crosses back over to him at the couch with the last bite of her toast clenched between her teeth.  

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She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.


a list of favorite klaroline fanfiction ∇ bucket list by @honestgrins

“The Caroline Forbes, Get the Hell Off My Back and Find a Life While I Finish Finals, You’re Done with College Bucket List.”

“One, you must finish these tasks in order (no peeking!) before graduating Friday evening. Two, keep Nik with you. I already dragged him into town but I can’t give him my attention, and you’ll need the company. And make him pay for everything, he can afford it. New York’s expensive, and I need you to save your money. I’m not visiting you in a shoebox apartment. Three, take pictures so I can better visualize when you tell me all about this AFTER FINALS. Four, don’t text me, I’ll text you. I’m studying.”

hello everyone it’s alexa!!! it’s been a little over a year since i first made my tumblr and i’ve made so many amazing friends since then. i wanted to show my appreciation to all my mutuals, and i also wanted to say thank you to everyone else who has stuck with me through my ever-changing blog!! i present to you my first follow forever *heart emojis*

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An AU MC FF that is loosely based on the movie The Lake House

When fate is involved, can Emma and Killian change their destiny so their love transcends time and space to give them their happy ending?

The story can also be found on AO3 and on FF.net .      
 And on tumbler (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)

Word Count ~8800 Rating - T+

Chapter 14

Emma wasn’t sure how long she stood there hoping, praying and wishing for the flag to go down.  She knew the chances of changing fate were slim but she also knew she had to try.  Her heart was breaking as she reflected over how many times she had thought of him over the past year and wondering if there was something they could have done differently so they were in the same place at the same time. But they hadn’t.  They had waited for the right time and place instead of learning from the mistakes made by his parents, that even though married and with children, their time to be together never came. Emma wanted to believe she was the Anne to Killian’s Frederick Wentworth from Persuasion, but hopes and wishes can’t keep you warm at night.

Feeling numb, she bowed her head, covered her face with both hands and sank down onto her knees.  It was February and the weather felt cool, especially this close to the ocean. A steady breeze blew but since she was on the bluff it wasn’t too strong.  Eventually she felt the cold seeping into the knees of her slacks as she had been kneeling there a while hoping to see the flag go down.  Hoping that she hadn’t been too late, that he had gotten her letter and hadn’t gone to Bayside on that fateful day.  Looking up she saw that the flag was still up, the letter was still there.

Emma wanted to scream and to cry.  She felt the need to question fate, God and whoever else people believed controlled the universe.  She knew she was trying to change the way things had been, but could that be the reason why they had been given this opportunity? To change his fate so he wasn’t in an accident.   So he hadn’t died.  To allow them to meet so he could capture her heart and teach her to dream. To teach her that life didn’t need to be so serious but that life was often made up of mysteries that required belief.  To allow them to be each other’s family, each other’s future?

Standing slowly, she made her way to the beach path.  It was overrun with branches and sea grass but she didn’t care.  Pushing aside the long strands of grass, she stepped over and around and made her way down to the beach.  As she moved toward the water, and the sound of the waves surrounded her, she pulled her hair up in a messy ponytail, and turned to walk down the beach.  Away from the house that seemed to have magic.  That had somehow been instrumental in bringing her letter to Killian on that day, so many years ago.  Could fate be so cruel?  Would fate be so cruel?

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V & K
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19 - GIF Sneak Peak

Happy Wednesday, shipmates! Hope you are having a fabulous week so far! I just want to let you all know that I love talking to each and every one of you. You guys always bring a smile to my face :D

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four -Chapter Five -Chapter Six -  Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight -Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten -Chapter Eleven - Chapter Twelve -Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen -Chapter Fifteen - Chapter Sixteen - Chapter Seventeen - Chapter Eighteen

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CS Fic: Before You Go

A/N: @shady-swan-jones, not at all what you requested, which was post-break-up fic with the prompt, ‘I literally can’t sleep alone anymore so I’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas. Can we have one more nap together, please?’ This hit me first from our convo, so I’ll have to go back and write the post break-up version.

Summary: On the eve of Killian leaving town for the Peace Corps, Emma surprises him. 

