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the best thing he never had ; four

one , two , three , four 

pairing; jungkook x reader

genre; best friend!au

word count; 4.8k

summary; in this story, you have known your best friend for more than 15 years and you were utterly and wholly in love with him

You promised that you would get to tell him.

Soon, that is.

But not now— not when he had been stressing out over midterms and you, being just as busy with packing your things and talking with the administrator back and forth about how your trip would all go down.

The global internship was a chance for you to finally do something that you loved and prove that you are worthy of something more than just purely passing every midterm and getting good grades effortlessly (at least that’s what they say when you’re not listening). But truly, you knew that this internship to see dozens of places could help you go back to your roots and experience the many things you wouldn’t be able to do with just plain studying.

You were going to Australia, the first place that your mother took you when you were seven and you could vaguely remember the streets that everyone walked on all throughout the day and you grasping onto your mother’s arm as tightly as you could in fear of getting side tracked and losing her all at once.

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almost two years after my 1k follow forever (took me forever i guess), i have finally reached the second milestone of validation on the internet, just enough to motivate me in the upcoming week of exams lmao. all in all, this hellsite is still the only place where i can channel my creativity and where i can chat with the loveliest people about my favourite things, and as much as i like to talk shit about it, you’ll probably pry this blog out of my cold dead hands, because i’ve spent too much time out of my life taking care of it. (also notice how i chose that gif specifically so people confused about my url know what it means aka ‘sagitta’ = latin for ‘arrow’)

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Smut prompt: fuck buddies that realize they've fallen in love


Also on AO3/FF.NET

*first time writing real smut in way over a year. Yikes.*

It was usually in his bed that they ended up. She has a roommate and that makes things more complicated. Today they barely make it into his apartment before his hands begin to strip her of her clothing. Her dress unzipped with little ceremony before his mouth leads a trail from her neck to between her breasts. She bites her bottom lip, feeding her fingers into his hair, knowing that this is only the beginning of the evenings events.

She’d never had a better lover. She was sure it was because with Killian, she was finally able to set herself free. There was no pressure: no feelings to muddy the waters or make her second guess each action she made. They weren’t trying to impress each other, merely using each other to scratch that intimate itch.

Her bra is left in the hallway, his hands cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples into hardness as she undoes the buttons of his shirt and spreads her palms over his chest. She loves his body: the dark hair that leads down his stomach, the curve of his biceps when he is fucking her, the feel of his ass cupped in her hands as he comes.

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Tusen takk for alt, SKAM. 


SKAM isn’t a fandom I ever thought I would find myself in. As a 23 year old from the United States, a “teen drama” from Norway wasn’t even on my radar. It was suggested to me by someone who thought it may help with my Norwegian studies and I fell in love immediately.

Not only did the show cover an amazing array of subjects in a (generally) amazing way, it led me to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

@evaks Jasmine. Du vakre norske solsikke. Jeg er så utrolig glad at denne tv-serien introduserte meg til deg. Du er så morsom, og vakker, og talentfull, og jeg elsker deg så mye! Besøk meg snart! <3 <3 <3

@isaksredscarf Gael. My beautiful wife. I’m so glad this show led me to you. You’re such an incredibly strong human being and I love talking to you. Maybe one day I’ll get to hear that beautiful fairy voice in person. Love you my dear!

And lastly, to my gc, the Honkegruppe.  @coffeeshoptarjei @tarjeisgiggle @tarjayandhonk @evenns @kissmysas @project-look-after-even @princevaltersen @henrikholmz @kardemohn @bashfulisak @skamly  I feel like I’m forgetting one of you so please call me out if I do…I am trying to remember everyone’s urls..Anyway you are a beautiful group of ladies and I’m glad to be a part of this ridiculous mess of a groupchat. I love all my honklings!

Again, thank you SKAM. And thank you to everyone who helped make this experience a beautiful one. I’m not going anywhere, and I hope none of you do either.

Alt er love. Vi er ikke alene. 

“Don’t turn your back on me.”

A/N: Because there isnt enough angry!chuck existing I wrote some more. First of all I watched Dont call me Shurley again and second of all I need to satisfy my kink and the kink of my friend so just enjoy this.

