I wonder what Grisha and Carla would have done had they gotten to raise Eren and Mikasa to teenage years. Would they have given them the talk? How would they have handled having two unrelated teens living in the same house?

Lmao grisha sends Eren to sleep in the basement. That’s what was really going to happen.

“Eren is this your new room. Can’t have you sleeping in the same room with such a pretty girl. Don’t want make us grandparents just yet”

It’s A Twin Thing - Chapter 9 [ff.net]


Harry watched as the light came speeding towards him and closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to hit him; yet it never came.

An ear-splitting scream echoed around the room, Harry looked down and tears sprung to his eyes as he saw Hermione on the floor, her body writhing in pain and her eyes wide with fear.

Hermione felt like her whole body was on fire, she couldn’t breath and the pain that ripped through her body was like a thousand tiny needles that wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t hold back the scream that tore through her throat, tears streaming effortlessly down her face as the feeling of fire felt as if it would never cease.

Finally the pain subsided but the scars were clear for everyone to see, Hermione felt helpless, the only thing keeping her going was the fact that Harry didn’t have to endure what she just experienced.

“Oh dear, did your mudblood get in the way? Maybe I’ll just have to curse her again, you seemed to enjoy her screams so much.”

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Serves you right (◕‿◕✿)

Fic: Unbroken (9/?) (M)

Author’s note: A new chapter, yay! I hope you enjoy it!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 9

Emma couldn’t stop glancing over her shoulder. She was pretty nervous, which was surprising given how certain she was of her decision. England was her home now. But there were so many people.  Worse, she could feel eyes on her as she stood there awkwardly waiting for the ceremony to begin. Regina got her into one of the citizenship ceremonies near Whitehall, unusual since they normally happened at the new citizen’s local council. The trouble was the next ceremony for their neighborhood was in the spring. Emma wanted—needed—to have the ceremony as quickly as possible; it was the final nail in the coffin of her old life. She was more than ready to let it go and move forward.

They could all use a little forward momentum.

She caught Killian grinning at her and it made her smile. She gave him a little wave, her nerves easing a bit. This was another reason why she wanted to have the ceremony in this place; it was convenient for her boys in the middle of their work day. They stood out in their uniforms, tall and erect, hats under their arms. It meant so much to her that they were there. She may have moved to London to be with them, but she found a life here, even outside of the love she had for her husbands. She wanted to invite everyone, but rules were rules. She could only bring two guests to the ceremony; there were only two people she needed there.

She could celebrate with all her friends at the Christmas party in a few hours.

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ff meme: [1/9] quotes

» “Know this Bhunivelze: it wasn’t just me that destroyed you. You’ve been defeated by a power that you never understood. A power that you cannot see. It comes from the bonds of love that unite us. Together, we change the world.” (Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns)