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stairs (eng)
Final Fantasy XV
stairs (eng)

Prompto: Oh. Never too many stairs. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.  (;へ:)

Stairs they go on, forever they go on

On and on and on ~

Noctis: He’s gone.  (゚ー゚;)

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I don't usually read these but any favorite one-shot collections? I just finished thejollypirate's collection of 96 one-shots on AO3 and I loved it!

@thejollypirate kudos!

some more one shot collections:

these authors have written lots of one shots and haven’t put them in a collection

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I know you normally don't take prompts, but if you were to write a smutty oneshot with deputy Killian and Emma I would not object. ;)

Author’s note: I finally got some time to write this! I hope you like it!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

The Sheriff and the Deputy

She turned over the fifteenth (or was it more? She lost count) time, tugging on her pillow to find a cool spot. It was dark, perfectly silent, her eyes were firmly closed, and still Emma Swan could not fall asleep. It was too quiet. Too dark. Too cold. It was the middle of fall and while the air in Storybrooke was cool; she never felt it in her bed. Their bed. She always had her husband—the human furnace—there to chase away the chill.

Basically, she’d gotten far too accustomed to sharing a bed and she missed him.

He was only down at the station. Manning to proverbial fort on a Saturday night. They were due at her parents’ house the next day for Sunday dinner; Killian gallantly suggested she get a good night’s sleep rather than man their usual Saturday night post at the station. It was a duty they typically took together, Saturday night being their busiest time in the sleepy town of Storybrooke. Ever since the Final Battle, things had been downright boring, not that she was complaining. Boring was good. It allowed her to enjoy some quality time with her new husband, something they’d had precious little of during their eventful courtship.

She was truly content, for the first time in her life.

Only not right now, because the man she loved so dearly was missing from their bed.

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“Okay, Iggy-but first lemme take a selfie!“📸
Just some Ignis and Prompto from a con last month with one of my friends! (:

(Side note it was super hot outside and my freckle game kinda died sry 😭)

Prompto: meh!
Ignis: Zimpup13 in Instagram

bust a base
Final Fantasy XV
bust a base

Prompto: Pretty sweet busting up that base–*gasp* “BUST-A-BASE”. I like the sound of that for this sort of thing!  ( ´ ▽ ` )

Noctis: Ah.  (゚ー゚;)

Prompto: There’s a base, we go in and bust it up! “Bust-a-base”! Whatever! I’m calling it that. You don’t have to. (。-`へ´-。)

Noctis: I won’t. ( ̄ω ̄;)

Ignis: Seems a bit… flippant.  (´ー`;)

Gladio: Why not go for something a little more epic? (;`・へ・´)

Prompto: Because I thought of it first! So that’s the name! Bust-a-base! Get used to it. ρ( ̄ヘ ̄ メ)

Noctis: Easier said than done.  (゚∀゚ ;)

My Captain Swan Fics

A collection of my work

These are stories that are either finished or that I am currently working on. 

I also have a new story I am writing, but it is not published yet and also a one-shot I will be working on.

~*Future Works*~

Against the Stacks

Rated: M

3,000-5,000 words

Summary: Killian is the University librarian who’s been admiring the aloof blonde girl from afar ever since the fall semester. He knows nothing about her, other than the fact that she likes to wear fishnet stockings and black leather skirts, but he’s fairly certain of two things: One, she has nothing better to do than hang out at the library at 1am on a Friday night and two, she’s not actually a student there. So what happens when he finally summons the courage to approach her? A smutty one-shot with a nerdy Library!Killian complete with black-framed glasses. Based on a prompt.

To Play the Game (and win your heart)

Rated: M

10-12 Chapters

Summary: Some people would call it a job, but to Emma and her sister, Milah, it’s a game of the heart. Play by the rules and you’ll never get hurt. Whatever you call swindling wealthy men out of their money, this con-artist duo has it down to a tee. Milah sets up an available, rich man and gets him to marry her. Emma seduces and lures the husband into having an affair so he’ll get caught in the act. He then loses his money in the ensuing divorce.

The sisters wear a coat of armor around their hearts to keep them in tact, but when they set their sights on their next mark, professional golfer Killian “hook” Jones, Emma never imagined how hard the game could be and how easily her heart could be stolen. Especially when she switches roles with Milah and becomes the one exchanging vows with the gorgeous millionaire. Heartbreakers AU. (I have tweaked this since I first posted the story idea.)

~*One Shots*~

Nothing but a Dirty Pirate

Rated: M

Words: 2,031

Summary: Canon divergent post Neverland based on a prompt from anonymous. David walks in on Emma and Killian during lazy morning sex and completely flips out.

