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this pissed me off.

you guys know I don’t hesitate to call bioware out on their bullshit when it comes to female characters (see: no boob EDI). but listen… I like Sara’s face. yeah the eyes are staring right into my soul, but otherwise, it’s fine! a human face! cool!
and then someone who probably downloads “pretty cassandra” mods comes and expects a goddamn cookie for making Sara look…… what? acceptable?

it’s not even the makeup around the eyes or the softened hair… THE NOSE. THE JAWLINE. THE EYEBROWS. everything that makes Sara look like Sara and not another hot_female_character is gone!

I fucking hate it. I am bored to death with pretty and cute and soft female characters.
we have this cool motherfucking technology to design and animate and you still wanna go with this sameface bullshit? 

I just had to… try and draw it out, but I am still angry.


Bioware: hey we’re going to have new romaces in andromeda i wonder if there is anything we should consider about that


Bioware: ah yes!! 

Bioware: we should make at least one of the three male squad members straight :)

Mass Effect Andromeda? It looks awful have you seen the animation and the writing and- *trips* *thousands of sketches and paintings of my Ryder twins spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i don’t wanna play that game i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

If I read one more whining post about why all the female characters are so ugly in ME:Andromeda I’m going to go on a comments rampage. Quite aside from the fact that the characters are NOT ugly (and it shouldn’t matter even if by your shit subjective pov if they are), suck it up dumbass. Women are not put on earth solely for your dubious pleasures. We had to live with a decidedly off-putting male gaze throughout ME and I sincerely hope they’ve abandoned that this time round.

chevroneightlocked  asked:

also i just saw Avira and i'm so glad you like mass effect it was the game that got me into rpgs and i'm playing the first 3 again before andromeda comes out for real! which was your favourite in the series and which mission did you hate the most?

OOoooh, gosh… that’s such a hard question though! I loved all three of them for different reasons. (I’ll put it under the cut because I mean, spoilers, even though the games have been out for ages haha) <3

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    ❝ Even with power, we cannot change what has passed. What is done, is done. And so, I chose to rise from the ashes that my kingdom had fallen under, to give Dalmasca the love and care she deserves – the love and care my father gave tenfold. The Empire will not sway me, I will not give up; I muse endure!

└ ♔ ┊An independent and private Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca roleplay of Final Fantasy XII. Penned by Lindsey! established january 2016, rebooted march 2017. 


With the animation due to start next week, merchandises of both DR3 Future volume and DR3 Despair volume are already on their way to the shelves of anime shops! Such as these acrylic key chain chibis that will be sold by September 2016. There is a Despair Edition and Future Edition. One blind package is worth ¥580, and currently reservations are available in selected shops such as TAKARA TOMY.

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I’m such a sucker for this. Just slam dunk me in the trash can. Inspired by this and continuing my blood pact with all of your dentists to give you cavities from how sweet this fluff is.

Set in the six skipped weeks because seriously what the hell went on in Storybrooke then???

killian after the dentist

She’s not a huge medical advocate.

Maybe it’s because she had years and years of shitty doctors and dentists and ophthalmologists while growing up and didn’t even get a taste of what decent care could be like until prison. Maybe it’s because she had better things to spend her money and time on than endless appointments to fix whatever had gotten fucked up in the past.

But that’s her. It’s different for everyone else.

In her false memories, Emma knows that she was the type to drag Henry to the doctor for sniffles. In their year in New York, Emma remembers stubbornly working through a bad cold, but making Henry stay in bed for a week when he caught it. She’d brushed off food poisoning as nothing (damn Walsh and his damn raw foods-slash-vegan-slash-gluten-free restaurants), but took Henry to urgent care when she thought he had appendicitis (which turned out to just be a bad stomachache).

She should have expected this would extend to her boyfriend.

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you and i

prompt: lieutenant duckling modern au, Emma’s 17 and living in a small town with a crappy foster family and can’t wait to get out and go to college. While 19 year old Lieutenant Jones comes home from the war after being injured during battle. Despite their differences the two quickly form friendship over how desperately they want to escape the confines of their home.

word count: ~5800

rating: e for emotions and f for fluff

an: many, many thanks to thejollypirate for getting me through this (with the help of odonorude) and for giving it a read through! <3

She meets him on a Thursday.

It changes her life, seeing the dark brown head of hair and those sharp blue eyes.

She’s lived in Storybrooke for just a few weeks now, but she has been determined to make the best of such a shitty situation.

Her foster parents are kind of the worst. They could care less about whether or not she gets fed or if she goes to school, and Emma has made up her mind that this life is one she wants to crawl out of, no matter how difficult it ends up being.

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