Words: 1435 | Rating: PG | ao3 | ffn


Killian weighed the frame in his hand, staring at the photo within as he absently pulled a page of newsprint from the pile on the coffee table. It was from a few years ago, just after commencement, Liam standing to his right, a wide smile on his face, while Emma, Belle, and David pushed in on his left, knocking his cap askew. Emma was mid-collapsing in laughter, her hair loose and covering half her face as Killian’s unseen hand dug into her robes, tickling her ribs as he pulled her in tighter. He could almost hear Mary Margaret admonishing them, pleading for them to allow her one photo where she wasn’t going to have to edit it in order to make it so they were all looking at the camera at the same time.

He slipped off the back of the frame, pulling the photo out and tucking it into his duffel bag before wrapping the frame and placing it in the last open box. He was taping up that box when a knock rapped at his door.

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Yay! Let’s giggle while we talk about...

The Tenth Time It Happened!!

Ahoy shipmates! Eek! Less than a month until our lil babies return to our tv screens! This is the tenth instalment in my Daddy!Killian fic wherein Killian can’t stop sneaking into his little girl’s room while she’s sleeping. If you’re new to this party, here’s a link to part nine, which also has links to all previous parts of the story!!

This part is fluffy beyond belief. There’s like two seconds of angst, but only two. Promise. 

Tagging a few of the many lovely people who always encourage me when it comes to this fluffball of a tale: @flslp87 @vigilantewives @thegladelf @naiariddle @raggedyclaraa @onceuponiwishmytime @galadriel26 @mayquita @captainswanslay

And a special thank you to both @dark-ones-dont-need-sleep and @losttalongthewayy who rec’d this fic recently. You both wrote such sweet things in your respective recs and I am so grateful! It made me feel so fuzzy and warm! :) 


The tenth time it happens, Killian does it because he feels guilty. Emma wakes in the night, and upon finding the sheets beside her empty and cold, she yawns and groggily gets out of bed. Leia turned one three weeks ago, so it’s been quite some time since Emma has had to rouse in the middle of the night. (Secretly, a part of her misses the middle-of-the-night feedings, but she would never dare tell Killian such. He’d have her pregnant immediately.)

At first, as she begins to walk to Leia’s room, she can’t figure out what might’ve made Killian take this journey. But then, as she nears the room and she gains a little more consciousness, the events of the day come back to her and she can easily deduce why he’s there. When Emma quietly opens the door she’s met with the adorable sight of Killian swaying with Leia, her body slumped against his bare chest. His arms are folded underneath Leia’s bottom, her little legs dangling around his waist. Her head is tucked snugly under his chin, and Emma finds herself mildly struck by the fact that her once-tiny daughter now spans nearly the entire length of her husband’s torso.

“When did she get so big?” Emma whispers, gaining Killian’s attention as she tiptoes over to the two of them.

“I don’t even want to talk about it,” Killian grumbles, shaking his head. “It feels like just yesterday her head was no bigger than my fist.”

Emma tilts her head, smiling comfortingly at him. She knows the idea of Leia growing up is Killian’s current mortal enemy. “How’re the knees?” she asks gently.

“Still red and painful-looking. Not scabbing up yet. I still wish you’d heal them,” he says, and Emma can feel the hurt in his tone. She gets closer, taking hold of Leia’s toes so she can inspect one of her two scraped knees.

“Killian, it’s really not too bad,” she assures him, although she suspects her words will go in one ear and out the other. “Kids scrape their knees all the time. And if she was in that much pain, she wouldn’t be sleeping as soundly as she is. Yeah, if she had broken her leg, I maybe would’ve used some magic to fix it. But she can handle scraped knees. Isn’t that right, little duckling? Yeah, you’re okay. Such a brave little daddy’s girl you are, huh?”

Killian sighs, knowing his wife is right but still feeling guilty all the same. Leia had begun walking a week ago, her parents completely enamoured by the way she teeters around on her chubby, tiny legs. That afternoon, Killian had taken Leia and Henry out for a sail on the Jolly. A particularly large wave had made Leia lose her balance, and she’d fallen, scraping both her knees raw. They’d bled and she’d cried and Killian had overreacted when it happened and still blames himself for the entire event, despite Emma’s multiple reassurances that it was in fact, no one’s fault.  

“I just hate it when she hurts,” Killian whispers, and Emma bites her lip, reaching up to brush Killian’s dark hair back, away from his pouty blue eyes.

“I know you do,” she tells him, releasing the strands of his hair so she can cup his cheek in her hand, “it’s one of the many things I love about you.”

Killian blinks at her, and his face softens all of a sudden, radiating warmth at her. “I love you so much, Emma. Do you know that?”

