Between the lines

It’s been a while, but here’s another missing moment from 3B centred around Captain Swan.  I hope you’ve been enjoying them, and many many thanks for every read, like, kudos, comment and reblog - they truly mean the world.

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Moment 7: The needs and wants

During 3x19 - Killian suffers with the fallout from events at the boathouse.

He hadn’t slept much that night. The incident at the boathouse had played over and over in his head, Emma’s words echoing throughout, cutting him more than he’d care to admit.

‘I can’t trust you now. How can I?’

They’d turned from him in that boathouse and left without even sparing him a glance. Walked away as if he were never there.

It made a small part of him question whether she’d ever trusted him in the first place to begin with. Maybe this was her way of cutting him off, throwing him out now he was no longer of use.

Or maybe she was just upset. She may not have meant it. Her son’s life had just been in danger and he couldn’t blame her for lashing out at the first person to cross her path.

He thought back to when she’d given him her trust. He knew the weight of those words and yet it pained him to know they’d been taken back so rapidly.

Had she truly meant it? Was it just a ploy to have him do her bidding? An offer of false hope to ensure his loyalty? Could she have been so devious?

No. She’d trusted him with her son’s life. She wouldn’t have done that if she hadn’t meant it. This was all on him.

He argued back and forth with himself, trying to find an outcome for his situation, not realising that time had passed by and it was now early morning. The sounds of the diner starting up business and the dulled scuffles of others getting ready for their day vibrated through the walls, alerting him to Storybrooke once again being up and moving.

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Final Fantasy VIII - Laguna and Raine.

“Let me help.”

Thank you to Scorp’ Blues for the prompt, who wished to see more of the scene when Emma comes to Killian before facing the black fairy to say goodbye. They thought that scene ended far too quickly and I was inclined to agree! So here is a mini-moment addition that might feel a bit more satisfying!

“Let me help." 

For a moment Emma feels her resolve weaken. There’s a desperation in his eyes that makes her want to stop, to give him whatever he wants. Whatever will take away the pain that makes him look at her like that- But the thought of the Black Fairy using him against her puts a cold steel in her spine. This fight is her destiny. And she would not bury Killian because she was afraid to face it alone. Not again.

Just like ripping off a bandaid.

"I love you,” she offered simply, forcing herself to turn before her resolve weakened once more.

The words, normally so sweet from her lips felt like a blade in his heart, an echo of another whose words of love had been her goodbye. As she left his cabin for a moment he was frozen; but no power of the dark one held him now and he’d be damned if another that he loved would die with her love on her lips.

“Emma,” The word was barely a whisper but she halted. “If this is to be a goodbye will you not kiss me first?”

Her silhouette tensed in his doorway. “I can’t-” she whispered. She could hear him moving closer and she had to go, had to go now, If she kissed him, if he kissed her-

“Please, don’t leave.” She spun and wrapped her arms around him and he kissed her hard, his arms a vice around her, begging her to stay. He pulled away a breath and looked at her. “In two hours we’re to be married, Emma. In two hours I will swear to love and protect you for all the days of my life and you will do the same. In two hours we proclaim to each other and to our family that we are better together, stronger together.”

“Killian, she has magic-”

“As have many of the villains we have faced.”

“I buried you,” she burst out, voice shaking. “Killian, I’ve lost you, I’ve lived through losing you again and again, and I’m afraid, okay? I’m terrified.”

“I understand. You know I understand-”

“I won’t be able to fight her if I’m afraid I’m going to lose you. Please, Killian, if I’m going to win this, I need to know you’re going to be there to say I do.”

“I will be.”

She nodded and moved to kiss him again but he pulled back, catching her confused gaze. “Don’t kiss me like it’s goodbye, Swan,” he warned gently. “Kiss me like it’s goodbye and they’ll be no stopping me from following you.”

“I will see you at six,” Emma said, keeping her tone light.

“Until then,” Killian replied. Emma pressed a soft kiss to his lips before slipping from his grip and from the room. Killian listened carefully as her steps echoed across the deck and down the gangplank. He paused only a few moments more before returning to the cabin, removing his hook and quickly opening his safe.