Summary: You and Chuck get into a fight because he doesn’t want to stand up for his sister.

Pairing: God!ChuckxReader

Warnings: Language, Smut, Rough Sex, Unprotected Sex, Cussing

“Don’t fucking ignore me when I’m talking to you Shithead.” I yelled at the blue-eyed man who was sitting in a booth in front of me, genuinely sipping at his whiskey. I tried to get through since almost an hour but he, he just kept ignoring me like it was nothing what I had to say. The fucking world was about to go down but him doing something? No, he was just sitting there drinking his whiskey and preparing his autobiography.

“The world is about to go down because of your sister and you just sit here doing nothing.” I kept going hoping I would finally get through him. Sure, he was my best friend but he was so fucking stubborn it’s ridiculous. “You know what I’m sick of this. You’re such a fucking asshole.” Rolling my eyes, I turned away from him making my way to leave the bar. I could hear how he slowly set his glass down and stopped halfway to the door.

“So, what do you want me to do?” He asked and I could hear how pissed he was but I wouldn’t stop until he finally would do something. I turned around, Chuck was still sitting in his booth playing around with his glass which was half empty.

“Are you fucking serious asshole?” I snarled back at him it was a wonder that I got through to him at all. “Maybe stop writing your dumb autobiography and stop hiding in this stupid bar and get your ass up and talk to your sister.” He finally got out of his booth, slowly turning to me the look on his face was frightening but hot as hell at the same time.

“I’m not hiding, I’m done.” Chuck snarled anger painted on his face and narrowed eyebrows as he slowly walked up to me.

“And I’m done with you being such a stubborn shithead. Stand up for your sister and fix this shit.” I hissed still facing him trying not to chicken out just because god was standing in front of me, super fucking pissed. He shortly turned around letting out a deep breathe. “Don’t you fucking dare turn your back on me.” I yelled with my hands balled to fists.

“You know you’re messing with God here?” His voice rumbling with anger as he turned back to face me again.

“I for sure know that but I don’t give a fucking shit.” I growled surely knowing that this would have an aftermath but I wanted him to fix this mistake before worse things would happen. “Just fix this mistake and everything is fine again.”

“No, not this time.” His words rumbled from deep down his throat, I’ve never seen him so angry.

“Not this time? Are you honestly that dumb?” I kept going not losing my goal out of sight. The blue-eyed man let out another breath before he pushed me against the next wall within a second. His hips pinning me down while he had both of my hands pinned about my head.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up Y/N, I’m going to fuck you over the next table.” Chuck growled between his teeth directly looking into my eyes, his wrath causing the lights to flicker.

“Make me shut up.” I challenged him not knowing what I just started with those words. A short smirked hushed over his face but the anger didn’t leave his eyes.

“Oh, Sweetie you shouldn’t have said that.” He whispered before his lips found mine, teeth hitting against each other’s while he kissed me hard. I let out a surprised moan that was muffled between our kiss. Trying to free my hands was worthless he just grabbed them tighter and kept holding them pressed against the wall while his other hand hovered up and down my body, finding its way under my shirt roughly squeezing every inch of skin he could reach sparking a fire deep down inside of my body. It bugged me that he kept my hands captured, I wanted to touch him, run my fingers through his hair and pull on it. Uselessly I tried to free my hands but it was worthless his grab around my wrists was to strong.

A loud moan, it was almost a scream out of pleasure as Chuck slowly dug his nails into my bare thigh slowly scratching all the way up under my skirt to my center filling my body with anticipation and desire. Anticipation of what he would do next, this wasn’t my quirky best friend standing in front of me, it was God and he was super angry. I could feel how wet my panties already were. He cupped his hand around my still covered center and roughly rubbed it against it causing the firm of my panties to get soaked with my arousal and easing another moan from me.

“You like that don’t you? Look how fucking wet you already are.” He whispered near my ear as he pushed my panties aside, his fingers teasing my entrance before he pushed two of his fingers inside me, my arousal directly coating them. Out of instinct I pushed my hips further to feel his fingers deeper. “So, willing.” With his teeth starting to tease my neck followed by his lips sucking a deep red mark into my skin he started fastly moving his fingers inside of me.

