ff7. ff7 cosplay

This is one of my highlights of being a cosplayer, getting our Final Fantasy VII group together ~ <3

Cid - @amaitofuu
Cloud - @shinkastudios
Aerith - @malindachan
Zack - @Ex_shadow (Insta)​
Yuffie - @gracingyou
Tifa - @firagafox
Lucrecia - @serenarockbell
Vincent - NipahDUBS
Sephiroth - @moderatelyokaycosplay

“I don’t know how much time is left, I want you.."✨
Lucrecia: me
Vincent: @akrcos
Vincent x Lucrecia is my favorite FF ship. These two are so pure I love both these characters so much! (Honestly I’ve shared this so much but it’s probably my favorite cosplay shoot yet :x )
Anyway, enjoy, 2am Tumblr (:


Hey @fabricatedghost, I promised to let you know when the group was reunited :D

There was even more people dressed up as Final Fantasy characters, I remember seeing a Cloud and Vincent, passing by, but the place was really crowded and it got confusing due to the cosplay contest change of schedule T_T Either way, it was SO MUCH FUN and I wanna thank everyone who went there to show some love for the 30th anniversary of this lovely franchise! <3 

Aerith - Pam
Guardian Corps Lightning - Ary
Fang - Me :D
Hope - Ada
Sazh - Victor
Vanille - @tinuvielcosplay
Summoner Lightning - Paula
FF Tactics Monk - Geisty
Squall - MoVampie

I forgot Serah, Lumins and Snow’s names T_T 

Also, special guest Aloy by @rizzyokuni XD

Photos by Ronaldo Gogoni from SciCast <3 

Got to work on this Cloud wig for @kaduout ! The design is based on a FFVII fanart series by the super talented @nikolasdraperivey

Base wig used: Dreadlock Rasta Wig Blonde from Largemouth (Amazon seller)

Wig commissions are open! Please email to pisaracos@gmail.com for a price quote.

And if you’re going to Anime Expo 2017, I will have a wig panel on Tuesday July 4th at the con. :D


I finally finished Cissnei’s shuriken!

It’s made mostly of styrofoam, wooden dowels, and acrylic molding paste. It disassembles into 5 pieces for easy travel, which fit comfortably inside a tote bag, so I’m hoping they’ll let me hold it on my lap on the bus to NYCC! The round part is 12" and it measures 34" from point to point when assembled.

If I could build it again there are many things I’d do differently, but I’m quite pleased with the way it came out overall. 😂  Crazy masochist that I am, I’m already looking forward to the next prop and how much better it’s going to be. This is my second cosplay prop (after Aerith’s Guard Stick from AnimeBoston 2016).

I never blamed you. Not once. You came for me. That’s all that matters.

Insta: fenokami


ALSO I styled my Cloud wig a few days ago! I used an Arda Jaguar in ash blonde.

Hair styling isn’t my strong suit and I try to avoid characters with crazy hairstyles as much as I can… but Cloud was my very first cosplay back in 2009, so I figured I could easily tackle his hair again (and make it look 100% better). And it does look better than my attempt 8 years ago! I’m excited to do some side-by-side photos of my first Cloud cosplay and my current Cloud cosplay just to show how much I’ve improved!

Ravynne Nevyrmore | Society6
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Hey guys! A few years ago this candid pic was taken of me in cosplay and I had a cosplay epiphany:

“…I need to dress up my phone as well as myself.”

And that’s why I’ve opened up a Society6 account while working on my Cissnei cosplay!

So far, I only have things bearing the ShinRa logo, but while purchasing my new phone case I realized Society6 is having a 25% off sale today (Sept. 10), so I thought I should announce my account now rather than wait until the sale is over so that we can all afford rly cool ShinRa merch and pretend we’re Turks IRL.

( ⬆︎ The stuff I’m buying for myself! )

I’m sure you’ve seen the ShinRa logo plastered all over lots of merch over the years and might be inclined to wonder why you should buy the one I made instead, and the shortest answer I can give to answer that question is that I am fucking anal as hell when it comes to achieving perfect printing quality, especially when it comes to logos. This is what I do IRL, if you recall. And IRL I am known as being exceptionally sensitive to logo specs, even among graphic designers working in the print industry. And I vectored this logo from the original for collective hours getting it as close to the original and perfect as possible.

Now, I haven’t purchased anything from Society6 yet (well, it hasn’t arrived yet) and I can’t vouch for their printing quality. (The fact that the product preview keeps stretching the image is alarming, but I hope only an error in the preview.) But I am fairly confident that within the limitations of Society6′s printing and layout capabilities, this is the highest quality ShinRa logo you’ll find, with the highest level of attention to detail given to its placement on every single product made available with it.

In the future I hope to create more iterations of the ShinRa logo (without the English text, some simplified versions, some grunge versions, etc.) as well as other logos from Final Fantasy VII (7th Heaven, AVALANCHE, SOLDIER, the WRO, etc.—if you have a particular request, let me know!) And there will be original designs available later as well. :)

So…enjoy! I made this for you guys, I hope you like it. ;_;