If he couldn’t be by her side when she fought the Black Fairy… the least he could do was even the odds in her favor…

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Between the lines

This one’s a little fluffier. I hope you like it! A series of missing scenes set during 3B. Based on/around Captain Swan.

Can also be found on AO3

Moment 4: She’ll come to you

During 3x16 - Tink gives Hook some advice and Emma seeks him out.

Murmurs began to fill the silence around them as people started to retreat from the graveside. Emma remained firmly where she stood, Henry at her side as they both stared at the casket below.

Killian couldn’t bear to see her in pain. His own memories of having to bury loved ones spurred him towards wanting to help her; to take away the loss one feels when saying goodbye. He wanted for her to not have to know that emptiness. She’d been through too much already and he was worried for her.

He wanted to comfort her.

“Are you alright, Emma?” he asked gently, stepping forward to be closer to her side.

“I’m fine.”

Her automatic response told him she was neither fine, nor aware of who she’d actually spoken to; too lost in her thoughts to be aware of anyone around her.

“We’re heading over to Granny’s for the wake. You should come.” Snow’s voice addressed him.

The princess was beside him, placing her hand on his forearm; David standing supportive behind her. Her voice lowered, making sure only he could hear. “Give them some time alone.”

Snow wasn’t hostile; Killian knew what she meant. They needed time to grieve in private.

As a family.

“Of course.”

He nodded to them both before stepping back and turning, following the direction of the crowd making it’s way back towards town. He couldn’t help turning to look back, seeing Emma still in her frozen state, Henry by her side, and her parents hovering back a little, waiting for her to come back to them.

“Are you okay?”

He turned sharply, startled by the voice concerned for his wellbeing. Tink appeared, watching him with worry on her face.

“Aye, love. I’m getting there.” he managed to smile, walking with the tiny woman towards town.

“She’ll be fine, you know. She just needs some time right now.”

“I’m well aware of that, thank you.” He didn’t mean to snap at the fairy but the need for people to interfere and tell him what to do was becoming tiresome.

“I know you still love her.” she continued, ignoring his irritation.

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Between the lines

Allo! Another missing scene during 3B. This one probably sucks but I struggled with finding something for this episode. I hope it’s okay. Many thanks to everyone still with me lol. 

Also found on AO3

Moment 6: Dreaded thread

During 3x18 - Emma tries to get through to Killian during a laundry emergency.

Emma trudged up the stairs of the inn, feeling the day’s events weighing her down. She was looking forward to joining Henry in their room, eager to crash on her bed for a while before the stress started back up again tomorrow. For now, she was off the clock for a few hours.  

She reached the second floor where could see her door right at the end of the hall, when a heavy crash halted her by the nearest room.

A muffled ‘bloody hell’ followed, cluing her into just who resided inside.

With all the bad luck they were having lately, she didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Testing the door and thankfully finding it unlocked, she barrelled into the room, fully prepared to battle whatever Hook was facing within.

What she wasn’t expecting was to find the man himself staring at her, mouth agape while his leather vest hung from his hook in mid air.

Silence surrounded them for a beat, both frozen and staring at the other.

“Hey.” Emma finally managed to greet him quite lamely. “I heard crashing and kind of expected the worst. Sorry.”

He relaxed at her explanation, managing to throw her a polite smile.

“It’s alright, Swan. Just taking my frustrations out on the dressing table. Apologies for the disruption.”

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En Garde

Another deleted scene style fic, around the time of 6x09. Emma hasn’t told her family about her visions yet, and decides that fencing lessons from Killian might improve her chances of defeating Gideon.  I’ve written Killian teaching Emma to fence before, fluffily, but it seemed a good time to update the headcanon with the added angst of those visions!  

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There was no time for a moving day; not when every day brought a new disaster, a new story no one was sure if they wanted to see the end of. A single chest of Killian’s belongings moved in the first day, set carefully next to a box in her closet, waiting for a quiet moment to be shared. His jackets mingled with hers in the closet, his boots sat neatly underneath the hung leathers and books and papers were gradually filling the empty spaces of their house. Sometimes Killian mentioned something that he would need to get from his ship and within a couple hours it would appear on the kitchen table. He suspected she was testing her magic on his belongings when he was not looking, but it saved him a trip and hopefully calmed her frayed nerves, so he simply thanked her with a kiss on the cheek and filed another hole in a still too empty home.