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Fic: Truth or Dare 3 (M)

Author’s note: Ask and you shall (eventually) receive! For those of you who’ve enjoyed the previous two forays into Captain Red Swan smut, I bring you part 3. You don’t have to have read the previous two to understand this one. It’s pretty much 8000 words of pure smut. I hope you like it!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Truth or Dare 3

Emma giggled as she guided them away from the party. She was a little tipsy, pleasantly so, the buzz of the alcohol making her feel light, like she was floating. Of course, it also made her very horny, especially with a man like Killian Jones at her side.

Said man chuckled darkly as the shadows fell around them, the sounds of the party falling away. It had been quite a fine one, Granny outdoing herself for their engagement party. His ring shined on Emma’s finger, her smile even more so. He didn’t know such happiness could exist until her. This engagement was long overdue, but he’d wanted it to be perfect. She deserved no less. Two weeks later, they were celebrating with everyone they loved, still reveling in the pure joy of sharing forever together.

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Event Horizon (A Collection of Jopper Ficlets)

Even as events in Hawkins continue to draw them inextricably together, Hopper — knowing what grief will come from it — wants to keep Joyce from stumbling into the black hole of his life. But, god, he wants her, too, and there’s a power in the energy between them that will abide no resistance.

A chronicle of moments about fighting monsters, facing the end of the world (again), and falling in love.

(Not necessarily in that order.)

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The night of the Snow Ball was crisp and clear and meant only for the young, pulsing as it was with songs Hopper didn’t even half-recognize, and so he willingly accepted his banishment from the gymnasium after watching El mount the steps alone, a nod and an unspoken go get ’em, kid passing between them in the brief moment she had looked back for reassurance.

God, to be that young again, that bittersweet age when everything in the world seemed to hinge on being invited to the school formal.

He was not so old as to have forgotten what it felt like, that shivery-sick rush of asking a pretty girl to dance and knowing the soft touch of her hands over his shoulders, of being almost-caught kissing under the bleachers and rearing apart, breathless and heated, into the safety of the dark. But still, the advance of years had drawn a veil between then and now,  and Hopper did not regret it, this mantle of adulthood and responsibility he had to wear, until nights like this one sent nostalgia bleeding in, however stupidly, around the edges of his life — then, yeah, he missed the days he had survived on something other than coffee and quiet fury and the terror of loss.

Goddamn lucky kids, he thought, perhaps unfairly (knowing what he knew), and shook his head as he rounded the building.

Most parents, and the few older siblings tasked with chauffeur duty, had simply dropped their kids off and retreated until they were summoned again, but he saw Joyce leaning against her car, something of their old teenage delinquency still apparent in her pose, and thought it only natural, laughably predictable, that they would be the two standing guard, such as it was, against any dramatics that might break out in a room brimming with adolescent hormones — and against worse things, the big end-of-the-world things that haunted them both for all they pretended to have moved on.

“Thought I might find you out here.”

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A friendly rant regarding Sarek...

First off….This new trope of Sarek just collecting children like some sort of interstellar pied piper is seriously annoying the hell out of me.

He adopts one kid, Michael Burnham (and it isn’t really a full adoption, more of a fostering from what we’ve seen so far.) He does a very generous and dare I say compassionate thing in this act of taking her in when she was at her most vulnerable. Kudos to you Sarek and Co. He obviously cares for her well being and that’s heartwarming but he does eventually ship her off to the Shenzhou so she can learn from humans about her own culture. He basically does a catch and release. 

Spock and his older half brother Sybok are Sarek’s biological children… he didn’t just pluck them out of the damn sky, ffs. They weren’t collected like damn knickknacks for the mantelpiece and dusted off once in a while when company came calling. To be certain, if we have learned anything about Sarek and his relationship to Spock (and likely Sybok) he most definitely did not want to be separated from his kids despite both his damn offspring being stubborn rule breakers who had to follow their own paths to the stars. If his iron-fisted parenting style leads us to any conclusion, it clearly indicates that Sarek does in fact take parenting quite seriously. He has lofty expectations and a penchant for authoritarianism for sure, but welcome to Vulcan Interactions 101. Everyone who is bitching about Sarek being an asshole deadbeat dad too busy diplomat-ing to give a crap is perhaps seeing the character as something he isn’t. Granted, the distance he projects naturally can be seen as somewhat dickish at times and the way he handles some situations (Spock’s 18 year cold shoulder, for example) are less than perfect but… he is an inherently flawed being as all beings are. For all his logic, outward calm and seeming perfection, he mirrors the conflict that is all to evident in his sons.

