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She had seen many giant rat-like creatures in her life, fought and killed a few as well, but she had never really seen any like this before. Well, she had seen a giant rat that could use magic, but really that was just one of her companions, transformed into a rat when his magical bracers malfunctioned that one time. In hindsight, that had been hilarious. But at the time she had been too pissed off to care. But this one was different. For starters, it seemed to be able to speak and speak pretty well at that. Secondly, and this was the big one, it was clothed. 

But that had been enough to pique the little rogue’s curiosity. Sure, she normally wouldn’t be the kind to just approach someone and start asking questions, but this time? well, this time, she’d straight up march right up to this stranger, place her hands on her hips and loudly ask:
Friend or foe, stranger?