Definitely Unexpected, a CS/Frozen Jewel AU (Chapter 2)

Definitely Unexpected, a CS/Frozen Jewel AU

A/N: This was one of the scenes I was most excited to write when I started this AU!  My eternal gratitude to my betas the-captains-ayebrows, for her enthusiasm and ninja grammar skills and lovemelikeapirate, for her writing mastery and for being my British Cultural Consultant.  So we have the Emma and Killian meeting in this chapter and will probably keep going with them for a few more, but we will check in with Liam in New York soon, I promise :)

Definitely Unexpected

Summary:  Emma Swan, self-described “loner, loser, and complicated wreck” takes a much needed vacation from her New York City life by doing a home exchange with Liam Jones, a charming bartender from Brighton, England.  She could have never anticipated that what, or whom, she would find on her summer vacation was exactly what she had always been missing. (The Holiday AU, summer style)

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Chapter 2:

Despite his late night, Liam awoke alert and bright eyed, ready to make arrangements for his impromptu trip.  He grabbed his phone from the nightstand and started texting co-workers, most of whom seemed surprised to hear from him this early.  

Ordinarily, Liam barely got up in enough time for it to still be considered morning.  Normally he worked closing shifts at the bar, even offering to close for other people who had something called lives to get back to.  As far as jobs go, he was okay being considered “married to the job”.  He got to meet interesting people, had fun while doing it, and the hours were long so he was always busy.  He was offered management positions from time to time, but he enjoyed the flexibility and social aspect of tending bar, so he always turned them down.  But, the staff knew he ran that bar like a well-trained crew.  Some even took to calling him Captain.  

Liam fired off a barrage of texts calling in favors to get his shifts covered for the next week.  It was the middle of the summer holiday, so there were more than enough uni students who were happy to pick up some extra shifts.

While he waited for texts to come through, he pulled up his laptop and looked for some last minute flights out of London.  He got incredibly lucky finding one that left in almost exactly 24 hours, so it meant an early morning departure.  He couldn’t pass up the deal so he booked it immediately, then sent off a few more texts.  He had friends in London that he could stay with tonight so it would be easier to get to Heathrow in the morning.  His adventure was beginning today.

In a flurry, Liam dashed about the room getting ready for the day, tossing clothes and other necessary items into his duffel bag, and began making arrangements for a houseguest he would never meet. He had a few little notes with instructions in various places, like how to work the coffee maker, television, etc.  He made up the guest room bed with fresh linens and checked to be sure there were clean towels in the en-suite.  There was an unmistakable hint of dancing in his step as he gave the house a quick once-over with a broom.

Liam took one last look at the place from the door as he slung his duffel over his shoulder.  Satisfied with his preparations, he locked it behind him and put the key under the doormat.  He began making his way to the train when it dawned on him. Shit, I didn’t tell Killian I was leaving.  I’ll call him from the train.

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amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief

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Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 13: Let the Stars Lead Me Home

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 13: Let the Stars Lead Me Home

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Let the Stars Lead Me Home

CS genre: Deleted scene (4x4)

“Well, love, shall we?” Killian asked, gallantly extending his right arm to his lady love who also happened to be his date for the night (for the rest of his life if he had any say in the matter).

Emma threaded her arm through his, grasping his arm with her other hand, laying her head against his shoulder.  Killian had to resist the urge to pinch himself.  Was this truly happening?  Had he truly succeeded in winning his Swan’s heart?  Had she truly come to Granny’s this morning to ask him on a date?  Had they truly just dined together, talking and laughing and gazing into each other’s eyes as though there was no one else in the world?

Killian began walking, steering Emma in the direction of the docks, wondering how so much happiness could possibly be contained within a single person. Not even his unnerving exchange with the Crocodile earlier today—and his even more unnerving outbreak of temper at the thief—could dampen his joy.

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[Last scene-setting chapter before the plot kicks in >w<]

By the time he came back from reminiscing he was on the complete opposite end of the park. He had to double back, and he barely made it before his ID beeped 9am at him.

It felt surreal to come into the locker room and see other people. It had been months since he came to work on time. Two of his senior coworkers had come in just before him and were dropping off their personal items before heading into the lab proper. One of them, a twenty-something year old woman named Angela, turned when he came in.

She raised an eyebrow. “Well, well, well. Running late today, aren’t we, Lab Rat?”

Some of the senior technicians had taken to calling him ‘Lab Rat’ because of the obscene amount of hours he clocked in the lab. The name was obviously meant to be a taunt, but he had accepted it with grace and even adopted it as his moniker. If he had to use a fake name, “Nezumi” was ten times better than “Takashi.”

He smiled sweetly at Angela. “As always, it’s nice to see—”


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I really, and I mean REALLY, hate serpentinej and thepocetartist! You guys are the worst people I have ever known!

Battle Creek is ruining me, and I’m only at ep4 ffs. The scene the show opened up with in the first episode, to the intro of it (I still don’t know why, but I enjoy the intro so damn much), so far the episode have been great. Think the action/crime fit good up to the humour in the series. Really liked the last episode, with the kid and the heroine. To the characters, special the main characters.

Ffs, first meeting in the first episode and I ship them! Just love how Milt seem to want to get on the best of ways with everyone, and then want the one he got most troubles with as a partner. And how Russ just want to fight him and every moment giving. He is so touchy when it come to Milt. Damn it Russ you fight him over your dog is better than his, and the other way around! (Milt’s dog is the best.)

I also feel such a connection to Russ about that BBQ party. I would upset too.