Two battered sticks joined her boots next to the door, growing more banged up each day as Killian and Henry sparred in the front yard in their spare moments. It warmed her heart to see them spending time together, but from time to time the sight filled her with sudden dread as wooden practice swords were replaced in her mind by sharp steel and unresponsive magic. She fought for her life without a sound, clasping her hand tight to hide her battle from her family no more than a few paces away.

Henry hugged her tight when her eyes were distant and Killian pressed her shaking hand to his lips with questioning eyes. She caught them glancing at each other sometimes, when she told them again that she was fine. They had finally stopped asking with their lips, perhaps hoping she would tell them eventually on her own, but their eyes ever begged her for an explanation that was not forthcoming. She refused to give voice to the whole story, refused to interrupt the happy illusion she had built for herself.

The stick flew from Henry’s hand once more and Killian laughed, leaning his own against the steps. “You’re doing better, lad. But I’ve the reach of my arm and a couple hundred years training head start.”

“Aren’t you supposed to let me win sometimes?” Henry grumbled halfheartedly, diving to retrieve his ‘weapon.’

“Never!” Killian insisted. “One of these days you will disarm me. And you will know for certain that it will not be because I let you do so. Now off with you, lad, your mother will end me if you’re late for school again.” Henry tossed his stick to Killian who caught it as the boy bolted for the bus, grumbling about how between two magical moms, shouldn’t he just appear at school?

Killian laughed and gave Henry’s pole a practice swing or two as he turned back towards the house, to his surprise he was met with the sudden appearance of a pole aiming for his head. He ducked by impulse, his arm moving before he’d the chance to identify the person on the other end of the attack. Emma grinned at him, blocking his swing with the stick he’d put down a moment ago.

“My turn, pirate. Someone ought to bring you down a peg or two!”

Killian smirked, breaking away and moving to circle her. “You think so? You may have the advantage with firearms and fireworks but swordplay… Swordplay is my strength, love.”

“You underestimated me the last time we dueled. Haven’t you learned your lesson?”

“I did. But that is not why you won.”

“Why did I win, then?” Emma retorted. She grew tired of waiting for Killian to make the first move and dove forward, seeking an opening that was gone as soon as she moved. Suddenly she was on the defense, pressed backwards step by step until her boot smacked against the bottom of their steps. She wavered for a moment and then fell backwards, only saved from a bruised backside by Killian’s hook, which had suddenly slipped through her belt loop and tugged her upright again.

“You won because I did not wish to see you die on that lakebed, my dear.”

“Okay… maybe I could use a few pointers,” she admitted.

“Why the sudden interest in fencing, love?”

“It couldn’t hurt to be prepared, right?”

“And you think a few tricks with a blade will make you better prepared?” He reached for her hand, which had begun to tremble.

His eyes were questioning her again and she forced a smile. “I mean why not? Things are crazy, and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna let up anytime soon And it’s an excuse to spend some time together, just the two of us. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Of course, Emma. Perhaps once all this madness with the untold stories is ov- ”

“Not after. Now.”

“Now?” Her eyes were blazing with determination and he tilted his head to one side, studying her intently,

“Right now!” She held out her hand to him and he took it without question. Their house vanished and the smell of salt brought a smile to his lips. When his vision cleared they were on the deck of the Jolly Roger.

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The Rest of Their Lives

Early last week, a nonnie sent me a prompt asking me to write about Emma finding the engagement ring in Killian’s sea chest.  It took me all week, but I was determined to get it finished before tonight’s episode.  Look at that!  Nearly 5 minutes to spare!  Here you go, nonnie!  Hope you like it!

Emma transferred an arm-full of clean, wet clothes into the dryer, turned the dial, and pushed the start button.  Then, reaching for the basket of dry clothes, she headed up to her bedroom.

Her and Killian’s bedroom.