Emma scrunches her face up at him, but smiles all the same. “Of course I know that. How could you think I don’t know that, doofus?”

Killian shrugs. “Well this…year has just been, well…what with this perfect little person showing up in the world, sometimes I just worry that I’m giving her…too much of my attention. I…I don’t know how to do this. Hell, it’s been more than a year, and still she scrapes her knees and I get scared to death. Some days I feel like she has my whole entire heart, and even though I love that feeling, I never want you to ever feel like—“

Emma shakes her head violently at him, sliding her hand from his cheek to the back of his neck so she can haul his face closer to hers. She presses her lips against his with fervour, still shaking her head as she does so. When she pulls away she rests her forehead against his. “Hey. I need you to listen to me, okay? You are doing amazing, Killian. Amazing. You are quite possibly the most wonderful father in the entire world. And never, ever, think that you aren’t doing enough for me. Seeing you with that little girl is all that I need.”

Killian smiles gratefully at her, her words doing wonders for his aching soul. He’d felt this way for a little while now, and he was glad to have gotten his feelings off his chest.

“Can I hold her?” Emma asks him tentatively, rubbing the back of her hand against Leia’s cheek.

Killian chuckles. “Only if you join me in the rocker, so I can hold you both.”

“Deal, pirate.”

Carefully, Killian transfers Leia into Emma’s arms. The little girl stirs a wee bit, one of her pudgy hands coming up to fist itself into Emma’s hair, and Emma nuzzles her face against Leia’s forehead. “Mumma loves you so much, Leiabear,” she coos quietly, while Killian takes the stuffed animals off the rocking chair to make room for them. “Yes I do. You’re such a cuddle bug, hmm? I guess you get that from me, huh kid?”

“She certainly does,” Killian agrees, beckoning them over. This position is getting more difficult as Leia grows, but they can still manage it, three in the chair. Emma sits sideways on Killian’s lap, his arm wrapped around her back. Leia lays against Emma’s chest, mouth hanging slightly agape.

It’s quiet for a minute. (But only for a minute.)

“What are we to do when the boys begin to fancy her?” Killian asks suddenly, his tone incredulously horrified.

The question takes Emma by so much surprise that she laughs aloud. “Killian, she’s one. Not twenty-one. You need to chill.”

“Aye, but scraped knees are nothing compared to a broken heart,” he muses, reaching to place a protective hand against his daughter’s back. “How’re we to protect her?”

Emma blows out a big breath, considering what to say. She thought she’d have a few more years before this topic came up. “Well…we’ll just have to teach her to be a good judge of character, and how to avoid being manipulated. And we’ll do our best to raise her to be an independent woman, but one who knows it’s okay to want to find true love. Even then, I can’t promise it’ll never happen, Killian. But if it does, well…she’ll know she has us to back her up. She’ll know she’ll always have her daddy’s shoulder to cry on if she needs it.”

“Aye, and that she will,” he agrees, scratching at Leia’s back lovingly. Emma stares up at him, momentarily knocked breathless by how much she loves this pillow-soft pirate. Needing to touch him, she raises a hand, letting it come to rest against his neck.

Unexpectedly, unwanted memories hit her like a freight train, as though her fingers against where a scar from Excalibur should be created a portal that led straight back to those days. Emma’s throat goes tight and she flinches violently as she recalls it all: the cut, how it had reappeared too many times, the way she had to watch life drain from her true love, over and over…she remembers how she tried to heal it, that cut. She remembers thinking, as their foreheads pressed together in the middle of the Camelot forest, that everything was fine.

Boy, had she ever been wrong about that.

Killian feels Emma’s hand begin to tremble against him, and it peels his attention away from Leia. His gaze finds her face, which appears to be far away, and he can just make out tears welling in her evergreen eyes.

“My love,” he says worriedly, reaching up to cover her shaking hand with his own, strong fingers gripping it tightly. “Where’d you go?”

“Ugh, sorry,” Emma whispers, shaking her head, trying to rid her head of her gruesome memories. “I was just…” she trails off, looking up at him still, absorbing every drop of love that pours from his worried expression, “I’m just so glad you’re…here. With me. With us,” she stammers, using her other hand to anchor herself to the little girl sleeping peacefully against her chest. Their little girl.

Killian exhales sadly, her words and the placement of her hand leading him straight to what’s troubling her.