“Chuck please.” I moaned once again trying to free my hands and this time he let go of them on which I directly ran my hand into his hair and softly pulling on it as the movements of his fingers got faster. “Fuck” I let out as he started rubbing the clench of his hand against my already throbbing clit. With a fast snip of his fingers all of our clothes expect for his boxer shorts disappeared into nowhere.

“I like the sounds you make, I can’t wait to hear you scream when I fuck you on this table over there.” He growled next to my ear sending a shiver through my body.

“Stop talking asshole and fuck me already.” I growled back and with this word I felt the edge of the next table pressing against my bare ass. Chuck lifted me up and placed me on the Table wrapping my legs around his hips as he got between them, another snip of his fingers to remove his boxer shorts exposing his hardened member.

“Fuck you’re big.” I let out as, sure he was big he’s still god. The Man in front of me wrapped his hand around his cock slowly running his fingers up and down his length causing a bit of precum to spill out. With his thumb, he spread it over the tip of his cock before he teasingly rubbed his tip through my folds and teasing my entrance.

“I’m God.” He said an arrogant smile on his face as he spoke out this word and pushed the head of his cock inside of me followed by a hard thrust to fully fill me out. Digging my nails into his arms I moaned loudly as he directly started circling his hips, not giving me time to adjust to his size. “Oh, fuck you’re so tight.” He groaned as he pushed me down on the table steadying himself with his elbows next to my head, attacking my neck with his lips while he kept thrusting into me, his thrust hard enough to cause the table to shake underneath us.  With my legs around his hips I pulled him closer so I could feel him deeper, my hands trying to find a hold on his sweaty already sweaty shoulders.

“Oh God…. fuck…” I moaned throwing my head back in pleasure as he hit the exact right spot keeping up the pace of his thrusts. Fast and hard, his nails dug into the bare skin of my hips as he kept circling his hips.

“You feel so good.” Chuck groaned against my neck before he speeded up his thrust causing the table to shake more underneath our sweaty bodies. If his thrusts would get any harder the Table would probably break under us. I dug my nails deeper into his shoulder slowly scratching over his back easing a loud deep groan from him.

“Faster…” I begged as I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me. His hot breath against my neck he circled his hips, pulling out and thrusting back in hitting the right spot to make me scream causing the wood of the table to split.

“Cum Baby.” He whispered fast breathing against my lips before they found their way back to my neck again, biting and sucking on it leaving more marks on my heatened up skin. I ran my hand into the curls at the end of his neck as my legs started shaking and my muscles tightening around his pulsing cock. Pulling back out and thrusting hard back in he sent me over the edge. I scratched over his whole back as my orgasm hit me a loud moan escaping my lips. He followed me after a few more thrusts pumping all of his load into me as he rode us through our orgasms. “Fuck.” He let out still fast breathing, nails still dug into the skin of my hips as he leaned his forehead against mine. His anger was gone, gladly.

“We almost broke the table.” I giggled while I ran my fingers through his hair. He laughed at my statement before he got up and slowly pulled out of me, a huge amount of his loud dripping out on the floor as he did so.

“Never mess with God.” He said with a little smirk. Snipping his fingers, he put his boxer shorts back on, another snip of his fingers he zapped my underwear back on me and let a blanket appear before he slipped back into the booth.

“Well I like messing with my best friend.” I said before I crawled on his lap placing my head on his chest as he wrapped the blanket around us.

“Yeah I saw that.” He shook his head and wrapped his arms around me burying his face in my neck. “I’m gonna take care of this shit tomorrow.” He mumbled into my neck which caused me to smile.

“Why do we always have to fight before you finally stand of to fix shit?” I asked him then.

“Because I’m a stubborn asshole, Y/N.” He whispered and placed a short kiss in my neck.

“Yes, you are but you’re also my best friend.” I said then shortly kissing his chest. God or not he was and always will be my best friend.

