this game seems much more interesting now that i’m older

quina, vivi and steiner are so quotatious

and i want garnet to dieeeeeeeeeeeeee and never come back

the thing is…this game didnt need two summoners and amarant (never understood why he is on the cover, cause he makes no difference to the story…it’s like cait sith)

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Pure Gold.

Please give this a listen.


Final Fantasy IX was heavily marketed before and after its release. Starting on March 6, 2000[1], months before its July 7 release date, Final Fantasy IX characters were used in a computer-generated Coca-Cola commercial produced by Squaresoft (now Square Enix), made in similar style as the game’s in-game FMVs. The commercial was aired in Japan. The deal of Square to join forces with Coca-Cola to promote both their products was revealed in the Tokyo Game Show