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How many times has Cloti been confirmed canon?

For those interested, Cloud x Tifa has been confirmed multiple times with multiple phrases.


1) First, the word  “ 好意

This word is used to describe Aerith’s feelings for Cloud, and Tifa’s feelings for Cloud. 

好意 Describes the feelings that Cecil and Rosa have for each other. 

好意 Describes the feelings that Locke and Celes feel towards each other.

好意  Describes what Squall and Rinoa feel for each other. 

It is clear this word is romantic.

So who does Cloud feel “ 好意” towards? In the ultimanias, it is stated blatantly that Cloud returns Tifa’s feelings.

Cloud and Tifa share  “ 好意”

For many years, Cloud and Tifa have been holding favor for one another. -25th Anniversary.


Confirmation above that Cloud feels “ 好意 ” towards Tifa and has for many years. 

Incidentally, Tifa didn’t realize he held favor for her until he informed her in the Lifestream. Even though she was called out for it to just be the two of them, she was clueless? -pg. 25, Ultimania Omega

ちなみにティファは、 クラウドか自分に好意を抱いていたということに、 ライフストリームで告げられるまでまったく気づいていなかった。呼び出されてふたりきりになっているのに、結鈍感?

Cloud confirmed to have revealed his feelings of “ 好意 ” for Tifa in the lifestream. 

Cloud reveals his feelings for Tifa in the mental world.-pg. 229 of the FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2: Scenario guide

Confirmed again. 

She ventured into Lifestream together with Cloud. Amidst the course of him trying to ascertain his memories, they became aware of the feelings which each other was holding. FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Tifa Lockhart Character Profile p 42-47

And upon learning these romantic feelings, they then move in together.

In FF7, Tifa is the only one who knows Cloud’s childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of Nibelheim’s burning down, which is also depicted in CC. She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.- Tifa profile Crisis Core Ultimania.

They live together because of their romantic feelings. Tifa is the only woman out of the two we are told Cloud returns feelings towards.


2) The phrase:   互いへの想い

Cloud and Tifa: 

Cloud and Tifa, who remain, reveal their feelings for each other together. -FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, pg. 118


When their companions disperse to the places where people important to them await, Cloud and Tifa are the only two to remain behind. They reveal their mutual feelings in their final hours, and……- FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 198; story summary


And when Cloud and Tifa remain behind alone, in their final hours, together they disclose their feelings for each other. - FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2: Scenario, pg. 232; main body of FFVII’s story summary


Yuna and Tidus: 

At the mysterious spring that glitters like the stars, the two kiss and embrace many times, confirming their feelings for one another. -FFX Ultimania Omega, pg. 60


Cecil and Rosa:

Reunited safely, Rosa and Cecil embrace one another, confirming their feelings for each other. -pg. 110, 20th anniversary ultimania



3) The phrase: 想いを通わせ

Cloud and Tifa:

Declares that the team should dissolve in the final hours before the final battle, and communicates his feelings together with Tifa, who remains behind at the airship with him.- FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 15; Cloud’s profile 


When Cloud proposes that the group separates temporarily, she remains behind at the airship and communicates her feelings together with Cloud.-  FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 27; Tifa’s profile


She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.- Tifa profile Crisis Core Ultimania.


Locke and Celes:

The imperial general and the anti-empire organization member — Celes and Locke’s relation to one another is like ships passing in the night; it’s a long period before they get to communicate their feelings completely. -FF 20th AU “For the One I Love”

帝国の将軍と反帝国組織の一員 – お互いの立場ゆえにすれちがっていたセリスとロックは、長い期間を経てようやく想いを通わせた。

Squall and Rinoa:

A friendly and cheerful young woman, part of the resistance group called the Forest Owls, whose goal is the liberation of Timber. She joins in Squall and co.’s activities when they are dispatched by SeeD, and also participates in the witch assassination plot, which she wasn’t supposed to be involved with. During a battle, she inherits the powers of a witch from Edea; she begins to fear that she will become an enemy of the whole world, but Squall communicates his feelings to her and battles Ultimecia to protect her.- FF 25th AU Vol. 2

ティンバー独立を目指すレジスタンス「森のフクロウ」に身を置く、 人なつっこくて快活な少女。 SeeDとして派遣されたスコールたちと行動をともにし、 自身の当初の目的ではない魔女討伐作戦にも協力。 戦いのさなかイデアから魔女の力を継承してしまい、 自分が世界中の人々の敵となることに恐れを抱くが、 想いを通わせたスコールに守られつつ アルティミシアに立ち向かう。 

Steiner and Beatrix: 

A Love That Started With A Misunderstanding
To Beatrix, Steiner is the one opponent who has defeated her, and they both harbour a rivalry towards each other. But after mistaking Eiko’s love letter for one sent to them from each other, they start to take notice of one another and in the ending make their feelings known. - FF 25th AU Vol. 2

ベアトリクスにとってスタイナーはただ一度敗北を喫した相手であり、双方ともに対抗意識を燃やしていた。だが、エーコのラブレターを互いが互いに宛てたものだとカンちがい して以来、ふたりは意識し合うようになり、エンディングで想いを通わせる。

Cloud and Tifa are canon.

Hope you enjoyed!

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OQ AU based on the movie “The Proposal” for my Secret Santa match robinoflocksleys♥ (I might turn this into a multi chapter fic) I hope you enjoy it sweetie :$ y Feliz Navidad♥

It had been a poor move. She knows that, but apparently she hadn’t mind at that moment, which led to her actually introducing Robin as her fiancée. Knowing she could’ve chosen any lie, she had to choose the worst one. What was she thinking? She didn’t even like him. While she had to admit that Robin Locksley was doing a very good job, she also knew that he was just as good in being annoying as hell. But her mouth had been faster than her brain and she had found herself on her knees apparently proposing to him, after announcing their engagement to their boss to be able to stay in England.

Now she had the mess, but she was sure she could handle it. She was Regina Mills and Regina Mills can deal with anything, even with a very annoying forced fiancée, who was currently focusing on studying for that stupid ‘Are you really in love or just playing the laws?’-Test, that lawyer constrained them to do.

“Favorite colour: undefinable?”. She lifts her eyes from her laptop screen. “Any problem with that?”. “No, but why undedinable? I’m sure there must be a colour you like above all else or at least a tendency”. “Fine, I tend to like darker colours.” He bites his lips trying to cut back his next comment, but his need to make a joke is stronger and so he blurts out an “So it matches your soul better?” and only gets a murderous look in return from the brunette besides him.

He chuckles lightly at her reaction and her anger only intensifies. “Are you having fun?” “Come on Regina, I was just joking and you know that.” Her return “This isn’t some joke, this is business.” only makes him laugh harder at her seriousness.

“You know Miss Mills, you might wanna turn down the business or no one will buy this little charade.”

“Let that be my problem.”

“As the lady commands.”

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