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『セトラの民、星より生まれ 星と語り、星を開く』



English (original): 

“All I know is…”
“The Cetra were born from the Planet,
speak with the Planet, and unlock the Planet.”
“The Cetra will return to the Promised Land.

I never knew this before, but Aerith is quoting a poem or song or something here. When she says “ えっと……それから…… ( which is “And……then…” in the original game)  ” she’s trying to remember the rest of the song/poem. The English is completely wrong. What a shame.

Anyway, I found this really really cool. The Cetra aspect of FFVII is one of the coolest things about the game and I’m really happy to have learned that there’s some kind of poem/song passed down from Cetra to Cetra. 


With Aerith’s birthday a little over a month away, I thought it would be a good time to introduce…

Aerith Appreciation Week!

Day 1 (February 5th) - Flowers
Day 2 (February 6th) - Relationships
Day 3 (February 7th) - 🎈Happy birthday!🎈
Day 4 (February 8th) - Heritage
Day 5 (February 9th) - AVALANCHE
Day 6 (February 10th) - Alternate Universe
Day 7 (February 11th) - Free day!

Feel free to interpret the prompts however you want! They’re only suggestions; if they don’t work for you it’s totally fine to make something unrelated.

Any kind of fanwork is fine (fanart, graphics, fanfiction, meta, fanmixes, etc.)
If you want to participate, please tag your posts with #aerithweek or @aerithappreciation so I can reblog it!

Please, no ship-hate or character-hate.

Luna had been reminding me of Aeris for a while now. Both women are easily overlooked as demure damsels and love interests, but have a strength of character that is like a force of nature. When they set their minds to a task, it WILL be done, no bodyguard needs to escort them through the rubble of a city, they’ll be the ones to lead the way thankyouverymuch.I also love that they’re even similar in age, Luna is 24, and Aeris is 23.And now both have died by being stabbed through the chest.