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How do you think Prompto acts when he's sick?

  • Prompto will 100% try to hide the fact that he’s sick by acting like nothing’s wrong and going out of his way to hide his symptoms.
    • Turning on the faucet to cover up the sound when he throws up in the toilet
      • (He also cries when he throws up– better make sure his eyes are dry before he leaves the bathroom)
    • Attempting to act naturally by being his normal, cheerful, energetic self… but coming across as much more cheerful and energetic than normal
      • One time, he gets a really high fever and swoons… but he’s somehow able to maneuver himself into a front somersault when he pitches over and ends up back on his feet
        • Noctis: What
        • Noctis: Why
        • Prompto: Oh. You know. Just wanted to show off my agility.
        • Gladio: Weren’t agile enough to dodge the Killer Bee back there before it stung your–
        • Prompto: SHHHH!!! :(
    • WILLINGLY taking medicine in an attempt to relieve his symptoms so that he can function
    • Avoiding. Standing. Too close. To Ignis.
      • Because Ignis has Nat 20 Perception and HE WILL NOTICE IMMEDIATELY
    • Blaming coughing fits on choking on his own saliva
      • Which. Okay. Yeah. Happens, but not five times in the span of an hour.
    • Trying to eat healthier foods and drink more water than usual since a healthy diet will probably help his body recover faster
      • Prompto loves juice and soda, so this is usually when Ignis’s suspicions that something is wrong are confirmed
  • When Prompto’s been found out, he tries to keep up the facade for a while longer
    • He doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Plus he’s worried that he’ll come across as weak if he lets illness affect his efficiency on the field. Like. He doesn’t need yet ANOTHER reason to feel like the weakest link.
  • But once the boys finally convince him to sit the hell down and rest, it’s a downwards spiral into not-feeling-goodness. When he’s sick, Prompto will:
    • Not take Ignis’s advice
      • Prompto: “I don’t want to drink water. I want a Coke”
      • Prompto: “If I drink this cough syrup I will literally die. It tastes like watered-down Flintstones vitamins mixed with battery acid and a lonely childhood”
        • Yes Ignis will hide medicine in Prompto’s food so that he’ll take it
        • No it does not always work
          • Prompto: “Why is this applesauce so bitter”
          • Prompto: WAIT”
    • Endlessly apologize for being a bother and get very emotional when someone cares for him– no matter how small the act is
      • Gladio: *Handing Prompto a cup of soup* Here, this should help your… What–
      • Prompto: *Tears rolling down his cheeks*
      • Noctis: Gladio! What did you do???
      • Prompto: Nothing. Except be perfect…
      • Gladio: This kid’s fuckin’ delirious. I’m getting him a wet washcloth for his head.
      • Prompto: See, Noct? A saint…
      • Noctis: Prompto, literally what–
      • Prompto: Those tattoos on his arms are his angel wings
      • Gladio:
      • Prompto: Fly away, Gladio. 
      • Prompto: Be free…
    • Once the guilt becomes a bit more manageable, Prompto begins to let himself enjoy being cared for awww

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Tell me Prompto's favorite cookie holiday drink!

  • I think he’d love gingerbread since he enjoys spicy food so much, and gingerbread as a bit of a kick to it thanks to the cinnamon
    • One year, Ignis helps him bake enough gingerbread to make a gingerbread house for a gingerbread party of four– Prompto, Iris, and Noctis decorate all of it while Ignis and Gladio are content with watching
      • The next morning, Prompto awakens to find that Gingerbread Boy Leon, the youngest of the Gingerbread Family, has gone missing
        • Noctis: Who cares who ate him??? It’s food??? You eat it????
        • Gladio: A sorry end for the youngest gingerbread son of a gingerbread family– for anyone. He was a gingerbread boy with gingerbread hopes and gingerbread dreams.
        • Prompto: And licorice for hair.
        • Noctis: Nobody’s perfect.
        • Ignis: Gladio ate him.
        • Prompto: >:O
  • Give Prompto the tallest mug of hot cocoa with a bunch of whipped cream and marshmallows on top, and he’ll be the happiest boy in the world!
    • He will legitimately throw up if you try to give him eggnog, though. The texture… The flavor… *Gags*

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Since you wanted prompts what about a fic where Tom hangs out with Marco for the full time for the anger management and Marco never finds out it was fake and then they get closer and become genuine friends/maybe boyfriends and Tom eventually confesses that it was fake

Sure I can! I hope you like the story! Enjoy!

Tom felt his face heat up as he watched Marco laugh. They did this a lot now, they would just hang out, play video games, or sometimes just talk to each other for hours. And with every meeting Tom ended up liking the human more and more than the first time. Because technically, Tom wasn’t actually trying to get along with Marco the first time. It was weird, he had a fun night with Marco, just for this anger management practice, but when Brian told him he passed… he felt bad. Like he didn’t deserve it. Tom tried to shake that feeling off and continue his time with the human who had proven himself to be such a good friend.

“Tom, are you even trying?” Marco asked, as he beat the demon in the video game once again. Tom shook his head and laughed a bit.

