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Last updated: Mar 20th, 2017

Please note: this is not my entire collection! That would be far too many for me to review (but it’s an awful lot of them).  Also the reason why I haven’t included small summaries for the fanfictions in this list - sorry! These are fanfictions that I really enjoyed/reccommend: if you want my entire collections, please check out my AO3 and FF.net collections, respectively. Thank you!

I also humbly suggest my own writing, all posted to my AO3.

Most of the links are either from A03 or FF.net, they’re mixed up within. A few are tumblr links now too, fyi!

I will try to remember to update this list when I can. Please enjoy!

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CS January Joy Round Up: Week 1

Hello everyone! I hope that you’ve enjoyed our first week of fics - here’s what’s been posted in case you missed any:

Rediscovering Emma by @warning-epic-nerd

12 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever by @katie-dub

Baby There’s a Price to Pay (I’m a genie in a bottle) by @lassluna

Sugar and Spice by @i-know-how-you-kiss

Heated by @coaldustcanary

Two Little Ducklings by @losttalongthewayy

Iridescent Blue by @pirateherokillian

Step By Step My Heart Will Start Melting by @ab-normality

Bonus drabble

You can also find some of the fics on AO3 and FF.net - check out the AO3 collection and FF.net community :)

If you like a fic please let the writer know - we live for kudos, likes, comments and reblogs!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

Fic: I’ll Be Home for Christmas (M)

Author’s note: (Please let this post on the first try!) Yes, a cliched title but it was the only one that fit. I bring you some Christmas smut set in the same canon-esque world as Traditions, Old and New and Santa and the Naughty Princess. Enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Emma bit her lip as her back lightly thudded against the cabinet. The sounds of the party filtered up the stairs but they were faint compared to the blood rushing in her ears. Killian’s warm solid body pressed intimately against hers, his mouth hot on her throat, hips pinning her in place. She could hardly breathe, let alone think, her body on fire. Her mother’s Christmas party was going on downstairs, they really should have been down there mingling and opening presents. And they tried for a little while. Killian hadn’t even wanted to come; they had their own Christmas Eve tradition and this party was putting a decided crimp in those plans. Emma didn’t really blame him; she loved their tradition too.

But when her mother asked, Emma couldn’t say no. She promised Killian they would only stay for a little bit, that there would be plenty of time for them at home. It would be their first Christmas in the new house; she wanted it to be special. None of this stopped him from giving her the bedroom eyes or teasing her when no one was looking, hence their little side trip to the upper part of the loft. The stated task of finding an extra set of dishtowels was quickly forgotten in their haste to touch one another, an attempt to burn off some of their sexual energy before everyone noticed how much neither was enjoying the party.

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Category: F/F
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Relationship: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor
Characters: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor
Additional Tags: vampire AU, supergirl - vampire, lena - human, Tumblr Prompt, Prompts Welcome

Fic: Back to Life (M)

Author’s note: I decided to join the post 5.21 craze. With smut, naturally. Some of this is my headcanon of the beginning of 5.22, so if you’re a spoilerphobe, don’t read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Back to Life

They walked hand in hand, scarcely able to believe it. It had been less than hour since Killian’s miraculous return and he still felt the urge to pinch himself. Emma wouldn’t let him go; one of the reasons it took them so long to even get this far was her tendency to stop them and pull him into a kiss. Or two. Or three. Not that he was complaining. But she was cold and tired and he just wanted to get her indoors.

He frowned as she gently drew them to a stop about ten feet from Granny’s entrance. “Killian, please don’t take this the wrong way.”

“That’s never a good way to start a conversation, love.”

She glanced at Granny’s; she could just make out her family inside. “Would you mind…waiting out here? Just for a minute? Regina’s kinda fragile right now and I’d like to keep the fireballs to a minimum.”

He pressed his lips together and nodded. “I’m sure the Widow Lucas would appreciate your thoughtfulness, Swan.”

It almost got her to smile. She pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek. “Five minutes. Then follow me, because I’m sure everyone will want to welcome you back.”

