I cannot believe that they CUT out the most important scene of the Arc!!!!!

We all believe that this scene here is very important, it captivate us and show us viewers how much Uchiha Blood is in Sarada and she has inherit many traits that her father has in the past.

OHHHH MANNNN…..I was so excited to whipped out my phone to snapchat this with a caption that goes….


Sarada: I think in gonna leave the village.

Naruto: Oh hell naw, I am not going through this shit again.


Final Fantasy VIII - Laguna and Raine.



Emma had precious few encounters with shadows, particularly of the sentient variety, but she certainly didn’t have good memories of them.

Especially after watching as one was nearly ripped from the body of her True Love (even if she didn’t know that’s what he was yet—or, rather, was in denial of what could be).

So when one flew through the window, and had a hook where its hand should be, she automatically assumed the worst. Moreso when the actual hook clattered to the floor—he was never without it, unless he was in trouble; flashbacks of mangled, bloody metal ran through her head.

She hardly cared about the odd stick of wood the shadow was handing her; she just wanted to know where her pirate was. She demanded it.

Of course, the shadow couldn’t answer—it was just a mass of magic and absence of light that formed a too-familiar shape but without any of her favorite features. There was no strength in those arms to hold her, no heat in its form to keep her warm and grounded.

But those garish balls of light it used for eyes somehow softened, its nonexistent brow furrowing in concern and care. She instinctively stepped back as it drew closer, but its outstretched arm was beckoning.

She shouldn’t have felt anything when its weightless hand caressed her face, and maybe it was just a memory, but she was so sure she felt the softness and warmth of his palm as the ghostly fingertips brushed her cheek. It was a gesture of comfort, like he’d done so many times before, but there was a melancholy in it, too.

Just as soon, the shadow was gone, leaving a rising panic in its wake. She knew he was in trouble—she’d felt it. But where, how—

“You know where he is,” her mother chimed in from the next room. And then she all but forced the key to saving him on Emma, at the cost of breaking their own curse.

Snow was right—Emma did know where he was. And she owed it to him, to them, to everyone to bring him back to where she wanted him: her side.

(A few minutes later, when he was safe and sound in Storybrooke, and making a vow on one knee to stay there, at her side, she closed the distance between them and agreed wholeheartedly and elatedly. Her hands caressed his face as they kissed, returning the gesture.)

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Between the lines

This one’s a little fluffier. I hope you like it! A series of missing scenes set during 3B. Based on/around Captain Swan.

Can also be found on AO3

Moment 4: She’ll come to you

During 3x16 - Tink gives Hook some advice and Emma seeks him out.

Murmurs began to fill the silence around them as people started to retreat from the graveside. Emma remained firmly where she stood, Henry at her side as they both stared at the casket below.

Killian couldn’t bear to see her in pain. His own memories of having to bury loved ones spurred him towards wanting to help her; to take away the loss one feels when saying goodbye. He wanted for her to not have to know that emptiness. She’d been through too much already and he was worried for her.

He wanted to comfort her.

“Are you alright, Emma?” he asked gently, stepping forward to be closer to her side.

“I’m fine.”

Her automatic response told him she was neither fine, nor aware of who she’d actually spoken to; too lost in her thoughts to be aware of anyone around her.

“We’re heading over to Granny’s for the wake. You should come.” Snow’s voice addressed him.

The princess was beside him, placing her hand on his forearm; David standing supportive behind her. Her voice lowered, making sure only he could hear. “Give them some time alone.”

Snow wasn’t hostile; Killian knew what she meant. They needed time to grieve in private.

As a family.

“Of course.”

He nodded to them both before stepping back and turning, following the direction of the crowd making it’s way back towards town. He couldn’t help turning to look back, seeing Emma still in her frozen state, Henry by her side, and her parents hovering back a little, waiting for her to come back to them.

“Are you okay?”

He turned sharply, startled by the voice concerned for his wellbeing. Tink appeared, watching him with worry on her face.

