Fluffy Fridays--Chapter 8: The Road Trip (pt. 1)

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 8: The Road Trip (pt. 1)

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CS genre: Deleted scene (3x12)

All in all, it was one of the strangest road trips Henry had ever been on. Don’t get him wrong he loved it!  He and his mom hadn’t truly been on a road trip in a whole year.  Ever since they moved to New York from….where was it they’d lived last?  That was strange.  You’d think he’d remember where he lived just one year ago.

Well, wherever it was, spending more than seven hours on the open road with his mom, getting to skip school, stopping for fast food, starting a new adventure.  It was all awesome!  And the weird guy that was coming with them wasn’t too bad either.  He was definitely…different…but there was something Henry liked about him from the beginning, and the guy seemed to like him too.  The guy almost seemed to know him, which didn’t make any sense at all, but whatever.  Grown-ups were weird like that sometimes.

Henry loved puzzles, loved trying to figure things out, especially things grown-ups thought he was too young to understand.  And this road trip was definitely a puzzle.  Everything about it was just a little bit…off.  For one thing, his mom never took him with her on cases.  She insisted her line of work was way too dangerous for him to be involved with.  Normally, if she had a case where she had to be away overnight or longer, she left him with Mrs. Morris down the hall.  He hated staying with Mrs. Morris.  She had the meanest cat he’d ever seen, her apartment smelled funny, and she insisted on telling him…in great detail…about all the medical complaints she had.

For another thing, Henry just couldn’t figure out what was up with mom and the weird guy.  What was his name again?  Something Irish sounding. Killian?  Something like that.  Henry had never seen the guy before in his life—he would definitely remember a guy walking around New York in full on pirate gear.  But Killian and his mom acted like they knew each other.  Like they knew each other well. His mom didn’t give the pirate the same polite but distant and tough treatment she normally gave her clients. It was like….it was like she really liked him but didn’t want to, if that made any sense.  And Killian…well, every once in a while when mom wasn’t looking, he gave her this smoldering look like he wanted to kiss her or something.

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can everyone stop bitchin’ that 5sos and the 5sos fam won best tumblr fandom, it’s kinda obvious they have huge tumblr audience and this award proves that

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Week (11)

Whirling in the Wind by @coalitiongirl.

I could have read this story for hours. Thank you!

SQ, Dragon Queen, M

 She’s already by the tree the next night when Emma comes, coatless and shivering in the chilly night. Emma takes off her coat automatically and drapes it around her. “Stop that. You’re going to get a cold,” Regina says, motherly even when she looks as though she’s about to have a panic attack.

 “What happened to you?” Emma demands. Regina is certainly not okay tonight, and she doesn’t even push off the coat- or Emma’s arm, which slides around her to keep her upright. Regina tilts her head to rest against Emma’s shoulder and Emma holds her tighter.

 “I can’t tell you.” But Regina is standing freely in her embrace and she has no bravado to offer tonight. Emma is afraid, for Henry and for herself and Regina, Regina, what have you done? “You’re going to try to pull me out.”

tfw u want to make a new blog for a new muse but u dk who.

Guys. I have a serious problem. If you follow me then you know how much I HATE Malia. Like Hate. Strongly. The character, the actress, everything. So much so that I FF her scenes…But when she’s in scenes with Theo like THIS one….I find myself not wanting to FF. It’s like Cody’s awesomeness cancels out the fact that she makes me want to gouge out my eyes. I think…I think I ship the thing. Which would be awful for me because I hate Malia. I can’t like a ship she’s in. -sigh- I hate everything lol. I’m genuinely upset about this.

pocketlass replied to your post:I am not comfortable with the evergrowing…

the show is v clearly playing on dramatic irony w theo’s arc n fandom needs to understand that JUST BC /WE’VE/ SEEN PROOF THEO’S BAD DOESN’T MEAN CHARS WHO HAVEN’T SEEN THAT ARE STUPID FOR NOT PSYCHICALLY GUESSING AGAINST THEIR OWN EVIDENCE
i mean ffs when /i/ see scenes w scott & theo i catch myself thinking “gosh theo’s a nice helpful guy” AND I’VE SEEN PROOF HE’S FAKE. scott hasn’t. ur not stupid for falling into a trap when the trapper is going great lengths to hide the truth from u

Exactly. People need to understand that Stiles does not represent the  average person here. Assuming that people you do instinctually dislike are automatically bad people, treating people like shit because of this dislike although they have not done anything besides being nice and helpful, is not logical and not socially adequate behaviour. And expecting everyone to share your dislike although you have zero evidence to back it up and acting all bitchy and accusing if they do not,  is childish. Stiles has a history of acting like this around all kinds of people and the least of them were actual villains. To the neutral observer who has not the knowledge of the audience, Theo is only a nice and shy kid, that has been nothing than helpful, saved Scott and Lydia’s life and has shown lot of understanding for Malia. So far, Theo has not made a single mistake that would betray his true intentions.