FINALLY, The only other example of another child being adopted into Sarek’s house is the non-canon adoption/fostering of Saavik. But, to be fair… that was Spock who rescued her from the failed Romulan colony of Thieurrull (Hellguard) and left her in his parent’s care (at least according to DC Comics series 1: Issues 7-8 and the TOS novel Unspoken Truths. To contrast, in the movie adaptation novels of ST:II-IV as well as in TOS novel The Pandora Principle, Saavik has never so much as set foot on Vulcan before the fal-tor-pan ceremony) so it wasn’t actually Sarek’s doing so much as Spock’s. (An interesting non-canonical parallel between father and son, nonetheless.)

I guess y’all can headcannon as much as you’d like but after seeing multiple posts about Sarek and his ever expanding space orphanage (as well as his perceived poor parenting) I just had to rant about how fucking irritating the whole idea is to me personally that there are suddenly all these imagined adopted S’chn T’gai’s running around the family villa (or manor or fortress or whatever you like because honestly we don’t know for sure because TAS gives us our only glimpse and that was spotty at best.)

{ insert massive sigh here }

But I digress…. 

oh holky fuck

guys I need your help, does anyone know if primaniacs ships to Canada? BEcause they made some damn perfume and ffs our perfume collection is worth more than our car, we NEEEEEEEED this

I mean like the umbrellas were adorbs and we missed them, and the purses would have been nice but we missed those too but I NEED TO BUY THIS RIGHT NOW I don’t even care if the juice is cheap crap the bottles alone make this so fucking worth it

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Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend any Drarry fics where Harry's magic is uncontrollable (and powerful) and that is a major plot point or explored to a significant extent. I have been searching for ages and I just cant seem to find any :( Thanks x

Hello nonnie :) Powerful!Harry is a trope I adore a lot ♥ My favs (among many others) are:

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by @firethesound [E, 149.5k]

Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.  ~ 2014.02

The Shadow Lord by @arissavion [M, 122k]

In 1981, Voldemort burned down the old magical world and built his own empire on top of it. A decade later, a scarless but powerful Harry Potter begins his education, determined to prove himself. But chaos and violence rule this new Hogwarts, and making it out alive won’t be easy. Especially not for the boy destined to be the Dark Lord’s nemesis.  ~ 2017.04

Though I’m not so sure about the ‘uncontrollable’ part, here are all the lists I can find:

by @dragontamerdrarry : Powerful! Harry 

by @mistmarauderPowerful!Harry

in AO3 tags : #powerful Harry + #wandless magic

in FF collections : Powerful Harry + many more lists

— rude collection

Tagging: @spideychelleforever @peterjonesparker @duhmj@iamacolor @spideychelle-romanogers@kendrasauhders
Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming
Note: based off of an off the wall idea with the awesome @spideychelleforever​, his Spideychelle College AU, and a cute tumblr selfie.

It surprises him how it takes a certain amount of courage and self-assurance to accompany Michelle to the drinking game going on in the second sitting room. It takes even more to not explicitly voice his selfishness or disappointment as another guy hits on her. But it comes off in waves and pout that she points out some forty minutes later with her legs draped across his lap as they sit beside the backyard pool, passing back and forth a cup full to the brim of a vodka cocktail, and Peter gazing forlornly into the waters.

And it’s then that he makes the biggest mistake of his life, he’s sure—he’s certain—he suspects.

Michelle’s sure that it’s the alcohol in his system, but when he repeats more admit, her mouth goes dry and she swears that her already rapid heartbeat literally stops for a full minute.

His hand on her lower thigh tightens. Drifts to her knee.

That is, it turns out, a really fucking colossal mistake.

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Fic: Back to Life (M)

Author’s note: I decided to join the post 5.21 craze. With smut, naturally. Some of this is my headcanon of the beginning of 5.22, so if you’re a spoilerphobe, don’t read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Back to Life

They walked hand in hand, scarcely able to believe it. It had been less than hour since Killian’s miraculous return and he still felt the urge to pinch himself. Emma wouldn’t let him go; one of the reasons it took them so long to even get this far was her tendency to stop them and pull him into a kiss. Or two. Or three. Not that he was complaining. But she was cold and tired and he just wanted to get her indoors.

He frowned as she gently drew them to a stop about ten feet from Granny’s entrance. “Killian, please don’t take this the wrong way.”

“That’s never a good way to start a conversation, love.”

She glanced at Granny’s; she could just make out her family inside. “Would you mind…waiting out here? Just for a minute? Regina’s kinda fragile right now and I’d like to keep the fireballs to a minimum.”

He pressed his lips together and nodded. “I’m sure the Widow Lucas would appreciate your thoughtfulness, Swan.”

It almost got her to smile. She pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek. “Five minutes. Then follow me, because I’m sure everyone will want to welcome you back.”

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