“Aye, love. I’m getting there.” he managed to smile, walking with the tiny woman towards town.

“She’ll be fine, you know. She just needs some time right now.”

“I’m well aware of that, thank you.” He didn’t mean to snap at the fairy but the need for people to interfere and tell him what to do was becoming tiresome.

“I know you still love her.” she continued, ignoring his irritation.

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5x07 Care Under Fire

Okay, so that episode was fucking nuts. I may have already re-watched it for the purpose of trying to figure Jay Halstead out. I’ve waited 5 seasons along with you for this episode, and in my opinion, they delivered quite well, especially Jesse. Sure there were a few other things I would’ve liked to learn about Jay, but I don’t think it was appropriate for him to talk about that while he was undercover. Anyways, here’s my analysis, feel free to input your own opinions/thoughts/questions. :) 

(Bear with me, the images were taken from my phone in the dark. I will be so pissed if this post fucks up somehow because I’ve been writing about it for an hour now)

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Between the lines

Allo! Another missing scene during 3B. This one probably sucks but I struggled with finding something for this episode. I hope it’s okay. Many thanks to everyone still with me lol. 

Also found on AO3

Moment 6: Dreaded thread

During 3x18 - Emma tries to get through to Killian during a laundry emergency.

Emma trudged up the stairs of the inn, feeling the day’s events weighing her down. She was looking forward to joining Henry in their room, eager to crash on her bed for a while before the stress started back up again tomorrow. For now, she was off the clock for a few hours.  

She reached the second floor where could see her door right at the end of the hall, when a heavy crash halted her by the nearest room.

A muffled ‘bloody hell’ followed, cluing her into just who resided inside.

With all the bad luck they were having lately, she didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Testing the door and thankfully finding it unlocked, she barrelled into the room, fully prepared to battle whatever Hook was facing within.

What she wasn’t expecting was to find the man himself staring at her, mouth agape while his leather vest hung from his hook in mid air.

Silence surrounded them for a beat, both frozen and staring at the other.

“Hey.” Emma finally managed to greet him quite lamely. “I heard crashing and kind of expected the worst. Sorry.”

He relaxed at her explanation, managing to throw her a polite smile.

“It’s alright, Swan. Just taking my frustrations out on the dressing table. Apologies for the disruption.”

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By Night ~ Taehyung x Reader

Rated: M (thigh riding, daddy kink)

Genre: Smut (some initial fluff)

Word count: 1,286    

This is my first BTS fic ever, I hope it’s ok please don’t judge too hard! Xx I’ve been inspired by a lot of videos of sleepy Tae from Bon Voyage! 

You’d just finished brushing your teeth. It was the end of a long day’s work, and you were so incredibly ready for a good night’s sleep. Carefully placing your toothbrush back in the cup holder, you waddled out the bathroom door, switching the light off as you went.

It was quiet.

Unusually quiet. However, you could make out a large lump under the tangled crisp white bedsheets. Curiously stepping nearer this figure, you began to hear noises.

‘Hmph…… er mmmmm’ almost a moan. You could hear the clicking of saliva as a tired boy pursed and un-pursed his lips repeatedly in an evidently deep state of slumber. Finally reaching the figure, you could see the mop of tousled, sandy brown hair sticking in various directions just above the top of the sheets.

Ever so delicately, you smoothed your hand lightly into this bushy but fluffy caramel mess, until you picked up a pace and began to rake your hands continuously through the luscious locks. The boy’s eyebrows began to knit together and furrow. Could it be….. a nightmare?

As if in a struggle or through irritation, the boy restlessly shifted, tossing and turning in his warm cocoon. More of his facial features came into view. This was the angel you knew laid so vulnerably before you.

In that moment, his lips looked so peach pink, plush and temptingly kissable. His long, feathery lashes, which gave his face a youthful look fluttered like the tiniest wings of a butterfly. The side profile view did wonders to show off his accented jawline, and his honeyed skin glowed under the soft amber bedroom lighting.