At the thought love and joy bubbled up again, and she smiled with abandon as she pulled a bath towel from the basket and set about folding it.  Seemed like the giddy smile never left her face anymore.  She was happy, really, really happy.  She was pretty sure she’d never been this happy, this in love before in her life, and it was almost overwhelming sometimes.

She’d always made fun of musicals—people walking around and just randomly breaking into song—but in the last few weeks they suddenly seemed much more realistic than before. Whenever she thought of what her life was like now she wanted to sing.  Must be her fairy tale heritage coming out.

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Between the lines

Here’s the third one! I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. A collection of missing scenes set during 3B. Focussed mainly on/about Captain Swan.

Also can be found on AO3

Moment 3: Trust and good intentions

During 3x15 - Emma confesses while asking Killian to watch over Neal in the hospital.

Emma rejoined the group in the waiting room, throwing herself into the case at hand before anyone could ask her if she was alright. Her conversation with Neal had rattled her and she wanted to focus on finding Gold, hoping to push it to the back of her mind.

“Okay, we’ve got a Dark One to find and a weird symbol to look up, then hopefully we can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Killian watched her launch into Sheriff mode, awaiting her orders. A strong part of him was anxious at what had just been spoken about so privately in the room with Baelfire; his emotions raging war within as he stood tense, letting her finish her instructions as he studied her every move.

He knew he couldn’t ask her outright. It was none of his business, and he knew she’d only tell him rightly so, too.

But the need to know was coursing through him.

“Belle. You think you can make good on that research?”


“Great. Call me if you find anything.”

“David, you and I are gonna search the woods. That seems to be where all the action is lately, I think we’ll have more luck there.”

“I’ll bring the truck around.”

He nodded as he and Belle left the waiting area leaving Emma standing with Killian.

“What do you need me to do, Swan?”

She hesitated as she turned to him before squaring her shoulders with determination.

“I need you to stay here. Keep watch over Neal and make sure he stays put.”

“You can’t be serious.”

Of all the things he expected her to ask of him, this was not on the list. He stared at her incredulous, awaiting a further explanation.

“I am, now will you do it or not?” Emma asked, not in the mood to be arguing.

“Swan, he’s neither an infant nor incapable, he doesn’t need a minder. I’m sure if you asked him nicely, he’ll remain where he is.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I have a question: After Richonne made love the first time, when Rick told Carl "This is different", what did he mean specifically? Granted I ff through all J's scenes with Rick, I did not get the impression that she and Rick had hooked up or that they were together, so different from what? Rick isn't a womanizer, so why qualify it? Why did he think Carl would assume something? What did I miss? (Thank you)

Hi. I’ve spoken about this before, and I know Rick did not have sex with that woman. He was still wearing his ring; he would not disrespect Lori’s memory by having a quicky with the woman whose husband he wasted a week ago or whatever. I think the moment was about Rick being open and honest with his son. I am of the belief that after Carl was almost killed because Ron wanted Rick dead (for killing his father and everything with his mother), Rick sat down and explained things to Carl. We didn’t get to see it on screen because frankly, the ‘relationship’ between Rick and Scuts wasn’t important enough to dwell on further. That’s how Scotty G played it. Honestly. The narrative could have continued without that arc and we’d still have ended up with Ron wanting to kill Rick. You didn’t miss much at all. Anyhoo, like I said, he’d have explained his creepy behaviour (as best he could) towards Scuts to Carl. He’d have taken responsibility for the part he played in the whole debacle; and he’d have spoken about his intentions and how he had projected his regrets in relation to Lori onto this other woman. When he told Carl that the relationship with Michonne was different, he meant that in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. It was different in that he was really moving past the loss of Lori and opening himself up to love. It was different in that the attraction and affection was real and came from a place of respect, not from PTSD and regrets for not being what his wife needed or wanted. It was different in that he cared for Michonne because of their bond and for who she was, NOT what she represented to his fractured mind. It was different in that it was healthy and stable. It was different in that he was happy and joyful. It was different because Michonne was part of their family already. It was different because as soon as they shared their first kiss he knew unequivocally that he was in love with Michonne and that she loved him, too. It was different with Michonne because he was able to truly heal and love again. She was it; The One.