If only I could’ve done it all over two years ago, I would’ve. But now it’s my most liked/most viewed story on FF.net….

maria26us asked:

It's official. Brian J White will play Captain Dallas Patterson the new Captain of the squad on the series. Apparently it's a major recurring role. Before anyone jump on this info, HE IS NOT REPLACING CHIEF BODEN. He is a Captain wich makes Boden ahead of him in the hierarchy. Also, on Steven's picture, he was often seen with a Squad shirt. Also pictures of filming from yesterday were posted and Dawson is still pretty much a FF, wearing her FF gear on a fire scene.

Always Remember that the Sun Still Rises

The night has been long,
The silence is deep.
I walk alone as the city sleeps.
Aimlessly wandering,no true path to keep.
As the stars go out one by one.

The moonlight pales in sync
With the city’s glaring brights
Both burn out in the last chill of night
The Heavens above grow tangerine,bright
As the stars go out one by one.

Some Divine painter smears the sky
With pearl and ruby hues,
Beauteous to the eye.
Breath-taken, I watch and sigh,
As the stars go out one by one.

The sun slowly rises,
To the field of my view.
I welcome it’s warmth,
and all today brings, too.

I savor this palette until it fades to blue,
As the stars go out one by one.

*Fade to black.*

This poem was heavily inspired by a really old FF I was rereading, that I absolutely love.

this talk with actual-mairon about old fanfics has made me want to issue the following statement:

i hereby publically apologize to anyone that was in the ff.net harry potter fanfic scene like 9 years ago and had the grave misfortune of reading Gentlemen Drink to Socialize. If it’s any consolation, I have not sinned that hard on paper in a long time.

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hahah no I used to watch a ton of nostalgia critic videos in middle school so I'm used to shitty youtube film reviews. this movie is on another level entirely though like I don't want to say that people shouldn't adapt shakespeare for young children but it seems to never work out very well

it is so creepy I wouldn’t show that to a kid. 

Like, I get the whole toning down the sex jokes and the gore and all. I don’t think it’s necessary or good but I see why people would do it. 

That a guy would spend what is it, four years of his life doing something like this, with utter disregard for canon? and the, like, pretty important messages the play is supposed to convey? I just don’t get it like. yes, have your characters be a bunch of seals, why not. have them break into weird songs and make weird references to other plays that they kids won’t understand but the parents will and will be happy, ok. if you do it properly but that’s another matter entirely.
but this… I mean, the way it’s presented, it’s this guy’s lifework. If I were passionate about something enough to spend four years making an adaptation of it, I think I’d make sure it doesn’t stab the original in the back.

Like, you just had to make the prince less creepy and more peace-maker like he is in the play which isn’t so hard, cut the weird fish altogether, maybe add paris, and then follow the plot but with seals? and if you want a happy ending you just have Juliet wake up in time and/or shark island isn’t so bad and they both live there happily ever after? I mean the animation itself clearly isn’t at fault SO. (also hire someone for the dialogues because mercutio isn’t funny he’s obnoxious)


#PSYPasulyapSulyap #DiegoLoyzaga @loyzagadiegs Really missed you David!!! >.< How I wished that Diego Loyzaga would get some more exposure these days! Perhaps if he’s not too busy with PSY, he could work on another project too… So David suggested to the Governor that it would be a good idea to invite Ms. Amor Powers to a courtesy call at the capitol. She is, after all, bringing in a huge business into Punta Verde. FF to another David scene, he informs the Governor that Ms. Powers agreed to the courtesy call. >.<

Guess I’ll just wait for more David sightings! Bummer, and the show tonight would be the last for the week. Hopefully there’s Diego sighting on Sunday on ASAP20! >.< That’s something to look forward to…

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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I really want to watch TW tomorrow for Stiles/Dylan, but I normally watch TW on On Demand so I can FF through the Malia/Stalia scenes. Not sure if can sit through Malia even for my bby.

Ha! She’s gonna with with Theo Baeken mostly it looks like.  Probably looking for her bed warmer so who knows. 

God I can’t believe it’s tomorrow already.