He still had smudges of eyeliner, the remains of make-up he had failed to wipe off in a hurry to fall into the cushiony nest.

Not only this, but his neck was also in perfect view, stretched out before you.

What you could only dream of doing to this boy right now….

Part of you wanted to start gentle, be soft and playful. Pepper light kisses starting at his nose, being sure to kiss every beautiful feature. But then again, that sinful, manly, vein covered neck. Those pouty, pretty lips. What would It be like to scatter hickeys all over that neck? Mark the territory? Mark what is yours and will only be yours? Lick a long, wet stripe up it?

You were torn.


“Jagiya please…”

A deep, throaty and guttural moan echoed off the bedroom walls.

“H-hnnnnng please I’m desperate… so-so desperate…. I-hnn”

All of a sudden, a pair of firm, strong hands gripped sharply, digging into your hipbones. The next minute, you were flopped the other side of this boy held in a tight embrace, staring into the deep, sparkling almost lustful orbs of….


“Jagiya….. you finally came.”

You were so confused, you had been here all this time. He must have been deeply dreaming. Your head was whirling and you couldn’t think straight. You could only focus on the jewelled beads of sweat pouring down this prince’s face, threatening to spill into his smokey eye make-up, framing the hooded cat eyes.

The boy man pulled you in harshly, making you gasp in shock. You could feel a wetness closing around the fleshy shell of your ear as sucking noises filled your surroundings. A deep, yet whispered moaning groan flooded your senses:

“Don’t you ever think about leaving me this way again…”

The man proceeded to nibble and bite down on the lobe of your ear as he gripped you increasingly tighter and tighter.

“Mmmmmm you don’t know how long I’ve waited…”

The man flipped you over as your blurred, lust cloud vision tried to make out the swirling patterns of the ceiling above. He had pinned you down, his thick thighs straddling either side of you. He tilted your chin up, staring face to face with this sinful angel. His look was challenging and cocky. He smirked and ran his tongue teasingly slowly over his bleeding bottom lip, from where he had obviously viciously bit down a little too hard.

Slowly, he began to run his large palms up and down, up and down feverishly at the sides of your body. It was slow. So, so slow. You were a shivering mess, the electricity had ignited within you, a burning fire sending tingles all over.

He placed a long finger abruptly against your lips, regaining your senses.

He bent down towards your neck……

“Shhhh, don’t tell.”

He licked a long, wet stripe up your neck and blew hot air across the large surface area. You closed your eyes, as your breathing became more rapid and irregular.

He then proceeded by pulling you into a deep and passionate kiss, It was very rough and it was as if you could feel the sexual tension burn between the two of you, sparks flying. He didn’t hold back, sucking on your fleshy bottom lip and biting down ravenously like a vampire trying to draw blood. 

It was hard to hold back your moans as he went to nibble on your collarbones, beginning to grope whatever he could get hold of, your breasts and sometimes even your ass. How could this man be as sweet as one of heaven’s angels but as devilish and horny as hell?

“Mmmmmmm you’ve been a naughty girl.” He purred seductively, his voice dripping with hunger as he chuckled smugly.

You began grasping his large, meaty thighs, kissing the inners, getting closer and closer to your prize. But a husky honey voice interrupted your actions. 

“Did daddy say you could touch? Does baby want a punishment?”

You remained silent, simply opting to bite your lip and continued to stroke this man who had been sculpted by the gods. 

“Touch without permission one more time and you’ll be in for a spanking kitten - don’t test me, you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

“Now, if you’re so obsessed with my thighs, why don’t you show daddy what you can do…” 

You wasted no time in stripping down to just your underwear and clambering on top of Tae’s thigh, bouncing up and down in anticipation.

You slowly started grinding smoothly over the man’s leather clad thigh back and forth, shivering from the pure pleasure it sent straight through to your core.

Your whines combined with Tae’s animalistic groaning, panting and grunting was simply orgasmic. You knew it wasn’t long until you would reach climax.