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Strangeness & Charm (24/24)

Killian Jones is a pirate captain down on his luck after a falling out with the Evil Queen. Emma Swan just found out she is the Savior. Their shared goals bring them on an epic quest to liberate the kingdom once and for all. It’s a lot easier said than done.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18  | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23  [All chapters chronologically]

AO3 & FF.Net

“So, let me get this straight,” Emma starts, still trying to digest all the information that was just thrown at her. Killian’s hand is still a steady weight in hers. They’re still standing in the dungeons. “You managed to convince a hoard of Regina’s knights to turn over to our side?”

“Well, it was more of a -”

“Convincing them not to kill us,” David finishes Killian’s sentence with a self-aware shrug. “It’s going to be a mess to figure out, but it beat them getting down in the dungeons and distracting you and Merlin from Regina.”

“Or killing us,” Guinevere adds helpfully. “That would have been much worse. Killian might have saved all of our lives.”

Emma can only gape, trying to picture the scene and failing. Killian has always been good with speeches - the night he told her he loved her is still burned into her mind, it’s as much of a steady source of strength as he promised to be - but the fact that he miraculously managed to prevent dozens of guards from going at his throat with the sheer power of his accent and her parents’ input is a little much to swallow. She turns her head to look at Killian, but his eyes are on his shoes and the tips of his ears are a familiar shade of embarrassed red.

The story is still strange.

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Fic: And a Bottle of Rum (M)

Author’s note: So this is kind of a sequel to ‘Yo Ho Ho.’ It’s Killian/Emma/Hook smut, so if that’s not your thing, feel free to skip. Dedicated to captainswanapproved​ who’s drowning in school work. Enjoy!

And a Bottle of Rum

Emma giggled on her way up the gangplank. Her heels thudded on the ancient wood, Killian right behind her. She felt warm and giddy, not to mention slightly tipsy. Which was to be expected when dating a pirate she supposed.

Killian caught her around the wrist with his hook, pulling her against his chest. “I didn’t say we were finished, love.”

Emma clutched at his lapel for balance, a knowing smile on her lips. “I believe I was promised a nightcap, Captain.”

“So you were.” He licked his lips just before he kissed her, a bit sloppy, a bit wet, but perfect all the same. His hand and hook trailed along her sides, coming around her waist, fingers toying with the ends of her hair. He was obsessed with the golden strands, always touching, stroking. Sometimes he’d pull on them just right and send her into a frenzy.

Like right now.

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List-o-Miraculous Fics

Since I couldn’t get the muses to write anything I’m just posting a link to all my Miraculous Fics for the anniversary. (Listed in order of publication)

Rainy Morning Cuddles: FF.Net/AO3

Adrien and Marinette enjoy some cuddles one rainy morning. Post-reveal fluff. Complete/SFW

Exhausted: FF.Net/AO3

The aftermath of a late night Akuma attack. Mostly fluff, little bit of implied sin, but no sin. Complete/NFWS-ish

A Miraculous Valentines: FF.Net/AO3

Join Adrien and Marinette as they celebrate this very special Valentine’s Day. Fluff and Sin. Complete/NSFW in the second chapter.

An Announcement: FF.Net/AO3

Ladybug tells Chat Noir something important. Complete/SFW

Drabbles ala Miraculous: FF.Net/AO3

Drabble collection. Mostly fluff, friendship, romance and maybe a little sin. In Progress/mostly SFW

Love Me Like You Do: FF.Net/AO3

Ladybug and Chat Noir share a dance and something shifts. Complete/SFW

Such a Tease: FF.net/AO3

Adrien has a hard time keeping his eyes off Marinette during a trip to the beach. Complete/SFW but has lots of teasing.

A Crappy Day: FF.Net/AO3

Marinette has a rather crappy day but Adrien luckily helps make it better. Part 1 of the ‘Bad Day’ Series. Complete/SFW

A Horrible Day (Or What Happens Afterwards): FF.Net/AO3

Marinette has a horrible day at work, shall we see what Adrien has planned to make her feel better? Part 2 of the 'Bad Day’ Series. Complete/NSFW

25 Miraculous Sentences: FF.Net/AO3

25 sentences of the Love Square. Complete/But may get more/Fairly SFW

LadyNoir July: FF.Net/AO3

It’s LadyNoir July! Let’s see what antics our fave heroes get up to all month! Complete/SFW

Fic: Be My Savior (M)

Author’s note: My contribution to the post sneak peak craze! Set a few days (weeks? who knows with this show) in the future. Enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Be My Savior

Emma fidgeted, nervously tugging the hem of the leather. What was she thinking? This was a horrible idea! Killian would walk in here and just laugh at her. She was certain of it. Flopping down on her back, she covered her face with her hands, wishing herself anywhere else. Anything but this horrible terrible idea she’d had about surprising her pirate. Why would she have ever dreamed this was a good idea?

