Missing scene ficlet from Emma’s first night home, right after Killian comes back inside from David shrugging of his help with harsh words. (very mild M rating)

He’s thankful for the door at his back keeping him steady as a lightheadedness overcomes him at the whiplash of emotions hitting him all at once. It was just a few minutes ago when he’d looked around the kitchen at the family sipping at their glasses, smiling and hugging, realizing that he no longer felt like an outsider. There were no sidelong glances his way during that toast, no raised eyebrows from Regina or scoff from David, just a loving look from Emma as if he was the most important one in the room. He’s was in this. He had a home, a family larger and more complicated than he ever could have imagined. He finally felt like he had a place in it.

But the words David has just spoken has simply reminded him of how far off he is from ever deserving any of it. Killian’s past is something from which he will never escape, but he’d hoped David had seen his attempts to change. Shaking his head, he tries to remind himself that David is on the edge of delirious, overtired and scared. Lashing out is an understandable response in these circumstances. He’s certainly done his fair share of that. Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath, holding the air in his lungs for a moment before letting it out slowly through his nose, a trick he’d taught young sailors feeling their first bout of seasickness on choppy waters. The future he wants, the one taking shape around him, in this house, in every one of Emma’s smiles, he’ll weather any storm in order to grasp it. Tomorrow, he will step into that tempest, one way or another.

Leaving his coat on the hook and his boots by the door, he heads up the stairs, pausing on the landing when he hears Emma’s voice drifting quietly from Henry’s room at the end of the hall. The door isn’t closed, but he senses the need for privacy and leaves them to their conversation. Once inside the master bedroom, he closes the door and begins to undress, dropping his dirty clothes in the hamper in their impossibly large closet piece by piece. He will do laundry tomorrow, he thinks, wash everything from the time Emma was away as if that can erase the feelings of having her gone. His hand reaches out to feel for the box hidden in the pocket of his leather duster, needing a tactile reminder of all he is fighting for.

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The Rest of Their Lives

Early last week, a nonnie sent me a prompt asking me to write about Emma finding the engagement ring in Killian’s sea chest.  It took me all week, but I was determined to get it finished before tonight’s episode.  Look at that!  Nearly 5 minutes to spare!  Here you go, nonnie!  Hope you like it!

Emma transferred an arm-full of clean, wet clothes into the dryer, turned the dial, and pushed the start button.  Then, reaching for the basket of dry clothes, she headed up to her bedroom.

Her and Killian’s bedroom.

At the thought love and joy bubbled up again, and she smiled with abandon as she pulled a bath towel from the basket and set about folding it.  Seemed like the giddy smile never left her face anymore.  She was happy, really, really happy.  She was pretty sure she’d never been this happy, this in love before in her life, and it was almost overwhelming sometimes.

She’d always made fun of musicals—people walking around and just randomly breaking into song—but in the last few weeks they suddenly seemed much more realistic than before. Whenever she thought of what her life was like now she wanted to sing.  Must be her fairy tale heritage coming out.

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You’re a loner. You keep your distance. You travel freely through foreign lands. You’re rootless. You’re very comfortable here with your glass of Scotch, but you’re just as comfortable sleeping in a cave with rebels or sharing dinner in some hole-in-the-wall noodle shop. Your closest friends are strangers. You understand that tight bonds can make you vulnerable, so you’re careful not to have any. And that’s why you’re so conflicted about me. You need me. And you hate that about yourself, because it makes you vulnerable.


She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.

A small Riarkle drabble
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Riley, Farkle, and Maya are hanging out at Topanga's. Maya is painting at her easel. Riley and Farkle are having a disagreement about a debate for class. They start to get loud. Maya gets mad and throws paint at them.<p/><b>Riley and Farkle:</b> Hey!<p/><b></b> Riley turns to Farkle.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (smiles) Jinx you-<p/><b>Farkle:</b> owe me a kiss (rushes through it)<p/><b></b> Maya laughs.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm sorry, I don't know why-<p/><b></b> Riley grabs him by the collar and kisses him.<p/><b></b> Maya's jaw drops.<p/><b></b> Riley stops the kiss and stares at Farkle. Farkle faints.<p/><b>Maya:</b> Bay window?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Bay window right now.<p/><b></b> Riley and Maya starts to leave. Lucas walks in. Riley walks outside.<p/><b>Maya:</b> Hey huckleberry, the genius needs your help.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Why?<p/><b>Maya:</b> It finally happened.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You mean, they kissed?<p/><b>Maya:</b> Yep. By the way, you owe me twenty bucks.<p/><b></b> Maya leaves. Lucas picks up Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I had a interesting day.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I heard buddy. Tell me all about it. Can I borrow twenty bucks?<p/><b></b> They leave Topanga's.<p/><b></b> The end.<p/><b></b> This scene was requested by Anon. I decided to turn it into a drabble, but I might add more to it.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>