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Hurricane Negan Pt. 2

Summary: After seeing Jacob leave with Adrienne, Negan stalks after them. 
POV: Third Person Limited – Negan
Characters: Adrienne, Negan, Jacob, and our beloved Lucille.
Word Count: 1614
Warnings: Cursing 
Authors note: I feel like after another chapter of this story - a very, smut loving chapter - this story will come to an end, but it’s up to you guys. Maybe I’ll just end it here. 
Parts: 2/2 - Completed. (Part  One)
Quote of the story: “I suppose I’m…Intruding on your dessert eating.”


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Outlaw Queen Fic Rec & Review Week - Day 2

Tues17th: A fic you read over and over

It Had to be Him by @fraisedandelion

They’re used to this, to living together, to reach for comfort and release in each other’s arms when the day’s events becom too much, when the stress levels are too high, or when the need for comfort seizes them. But what happens when Regina moves to NYC, gets engaged and ultimately asks Robin, her best friend, to be her “maid of honor”? 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by @audreysl0ve

Regina and Robin have been separated for over a year, and are in the process of getting a divorce. They decide to spend Christmas together for the sake of their friends, family, and most importantly, their son, Roland. Christmas magic ensues.


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 1000 ωσя∂s, 1000 cσηғεssισηs 
               ωιℓℓ cяα∂ℓε үσυ
                             мαкιηg αℓℓ σғ тнε ραιη үσυ ғεεℓ
                                                            sεεм ғαя αωαү
                                                                       тнεү'ℓℓ нσℓ∂ үσυ ғσяεvεя

for @shuyiin