Because you’re horny and desperate and this town never lets you breathe, she thought.

Well, that much was true. Ever since Killian came back (she didn’t like to think about where he had come back from, better to imagine him on some awful vacation), they’d been trying to find some time to themselves, to relearn each other and just revel in the fact that they were True Love. Something else Emma found extraordinary. A few years ago she refused to believe love existed, let alone True Love. But Killian? He loved her. He loved her with everything he had, his heart, his soul, his body.

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ok so I was giving @naggyfriend an enormous list of my fave YGO fics from my ff.net and a03 collections, and I guess I should probably make my own version of the giant list

KEEP IN MIND THOUGH that you’ll have to look for the fics on my favourites lists yourself (which I am linking however) - there’s just too many for me to link individually, but I’ve included the name and author of them so yeah

[Last updated April of 2016, I need to update it!]

Read more for my fave puzzleshipping fics!! 

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Fic: Tidings of Joy (M)

Author’s note: After many months of waffling, I’ve finally written a priest!Killian story. Blame @jscoutfinch​ and @optomisticgirl​. Ladies, this is for you! Warning: if you’re easily offended or very religious, you may want to skip this. Dirty with some sacrilegious themes. Otherwise, enjoy!

Also found: FF.net / AO3

Tidings of Joy

Killian scrubbed his hands over his face. Midnight Mass was in two hours, but it might as well be two minutes. In his distracted state, he was sure to mess something up. He’d participated in the Mass several times since taking his vows, would have sworn he could do it in his sleep. But that was before. Before he’d come to this parish, before he’d broken his vows, before he met a certain blonde siren.

Not that any of this was her fault. He was the one with a sacred vow. He was the one who fantasized about her. He was the one who couldn’t control himself.

He was lucky he believed in a God who forgave.

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Here’s a list of all the fics I’ve done for Jack/Hiccup!~

I’ll See It when I Believe It: FF.Net & Ao3 

  • Babysitting the Bennett kids isn’t a problem, at least for Hiccup. The Guardian of Winter that seems to have taken an interest in him? That could be. (FrostCup/HiJack) 
    • 20 Chapters/Complete

Better Late than Never: 

  • A compilation of drabbles and one-shots dedicated to HiJack Week. A late submission. 
    • Complete

Dramatic Irony: 

  • So what if this play was turning into a parody of a tragedy? So was high school. FrostCup/HiJack AU (or a high school rendition of Rome and Juliet with an all-male cast. Hiccup’s [forced to be] Juliet so naturally, Jack signed up to be Romeo.) 
    • Complete

Hora Somni: FF.Net & Ao3

  • A collection of tales to be taken right before bed. HiJack horror 
    • 3 Chapter/Incomplete

Daily Drabbles: FF.Net & Ao3

  • Or rather, not-so. “A daily series of drabbles and one-shots. HiJack and FrostCup." 
    • 19 Chapters/Incomplete

As It’s Written: FF.Net & Ao3

  • There were many things wrong with this scenario: 1. Hiccup was in a dress. 2. He was trapped in a castle. 3. Jack was thrown in the mix. FrostCup/HiJack  
    • 7 Chapters/Incomplete
Self-Promo Sunday - Distraction

Ah, yes, it’s Sunday once again.  This week, a one-shot that I wrote at the request of @optomisticgirl.  Since it’s part of my one-shot collection on FF.net, Displays of Affection, it doesn’t have a summary, but it’s based around the scene below and what happens immediately before it.  

Remember this hotness and the growl?  God bless Colin O’Donoghue and his acting choices.

So, ever wonder what happened just before this moment and the growl that accompanied it?