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Colin and Josh know how to blush. They’re all sharp edges and manliness and then it’s just like, ok but they’re strawberries, idek what this is. I mean I kind of do, but it’s also high-key ridiculous. Also, totally inspired by this dumb fucking .gif set.

+ It’s mid-June and everyone is out picking and plucking every piece of fruit they can find. It’s early days yet, but it’s already full of wine and sun and salt water. If the first few days are any indication, the next few months are guaranteed to be some kind of classic summer fever dream. David has always held a particular fondness for fresh fruits and vegetables, straight from the earth. Even the feeling of the grit between his teeth, the granules of dirt. There’s something undeniably satisfying about the whole rustic, cyclical thing. His whole life, the turning over of the soil and the pulling over of the nets and the harvesting; goodness, the harvesting.

The strawberry crop this year is a thing of unrepentant beauty. As if their red, soft flesh has managed to absorb the warmth of the sun even after the clouds have passed overhead. That warm, mild taste exploding on your tongue under the light of a full moon, where you’d least expect to find it.

When Killian blushes, the round fullness of his cheeks look to be about the same color. Which is, of course, ridiculous.

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1) Noctis Lucis Caelum

“ I’m home. I walked tall… And though it took me a while, I’m ready now. “

hey guys, its kaylah!! and its time to celebrate, BECAUSE I JUST HIT 7K!!! when i started this blog in february, i had no clue how much this blog would grow, and how many amazing people i would meet. im honestly and truly blessed tht u guys wld follow me…im truly grateful to each and every one of you. thank you for standing by me. never in my wildest dreams wld i think i wld hit 7k!! this is truly wild nd i cant thank yall enough!!!!

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the script of this comic is not mine, but actually from the EVER so talented @franklyfilthyfantasies who captures both characters i n c r e d i b l y !! PLEASE go read their wonderful story behind this comic starting with part 1 here and part 2 here  !! ♡♡ Thank u again @franklyfilthyfantasies this was the bEST



“For years, I felt miserable about being an outsider, but then I suddenly embraced it. I saw the value of being an outsider. It was liberating. You didn’t have to worry about trying to fit in or losing your insider status. It also encouraged you to challenge and provoke the status quo.”

look how soft dan’s selfie looks :((

thank you guys so much for 1.5k !!

i remember when i had barely reached my first hundred, and all around me i saw people with five hundred and seven hundred and one thousand, and i never dreamed of getting past two hundred. and here i am, making my ff for 1.5k! i love all of you so much, and i can’t believe my blog has grown so much in only two months!

if your url is bolded, it means you’re in a net with me!
if your url is italicized, it means you’re one of my favorite people and ily !!
(everyone on this list is fantabulously amazing tho ://)

and to all the anons who’ve kept asking me for blog recs: here you go!

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Alabaster: See, we have a way that we could genetically fuse three sex cells together, and then one of the two of you would be a surrogate to carry the zygote just like you’d carry any other baby. Three trimesters, the whole shebang. The only decision that you’d have to make is which one of you would carry the baby. But the baby itself will be a third of each of you.