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Hello there, fellow Sephiroth fans! I’m pleased to announce that starting October 23rd until October 29th, the Sephiroth Appreciation Week will be held. It’ll be a time to share your love for Sephiroth in any way you can (as in: art, fic, graphics, gifs, fanmixes and so on!) in the tag #sephirothweek.

The list of prompts follows, below. You’re free to be as creative with those as you can, (while always tagging sensitive content properly) as you are also free to start working on your entries as soon as you wish, but please don’t forget to post them in the right date.

  • Oct. 23 || Day 1. Labs
  • Oct. 24 || Day 2. Friendship
  • Oct. 25 || Day 3. Fight
  • Oct. 26 || Day 4. Power
  • Oct. 27 || Day 5. Nature
  • Oct. 28 || Day 6. Monster
  • Oct. 29 || Day 7. Reunion

Please remember to include the week’s tag within the first 5 tags or else I might be unable to find your work! I’ll NOT accept/reblog anything containing Character/Ship Hate, so avoid including those in your entries, as well as reposted work. Feel free to leave me a message either here or at @week-of-silver-winds if you have any questions.

I hope it turns out to be a fun event for everyone!