If you want to be tagged in any of my future stuff including Chuck, RSJ, Rob or Gabriel just drop a message and tell me in which stuff you want to be tagged. :)

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I’ve got something

A/N:  Speculative for 6x01.  I’ve been trying to coalesce a longer piece together but I’m having a bit of trouble making heads or tails of it, so I’ve finally decided to just post these little bits as is.  There’s no proper cohesion to any of it, they’re just random drabbles and specs. Some are linked and I’ll reblog the post with the new bits added on.  I’ve been coming up with ideas, but they’re not Olicity fics per se.  Hence why I’ve been scarce around these parts.  Long ramble to say hello, still here, thanks for the patience.

Disclaimer:  This is not a spoiler, this is fanfiction.

anonymous asked:

Um can you do a Tomco, Daemon Soulmate au? Where the Daemons have the names of their humans Soulmate somewhere on them?

Sure I can! I like this idea, because most of my writing has been demons OPPOSED to being involved with humans. So this was a fun change of pace! I actually think you might have sent this before, but I must have accidentally lost it in the shuffle of things! I’m sorry! I have a lot of blogs so it’s easy to get mixed up. Sorry for the wait and enjoy!

“One day each of you will meet your human.” Holly spoke. “Your human to love, your human to protect, and your human to defend. It’s a demons job to fight for them. They’re weaker, they’re fragile, but they are the most amazing creatures in this universe.” She continued. “Each one is different, there isn’t a single human exactly like the next. That’s why they must be defended. A demon is disposable, we can create a new one of any of you from the flames. But once your human is gone… it’s forever.” She finished.

Tom watched the woman speak with wide eyes. She then turned to the room full of cubs and snapped her fingers. In a burst of red flames, a weapon appeared in front of each demon. Each weapon was different, and Tom felt like he already knew how to use his, even though it was a new oe than how he’d been training for years. “Today we will be practicing simple self defense techniques. After all, you can’t protect your human if you are dead.” Holly explained. The cubs nodded and scrambled to their feet, lifting their weapons. Holly clapped her hands and they began to spar in the organized way she taught previously.

Tom lifted up his double-sided axe and started the repeating motion of blocking his partner’s attacks. It got dull after about twenty runs.

Tom kept fighting until he stopped to look at something out of the corner of his eye. He looked over and saw a dragonfly buzzing around in circles around the dojo. He looked at it with wide eyes and saw it peacefully rest on a rock.

His daydream was interrupted when he was knocked off his feet. “Janna, cut it out!” Tom snapped. His friend stopped and Tom pointed. “Look.” His friend looked up at the dragonfly on the rock and got curious.

“How did it get down here, aren’t those from Earth?” She asked in a hushed tone. Tom nodded. They went closer until it flew away.

“Did you see how pretty it was?” Tom asked. He smiled and propped himself up on a rock. “All those colors… things from Earth are amazing! I hear when you look up you see the sky, not just rock. And there’s grass like you see on tv.” Tom continued. “But even better, our human is up there!” Tom got a dreamy look on his face.

“Yeah maybe YOUR human is, but MY human is off on a daring adventure!” Janna boasted. Tom’s eyes grew wider.

“You met Star?” He asked, looking at the name tattooed across Janna’s chest, the right side over he heart. Janna blushed and fell back.

“Well… no but… I’m sure she rules! And she;s probably doing something awesome in another dimension! She’s too cool for Earth! I just know it!” Janna jumped on her heels. “Where do you think your soulmate is?” Janna asked. Tom pulled his knees up to his chest.

“I’d know if I had one…” He mumbled.

“You have one, EVERYBODY has one!” Janna exclaimed.

“Janna! I don’t have a name anywhere on my body!” Tom cried out. “Trust me! I’ve checked!” He grabbed his friend by the shoulders and she laughed. “I’m serious… it’s just… not there.” He sighed and kicked a rock.

“Maybe your soulmate doesn’t have a name.” Janna shrugged. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Everybody has a name, Janna.” Tom huffed. “I don’t have a soulmate because nobody…” Tom cut himself off and Janna put arm arm around his shoulder. She knew he was about to say nobody could love him. The teasing when they were just little kids hurt his feelings, but after years of seeing everyone else fall in love and find their human… it just got to him.

