ff10 2

Before Final Fantasy XV gets here in November 29th, and we find out whatever strange and unusual creation serves as the final boss, let us look back fondly on more than 20 years of ultimate opponents

FF1 - Dead knight sent back in time to become a demon with faces on his knees
FF2 - Newly appointed Emperor of Hell.  Also Heaven.  Multitasking
FF3 - Near omnipotent void spawn with frickin’ laser beams.
FF4 - Hate ghost of angry moon wizard
FF5 - Pissed off tree.  Then he becomes a REALLY PISSED OFF TREE
FF6 - Science experiment Joker turned angel
FF7 - Science experiment walking Oedipus complex turned angel
FF8 - A witch and her dog.  beast.  thing.  they’re close.
FF10 - Either your dad or glowing jesus tick, depending on your views.
FF10-2 - Planar destroying Mecha Godzilla
FF12 - Misotheist turned Mecha-Bahamut
FF13 - Big-ass God Sword
FF13-2 - Three Bahamuts
FF13-3 - God.  Literally God.

FF15 - It’ll probably have angel wings


Final Fantasy Saddest Deaths

“Do not pity the dead, pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.” - Albus Dumbledore

I wanted to do something with Final Fantasy and Harry Potter for a long time because those two are really important to me, so here it is. ♥