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‘Come on and kill me baby, while you smile like a friend’ 🎶

~Alex Turner laughing during the EYCTE era~


ugh Christmas is magic and they are magic so get ready folks

  • Lily Evans loves Christmas because her dad always told her she was a walking embodiment of Christmas: she was kind and happy and red and green
  • uniforms be damned, she wore ugly Christmas sweaters over her white blouse, the kinds with 3-D decorations on christmas trees and she charmed reindeers to run across them and they were absurd colors with ridiculous prints but without fail, every December she broke out the bottomless purse in which she pulled out her sweaters and a tree
  • she put a small tree in her dorm room and every year, Marlene, Mary, Dorcas, Alice, and her would decorate it and enchant christmas lights and make the ceiling and walls look as though snow is falling 
  • basically Lily Evans was the epitome of CHRISTMAS SPIRIT
  • She would decorate the Gryffindor common room and there would be lights everywhere and stockings for everyone staying at Hogwarts and Christmas music playing through her radio
  • James Potter had always liked Christmas, but it never seemed to be that big of a deal, it was like every other holiday
  • but Lily Evans changed that
  • 7th year she knocked on the heads dorms and had a twinkling sweater that was the color of her eyes, with a giant reindeer (she insisted it was a stag) on it, that shook it’s head every once in a while, and her grin could’ve replaced the sun. 
  • Christmas easily became his favorite time of the year
  • She would get drunk on firewhiskey and serenade Remus screaming about sleigh rides, and Rudolph could make her cry if it was late enough
  • Lily and Marley would dress up in santa costumes and sneak presents into all their friends rooms for the twelve days of Christmas
  • Somehow Alice always got the best gifts for people. hands down. They would be about running jokes from first year, somehow funny and thoughtful and it really frustrated Frank because his gifts always felt small compared to hers
  • but she loved him and it didn’t matter
  • Marlene dragged everyone outside when it first snowed because “guys the first snow is magical, you can’t deny it” and everyone grumbled but it was beautiful and that moment lasted exactly 30 seconds before Remus squashed a snowball into Lily’s face
  • it was WAR and Sirius tackled Remus while Marlene pummeled him with snow, Peter and James teamed up to take on Frank and Alice and they were pretty evenly matched until Alice charmed the falling snow to become falling snowballs that were somehow all attracted to James and Pete hm wonder how that happened???? Lily made a snow angel until Dorcas caught her attention, and they both surprise attacked Sirius and Marley screaming war cries and Remus was able to get up and he charmed all his snowballs blue so everyone knew when he had won
  • eventually they were all shivering and no one could tell if they were blue from Remus or the cold so they ran to the kitchens where they got hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and cinnamon rolls
  • Remus and Lily had a thing where they both wore Christmas sweaters and he appreciated someone else appreciating them as much as he did
  • Sometimes they even swapped sweaters just to switch it up
  • Dorcas and Edgar Bones were always mixing drinks at parties, but during Christmas everything seemed to taste vaguely or peppermint, chocolate, or cinnamon
  • Sirius and Lily first became friends fourth year because they both stayed for Winter break
  • Her and Petunia had a bad fight and she was scared to go home, Sirius stayed every year
  • It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship when her Christmas spirit was infectious to even the sullen rebellious teenage boys
  • Fourth year was about the time she decided she could knit, and she knitted him a green, red, and black beanie, she called it “edgy” because of the black. He wore it all through December, and every year to follow. 
  • they decided to sled down to herbology once it started snowing because it was much more fun and WORMY YOU WON’T WIN THIS TIME
  • Peter always beat everyone else down the hill and it made Sirius really angry 
  • Lily made him an award, transfigured from a rock into a trophy where she carved Peter’s name 
  • seventh year Mary decided a holiday ball was in order to boost spirits, and quickly got McGonagall on her side given her natural inclination towards transfiguration and sarcasm. 
  • At first it was going to be 4th years and up, but she decided every age was more in the spirit of Christmas
  • She spent weeks planning and booking The Wicked Sisters and enchanting complex decorations and the ball was like a dream come true, filled with food and great music and for one night every Hogwarts student seemed to forget about the impending war
  • Every house was dancing and cheering and laughing and for once everyone was merry
  • Davey Gudgeon shyly asked her for a dance and between her pale complexion and bright red cheeks, she almost matched the candy canes she transfigured
  • Sirius amazed all of hogwarts with his electric slide and didn’t stop even when the slow songs came on
  • Eventually they all formed a circle and clapped and Frank Longbottom stood on his head and got down like nobody’s business
  • Dorcas shocked them all with a intense ballet mixed with contemporary that left everybody speechless
  • and we ALL know James pulled Lily in and they messily spun around and she dipped him and he spun her out and kissed her nose when his arms wrapped around her
  • hogwarts felt like the family that it should be 
Jily head canons part 1
  • Lily crying because ugh she’s so overwhelmed and bloody hell she doesn’t belong in either worlds what the hell happened here 
  • James being a complete dork and carries a handkerchief and awkwardly pats her arm
  • Lily being quiet and nerdy but like a cool super nice nerd who just appreciates everything about this world and wants to learn as much as she can while she still can
  • also though she’s witty, the kind of person that makes comments under her breath and whoever can hear it is left with detention from laughing so hard
  • James on the other hand is a loud nerd
  • he acts like he’s really cool, because to be frank he is, but he can’t help but notice that one person beats him in almost every class
  • that’s not okay, and he is frustrated until he realizes it’s this sweet, quiet gryffindor, 
  • and merlin she’s pretty
  • how annoying
  • she makes him nervous, he’s used to being the smartest in the room, so he constantly messes up his hair around her
  • which she grows to hate, because this is the boy Sev has talked about so much, the one who makes Sev’s life a living hell, and oh for THE LOVE OF DUMBLEDORE PLEASE STOP MESSING UP YOUR BLOODY HAIR
  • except that makes him even more nervous and then it’s a horrible cycle
  • Lily already knowing about Remus and slipping the potion to make him harmless in his drink
  • Remus watching Lily spike his drink, thinking its some prank that he’ll go along with because he likes her and doesn’t want to spoil the moment
  • except that transformation is 5000% easier and he wishes he would’ve told her a long time ago
  • Lily giggling to Marlene and Alice about James hair
  • James smiling the rest of the day because she said his name
  • him slowly realizing that holy crap this is the perfect woman for me 
  • she’s perfect
  • her taking a little bit longer to come around
  • except when she first met him she thought he was pretty cute 
  • until he opened his mouth
  • but she had to give him credit for his wit, he was charming, annoyingly charming, so bloody CHARMING THAT SHE WANTED TO PUNCH HIS FACE but maybe kiss him idk????? but she doesn’t actually kiss him till much later 
  • they started out being friends after the Snape incident and her feeling really alone and feeling a little guilty (only a little) thinking perhaps she was a little harsh. 
  • she apologizes and he apologizes and hey wow them as friends actually works perfectly
  • “alright evans?” “just peachy Potter” “what the hell does that mean?”
  • she teaches him a lot of things, like giving him headphones for christmas with a walker
  • except Sirius steals this “magic muggle device” so James doesn’t see it that much anyways 
  • Lily always points out the irony since it’s not magic at all but Sirius blares his music too loud so he never listens anyways
  • James always using the marauders map while she’s on prefect patrol to accidentally bump into her and walk her around ever since he saw the looks Avery was giving her
  • after he crashes the 7th patrol, she realizes that he isn’t gonna stop but she appreciates the company, sometimes Amos ditches her halfway through
  • Amos is later found with green hair and tentacles sprouting from his torso, no explanation
  • guess who accompanies her on the patrols he has to miss
  • she still doesn’t quite understand how he always tracks her down but its nice, comforting even, although a little weird but then again he’s a little weird
  • one time Lily was stressed and craving honeydukes chocolate while patrolling and he takes her through the passageway, and leaves more than enough money
  • the entire time she’s worried about skipping out on patrols but she doesn’t talk about it because she’s super grateful and a little bit impressed so instead it’s just fun
  • they make it a monthly occurrence 
  • everyone knows its the marauders behind these ridiculous, brilliant pranks of hogwarts, Lily sometimes slips some ideas in
  • those pranks are always brilliant
  • when they start dating Lily and her friends help with the planning, and each of their strengths come in handy
  • like that one time Lily had to make the foul brew, so whoever drank the pumpkin juice that morning had a breakfast tasting entirely of toadstool
  • or when Marlene had to do the charms work for the dancing tapestries
  • Lily smiling because on her birthday he makes fireworks go off during lunch
  • and for his she charms every piece of armor to sing while he walks by
  • he appreciates it so much that she leaves the charm, changing the songs
  • none of the professors can figure out how to take it off, it lasts throughout the year
  • lily and james being the perfect crime-fighting duo ready to take on the world
Something Else {Jily}