“Oh, darling,” he says, gentleness thick in his tone, “I’m so sorry. I wish we weren’t burdened with a past that haunts us so.” He urges her closer to him, urges her to lay her ear against his chest, over his beating heart. It’s always what seems to calm her most easily. “But I’m here, Emma,” he promises, kissing her forehead, “Against all odds, maybe. But I’m here, and I’ll never leave you. Either of you.”

Emma nuzzles her cheek against him, simply craving the warmth of him. “That’s why I wouldn’t do it,” she confesses suddenly, mumbling the words against his skin. “Heal her knees.”

Understanding and guilt washes over Killian, and he rubs Emma’s shoulder comfortingly with his hand. “Because of what happened in Camelot,” he whispers, and he feels her nod against him.

“It seemed like after I tried to heal you, everything from then on out just went horribly wrong,” she says with a tight voice. “I couldn’t risk…” she trails off, her gaze falling to rest on Leia.

Killian kisses her forehead again. “No, I understand perfectly, love. I wish you’d told me earlier. I’ve been so hard and salty with you about it, and I—“

It’s okay,” she assures him, tilting her head up to quiet him. “You just wanted what was best for her.”

“Aye, we both did, love.”

They lean in simultaneously, the kiss a fatigued dance of lips and tongue. When they break away, Leia wiggles in her sleep, and they both smile.

“I love her so bloody much,” Killian says, in a tone that almost mimics frustration.

I know, right?” Emma agrees, running her fingers through Leia’s mess of dark curls. “Our little Leia munchkin.”

“Our little walking Leia munchkin,” he corrects, and Emma giggles, wiggling her legs off of Killian’s lap and hauling herself to a stand. Killian gets up after Emma, coming to stand behind her while she lowers their one year-old back into her crib. Carefully Emma places Leia on her back, her little arms and legs sprawled out in all directions, just like always. Killian stares at her knees again, but with somewhat of a new perspective. Emma doesn’t miss it. She’s suddenly overcome with the love she has for the two human beings next to her, and, well…what the hell. She can’t help herself.

“Here, come here,” she says, her tone a type of happy exasperation. She grabs hold of Killian’s wrist with her hand, dragging it down over the railing of the crib, stopping her tugging when his large hand is hovering over Leia’s lower half. Killian feels the magic even before he sees the glow, but still, he watches in fascination as the angry red marks on his little love’s legs vanish, leaving her good as new.

Emma can’t help but roll her eyes at his amazed, delighted expression. “Better?” she teases him.

Killian bites his lip and nods at her, spinning her toward him so he can pepper kisses against the side of her face. Emma giggles incessantly, playfully trying to wiggle her face away from his lips.

“Now that she’s all better, you can take her to the park tomorrow, so she can find a little boy to marry,” Emma goads him, and he growls and shakes his head, scratching her with his stubble.

“No boys!” he declares sternly, and Emma captures his lips with hers, wrapping her arms around his neck. He sways them, gripping her hard, tight enough for her to know how much she’s loved.

“Just Daddy?” Emma says in her playful tone, pressed cheek to cheek with him, both of them watching Leia’s chest rise and fall.

“Aye. Just Daddy.

And that was the tenth time.


For @ripplestitchskein ‘s Birthday. Better late than never right?

Emma’s latest skip is hiding in plain sight at ComicCon, if only there weren’t more than one of the same costumed character. (3500 Words) 

Deadpool. At least he wasn’t Deadpool she thought to herself as she looked through the sea of characters in the hall. The last thing she needed was to have to sort out which of the red and black spandex masked figures was her skip.

Finding one costumed man in the sea of people would be hard enough.

This whole thing was insanity. The crowd. The costumes. Her costume. If only she hadn’t let Ruby talk her into wearing this ridiculous thing. Emma should have known based on every past Halloween that as soon as her friend heard the word “ComicCon” that she’d do everything in her power to get Emma into character. At least this time Ruby had a point. Her typical “honeytrap” tight, short dress might not be as attractive to this bail jumper as the black leather body suit she was currently sporting.

Not that Emma had anything against the full leather body suit. She knew what it did for her figure, and it might come in handy again in the future. It was the wig that was driving her nuts. Her long blonde tresses were bound tightly to her head to allow for the two-tone brown and shock of white instead.

“Of course you have to go as Rogue, Emma. She’s Gambit’s girlfriend. And get this, people can’t touch her or she’ll drain their life force. It’s like she’s your dream character. Anyone who knows will give you a wide berth. It’s like she’s made for you.”

That might have been what sold her.

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