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I can’t wait for this Action RPG!!


Cloti Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Favorite Cloti Moment/Scene

“After this… I think I’ll be okay. Because I have you this time. - You’ve always had me. - What I mean is kind of different.”


Final Fantasy Saddest Deaths

“Do not pity the dead, pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.” - Albus Dumbledore

I wanted to do something with Final Fantasy and Harry Potter for a long time because those two are really important to me, so here it is. ♥


Final Fantasy Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite Invocation: Bahamut

“The Hallowed Father… The First Sire, Hallowed Father to all Eidolons, watches over his children from on high. So indomitable is His strength that He has never known defeat. None could hope to emerge victorious against Him, save perhaps a warrior capable of rising to the heavens in order to deliver the felling stroke.”


Cloud Strife Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite Quote

“You just don’t get it at all. There’s not a thing I don’t cherish!”


Shinra Appreciation Week: Day 4 - Favorite Relationship: Zack & Cloud

So what if it seems hopeless? If it were me, I still wouldn’t give up. Embrace your dreams. And, whatever happens, protect your honor as SOLDIER. Well, okay, you never made SOLDIER, but its what’s in here that counts.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom

feelin this right now