Final Fantasy V coming to PC on September 24

Square Enix will release Final Fantasy V for PC via Steam for $15.99 on September 24, the publisher announced.

Players who pre-order the game between now and its release date will receive a 10 percent discount.

Features for Final Fantasy V on PC include:

  • Veteran character designer, Kazuko Shibuya, has returned to recreate the characters and graphics from the Game Boy Advance version for an enhanced experience.
  • Updated controls and a newly optimized active-time battle system for an even more fluid PC experience
  • A job and ability system featuring 26 unique classes that allows players to freely customize their four heroes to fit their unique play style
  • The Sealed Temple, an additional dungeon originally featured in the 2006 version of Final Fantasy V for Game Boy Advance
  • Enuo, an optional boss created by renowned designer Tetsuya Nomura
  • Loads of obtainable Steam trading cards and achievements

“The protagonist is called Yuuri Kozukata (不来方夕莉)

Yuuri’s special ability, which she’s had since childhood, is seeing the secrets of items she touches (kagemi)

She brings those who have been spirited away and are now invisible from the "shadow world”; taking a request from a woman called Himino to look for someone who’s been spirited away she goes to the mountain in question

She works at an antiques store called “Kurosawa” and keeps her distance from others since she can see the dead, but uses her powers to find lost people and items"



Bosses for the Weeping City of Mhach.

[unconfirmed]  Alraune (FFIV) -  

The Alraune, also known as the Tarantla, Araneid, Tantala, or Tarantula, is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV. Along with Gloomwing and Gorgon … .Casting Float will avoid her only attack, Earthquake, thus leaving the enemy completely harmless. [[it might be Alraune or Arachne, but chose Alraune due to the colouration]]

Ozma (FFIX)  - 

Ozma is a superboss in Final Fantasy IX. An unusual-looking monster, Ozma appears as a giant sphere patterned with bright, swirling colors.Because Ozma is found within an “eidolon cave”, it can be speculated that Ozma, much like Leviathan, was an eidolon whose power the summoners couldn’t harness, and it was thus locked away. Over the many years since, the legends that gave birth to Ozma would have vanished, and the people who used to tell them would be extinct, with the result that Ozma loses whatever form it may once have had and only appears to the party as a swirling mass of energy…  Ozma can quickly destroy the party with a variety of heavy attacks, including Curse, Doomsday, Holy, Level 5 Death and Meteor. It will frequently restore itself to full health.

Calofisteri (FFV) -  

  Calofisteri, also known as WoodSprite, is a boss and one of the Demons of the Rift in Final Fantasy V that watches over the forest part of the Cleft of Dimension. ….  Calofisteri uses Reflect to either reflect Bio, Poison, Stop, and Oldoff herself, or to reflect Haste, Regen, and Protect off the player party. She has high Defense and counterattacks with Drain.


Going to be interesting to see these FFXIV iterations in action.