“Maybe one day a name will appear. Who knows? My demon mom’s soulmate’s name appeared on her when she was four.” Janna continued.

“Because your human mom is four years younger! She wasn’t born at the same time!” Tom exclaimed. “I’m fifteen, we both know that’s too long.” He reminded Janna. “So unless my soulmate doesn’t have a name… I’m unlovable.”


Marco looked in the mirror, standing backwards, same as every morning. He had his hair pulled back and he was looking at the writing expertly hidden behind his hairline behind his right ear. “What are you doing?” Star asked, coming into the room.

“My hair grows back and it covers up my soulmates name.” Marco pouted.

“Just get an undercut again, you looked cute with it.” Sar complimented. Marco beamed at his best friend and nodded. He let his hair back down and sighed. “What’s the matter?” Star asked, scooting closer. Marco shrugged and played with his thumbs.

“I just feel like… aren’t our demons supposed to find us?” He asked. “You always say how you feel Janna thinking about you and you feel her looking but… All I know about my demon is his name is Tom.” Marco explained. “It’s like he’s not even searching, sometimes when I think of him I just get sad, like he’s sad about the thought of me.” Marco continued.

“Hey, that’s not true!” Star gave him a hug. “Your soulmate is probably crazy about you! And he’s sad because he can’t find you.” Star tried. Marco sighed and nodded. He put his hand back up and rubbed the name tattooed in the most obscure spot.

“Don’t demons have horns?” Marco asked. Star shrugged.

“Some of them, why?” She asked.

“Well soulmates names are tattooed in the same place for both person.” Marco remembered. “So if mine is here, then so is Tom’s. But if Tom has horns, he’d never be able to see the name, even if he shaved his hair it would still be blocked by his horns.” Marco continued. “And he wouldn’t have a reason to shave his head if he didn’t know, so nobody else would see it.” Marco explained.

“What are you getting at?” Star asked.

“Do you think he knows I’m his soulmate? Do you think he knows I exist?” Marco asked. “Think about it, if you never saw a name, you would just think you have no soul mate, maybe that’s why he won’t find me! He thinks I’m not here!” Marco shot up. “Star! I need to find him!” He cried.

“What? But the demons are the warriors, they find us… right?” She asked.

“Well I can’t just be a damsel in distress my whole life, because my knight won’t come for me if he doesn’t know I’m real.” Marco explained, grabbing his hoodie and making his way to the door.

“But we’re humans. The demons rescue us.” Star recalled everything they told her in school.

“Well today, I’m the hero, and I’m going to save my demon.” Marco declared.

“Marco wait!” Star called. Before he left she grabbed her heart-shaped purse. “I’m going to find Janna.” She grinned. “If you break the rules, I break ‘em too! Let’s go to the underworld to fall in love!” She giggled. Marco grinned and the two kids raced out of the house.

Acquainted with the Night (9/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Blood, violence

Words: ~7800

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: Eternal love and thanks to @ripplestitchskein​ and @unfolded73​ for their help with this fic.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld​ for the lovely banner.

Tagging by request: @natascha-remi-ronin​, @the-captains-ayebrows​, @maryvmassakre​, @katealexandra26​, @superchocovian​, @vanyali07​, @imhookedonaswan​, @captain–kitten​, @dreadpirateemma​, @like-waves-on-the-beach​, @fairytalesandtimetravel

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Chapter Eight

Emma tried not to look at him, and she tried to shut him out.  

She imagined the darkness might taunt her, tempt her to leave him behind.  But it only thrashed against whatever magic coated the dagger in Killian’s back, the sensation scraping against her bones.  The voices keened loudly in her ear, a mournful sound that nearly brought her to her knees.  She knew, if she fell, neither of them would get back up.

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your dear Prompto
Final Fantasy XV
your dear Prompto

Ardyn: The most fascinating tidbit about your dear Prompto

Noctis: … What?

Ardyn: Turns out, he’s not empty either. He’s got quite the… skeleton in his closet. Mwhahahahahahahaha…

Ci vediamo e mi chiedi “come ti va?”
quando in fondo sai bene come mi va.
—  Fabri Fibra