I think I’m too late for the Jily trope fest but I decided to post this anyways. Have mercy with me, English isn’t my first language and this is appallingly fluffy. I just start writing when I’m sick at home ok

Word Count: 1,247

Genre: so much fluff it’s disgusting

Characters: Jily, but other people including the Marauders are mentioned!

“Welcome, seventh years, to this special Charms session. As you all know, I have been invited to the annual Congress of Charms Development and Usage, CCDU for short, and will therefore be absent on Friday. That is why I have asked the Slytherins and Hufflepuffs from my second 7th year Charms course to join us for today.”

Professor Flitwick stood on the teacher’s table in the Great Hall. The tables were leaning on the walls on each side of the hall, and all seventh year students of Hogwarts were standing in front of Flitwick, some of them expectant, some of them bored. You still could clearly distinguish between the Ravenclaw/Gryffindor group and the Hufflepuff/Slytherin group - they were used to being taught together, and therefore formed a group here as well.

Lily shifted her weight from her left to her right foot. Charms was her favourite subject, and somehow the unusual surroundings made this class even more interesting today. They would learn about Patroni - it was the next chapter in their textbooks. She smiled slightly. Last week, after the Prefect meeting, James and she had already made an attempt at casting a Patronus, and it had quickly become a competition on who would be able to do it first. Lily had won - hers was a doe - but James managed to cast a stag only seconds afterwards, so they called it a tie. What mattered was that today’s class would require no effort, and might even score them some points for Gryffindor. After all, this was a very advanced spell.