“Ugh… oh my god….. Jagiya…. p-please don’t stop angel you feel so wet, I’m so hard fu-”

That was the final straw, with a deep drawn out sigh your legs spasmed uncontrollably as you rode out your orgasm.

“Y/N, touch me…. touch me right now.”

You palmed his rock-hard cock through the material of his black skinnies before reaching into his boxers, spreading the precum before licking the head.

With just a few strokes, Tae was shooting his load over his golden chocolate abs with whispers and promises of forever, the lust still laced clearly in his voice.

The room was once again silent, only small whimpers and tiny pants reverberated around the suite.

Opening your eyes, you were met with the elusive Kim Taehyung once more. This was in no way a dream. He greeted you with a boxy smile, a faint pink blush tinting his cheeks, planting a single chaste kiss on your forehead. 

“So up for another round Y/N? I still think your spanking is in order for waking me from my beauty sleep.” Tae lowly whispered as he innocently ran his long fingers through your disheveled mess of hair.

The duality of this man…… if one thing was for certain, you knew you were in for a long night for sure……

I have sinned, and I am so so sorry. Thank you so much for reading though! I hope it didn’t suck too much! Remember my asks are open if you have any questions at all or if you want to request a BTS fic! I’d consider doing ships too! I love Jikook and Sope ♡

“Let me help.”

Thank you to Scorp’ Blues for the prompt, who wished to see more of the scene when Emma comes to Killian before facing the black fairy to say goodbye. They thought that scene ended far too quickly and I was inclined to agree! So here is a mini-moment addition that might feel a bit more satisfying!

“Let me help." 

For a moment Emma feels her resolve weaken. There’s a desperation in his eyes that makes her want to stop, to give him whatever he wants. Whatever will take away the pain that makes him look at her like that- But the thought of the Black Fairy using him against her puts a cold steel in her spine. This fight is her destiny. And she would not bury Killian because she was afraid to face it alone. Not again.

Just like ripping off a bandaid.

"I love you,” she offered simply, forcing herself to turn before her resolve weakened once more.

The words, normally so sweet from her lips felt like a blade in his heart, an echo of another whose words of love had been her goodbye. As she left his cabin for a moment he was frozen; but no power of the dark one held him now and he’d be damned if another that he loved would die with her love on her lips.

“Emma,” The word was barely a whisper but she halted. “If this is to be a goodbye will you not kiss me first?”

Her silhouette tensed in his doorway. “I can’t-” she whispered. She could hear him moving closer and she had to go, had to go now, If she kissed him, if he kissed her-

“Please, don’t leave.” She spun and wrapped her arms around him and he kissed her hard, his arms a vice around her, begging her to stay. He pulled away a breath and looked at her. “In two hours we’re to be married, Emma. In two hours I will swear to love and protect you for all the days of my life and you will do the same. In two hours we proclaim to each other and to our family that we are better together, stronger together.”

“Killian, she has magic-”

“As have many of the villains we have faced.”

“I buried you,” she burst out, voice shaking. “Killian, I’ve lost you, I’ve lived through losing you again and again, and I’m afraid, okay? I’m terrified.”

“I understand. You know I understand-”

“I won’t be able to fight her if I’m afraid I’m going to lose you. Please, Killian, if I’m going to win this, I need to know you’re going to be there to say I do.”

“I will be.”

She nodded and moved to kiss him again but he pulled back, catching her confused gaze. “Don’t kiss me like it’s goodbye, Swan,” he warned gently. “Kiss me like it’s goodbye and they’ll be no stopping me from following you.”

“I will see you at six,” Emma said, keeping her tone light.

“Until then,” Killian replied. Emma pressed a soft kiss to his lips before slipping from his grip and from the room. Killian listened carefully as her steps echoed across the deck and down the gangplank. He paused only a few moments more before returning to the cabin, removing his hook and quickly opening his safe.

If he couldn’t be by her side when she fought the Black Fairy… the least he could do was even the odds in her favor…

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