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Jily Headcanons

-ok so first off, some really really really bad jokes about James Fleamont Potter



-“hey James can I borrow your grey sweater?
“oh shut it padfo-”
*sirius laughing BC double the pun"

-oh so many bad jokes
-especially after he transforms into an animal I mean for Christ sake James you really set yourself up for that one

-Lily finding out his middle name is Fleamont and she gets them both detention in McGonagalls

-that was the first time James Potter dared to hex Lily Evans
(The first time he could manage to hex her tbh her laughing left her defenseless)

-also Lily Evans has a loud laugh that some people may find annoying but James finds incredibly dorky and endearing

-James won’t stop stealing Remus’s books to impress Lily

-(Lily totally knows what’s happening BC she sees her notes in the books he already lent her but she lets it go because James trying to describe the books after reading summaries and the last page is hilarious)
“I mean who knew, right? You can totally kill a mockingbird, you just gotta hunt down this boo radley guy”

-Remus eventually gets frustrated when his books aren’t in order so he takes revenge

-of course Remus is friends with most of the portraits so he convinces them all to yell Fleamont at James whenever he walks by in exchange for the latest gryffindor gossip

-James can’t figure it out and he starts carrying around a bottle of hair product to fling at any portrait who dares speak the name

-when he first tells lily that she thinks he means Voldemort and is a little confused

-until they go do head duties and they start shouting “SIR!!!! SIR FLEAMONT!!”

-and then she can barely breathe she’s laughing so hard

-and his bottle of sleekeazy only lasts about 5 minutes into rounds

-it makes him super nervous and he messes up his hair a lot and then Lily starts joking she should’ve used that product on his hair and not wasted it on the portraits

-lily loves that his middle name is Fleamont bc James Potter just seems to much to be true

-this little quirk somehow makes her feel a little better BC she doesn’t feel like she has as much to live up to

-and he is happy BC she seems to be more comfortable around him huh fancy that

-James FLEAMONT Potter

Pre-Snape Incident
  • In my head, at one point, James and Lily were friends
  • I mean not for long, especially after Sirius and James were such arses on the train first year
  • But Lily Evans decided it was best to be on good terms with her house-mates, and believed in second chances
  • Which was for the best, because for a little bit those two boys made some pretty good friends
  • I mean she was never super close with them, but walks to herbology together were fun, especially with their mock duels, normally ending with one of them rolling down the hill with the other 4 (Peter and Remus included) sprinting after them, giggling
  • it was fun, they were 11 and young and while the marauders didn’t like Snape, it didn’t become a problem until 3rd year
  • because the 4 boys were easy-going and nice and she had never had so many friends, at home she really only had Snape and Tuney
  • and in the fall they begged Professor Flitwick for charms to rake the leaves so they could jump into leaf piles
  • Lily was fairly good at transfiguration, and quickly made a sort of ladder to jump off of, after a bit of studying
  • Mary and Marlene and Alice ad Lily and the marauders would gather and leap into the leaves, but they decided it was best to do at night, more thrilling
  • also much more cold, and that night they also discovered the kitchens, and quickly drank cider and butterbeer and whispered about the jumps
  • Sirius was the most dramatic, strutting and posing as he walked off the ladder, but Marlene was a close second
  • they would make up silly dances and leap around
  • except they stumbled out of the kitchens, still covered in leaves and still a little cold, straight into an alarmed McGonagall
  • it was their first detention together (the first of many for the marauders)
  • they also stole garbage can lids from Filch’s office, and tried to go sledding down the same hill on the way to Hagrid’s
  • it didn’t turn out well, when Mary broke a bone and Remus rushed her to the hospital wing, and they all earned another detention
  • Snape never wanted to go, though he was always invited
  • he never really liked gryffindor, never understood why Lily was with those people
  • The lil gryffindors were all happy and friends
  • until 3rd year, when Snape was jealous and James and Sirius didn’t understand “why she even talks to the slimeball” and it blows up and James realizes he might have feelings for Evans and James tries to hex Snape in the hallway because he’s angry and jealous but it turns into a full-out duel, and Lily is furious 
  • Lily hears Sev’s point of view and flips because she knew Potter was arrogant but this was crossing a line
  • James is mad at Lily for being mad, and obviously Sirius is with James
  • Lily is still friends with Remus and Peter, but they aren’t close because they rarely ever hang out, because she doesn’t want to be around James and Sirius
  • It doesn’t help James is quite confident and an idiot and slowly Lily hates the qualities she once liked
  • and it all goes downhill 
  • until the incident and Snape and Lily crumble and James and Lily fall back together because they do know each other and at first it’s weird, but then they get back to their rhythm 
  • and finally by 7th year she’s transfiguring ladders again and he’s stealing trash can lids

do not gif. do not edit. do not reupload.

q: how will you propose?

leo: i haven’t thought about it

hongbin: at a beef restaurant

ravi: *starts imitating the sound of meat on a grill*

ken (yelling in the background): leooooooooooooooooo! leo-jjing!