“Not that time, no. I got a little distracted.” He admitted, blushing a little more. It was odd, whenever the human was around he got a surge of new feelings, and he liked it. He didn’t want them to go away. But even if he stayed forever, whenever Tom would make a move to tell marco how he really felt about him, he would get tied up and the words wouldn’t come out. So Tom just decided to stay quiet, and love him from afar.

Marco restarted the game and the boys continued to play. They laughed and joked and messed with each other, like most of their time together was spent. But their fun was cut short this time when the door opened and Brian came in, already speaking.

“I have a few more questions in regards to your graduation.” He began. Tom scrambled to his feet.

“Brian could we actually-”

“Graduation?” Marco asked, cutting him off. Tom fell back and bit his lip. Brian looked up at the human in surprise. “Tom, what are you graduating?” Marco asked. Tom just played with his hands nervously.

“That’s the thing, Brian I don’t think I’m ready to deem myself cured. I think I-” But Tom was cut off again by the life coach, who seemed very confused.

“Tom, what is that kid doing here?” He asked. Tom looked like he was about to say something again, but Brian answered Marco’s question faster. “Tom graduated anger management, I thought you knew. You were there.” Brian started. Marco fell back in confusion.

“I don’t think so.” He laughed. “What’s he talking about, Tom?” Marco asked. But before Tom could respond Brian reached into his pocket and showed Marco the badge Tom had received.

“The night of the Mackie hand movie, that was his test.” Brian started. “That’s why I never thought I’d see you again. Tom had to spend three hours with somebody he hates most without getting angry, and if he did that he graduated.” He explained. Marco’s eyes widened and he looked at the pin.

“Tom… is he telling the truth?” Marco asked. There was hurt in his eyes. “That movie night was just a ploy?… A person you hate MOST?” Marco asked. He was trying very hard not to let tears escape his eyes. This couldn’t be true. Tom and him had been getting along so well, they’ve been such good friends and so nice to each other. Marco actually thought he might have real feelings for the demon. But Tom hated him?

“Marco listen.” Tom tried. But Marco groaned and threw the pin on the ground.

“I knew it! I knew you were still the same jerk that Star dumped!” Marco hissed. “UGH! And I thought we could actually be friends? I thought I actually could… you were using me to graduate? You HATE me!?” Marco felt a tearing feeling in his chest. The idea that Tom of all people hated him made marco feel like he was choking.

“No! Marco, it’s not like that… well… maybe it was at first.” Tom tried. Marco just huffed and dug in his pocket for his scissors. “Marco wait!” Tom cried, but the human was already gone. Tom’s ears dropped and he fell back, feeling a horrible feeling well up inside. He felt empty and hurt and all alone, and the guilt was eating at him.

“Why were you with that kid?” Brian asked, clearly confused by the situation. Tom just stood there and stared at where Marco left. He didn’t hate Marco, he was with Marco because Marco was sweet, and kind, and made him happy. Nd Tom just wanted to forget his reasons for that night, and start over. Tom just wanted a real friend.

“You ruined EVERYTHING!” Tom screamed, his eyes lit up and he spun around in a rage. “YOU RUINED IT!”


Marco groaned when there was a little knock at his bedroom door. “I don’t wanna talk about it, Star.” Marco huffed. But the door creaked open anyway.

“It’s… It’s me.” Tom spoke up. Marco sat up quickly and looked over at the demon for a moment, before getting an angry look and turning away.

“Get out of here, I don’t wanna see you.” Marco huffed. Tom took a step forward.

“Marco, please, I just wanna talk… I-I’m sorry.” Tom started. Marco just huffed and rolled his eyes, sitting back down on his bed. Tom played with his thumbs. “Marco please understand, I never wanted to hurt you… I didn’t think that you’d-”

“You didn’t think I’d be somebody worth liking?” Marco asked, crossing his arms and throwing the demon a look. Tom looked up and shook his head frantically, waving his arms.

“No! No! It’s not that, Marco! I swear!” Tom cried. He then fell back with a timid look and chewed his lip. “I-I never thought me and you would get along… We didn’t exactly get off on the right foot and… I never gave you a chance after that. I’m sorry, Marco. It was unfair of me, and it was wrong of me to use you like that, and it was wrong of me to never tell you. I just… in the moment, it felt like the right thing to do. But it wasn’t.” Tom continued. “I’m sorry, I want to be your friend I-I really like you, Marco.” He finished, his face flushing red.

Marco stared at him for a long time, Tom rubbed his upper arm with a timid look. “I… I didn’t expect you to say all that.” Marco cracked a little smile. Tom looked up at this with hopeful eyes. “I forgive you.” Marco spoke, smiling warmly. Tom felt his heart flutter as Marco smiled at him. Marco then laughed and pulled Tom in a hug, causing the demon to flush red. “You’re a good friend Tom.” Marco added. Tom then felt something squeeze in his chest, he didn’t want to be friends. He saw that now. Hr thought of Marco as something more. “You promise we’re friends?” Marco asked. “No more secrets?”

Tom fell back a moment, he wanted to tell his other secret. He wanted to tell Marco how he felt. But he couldn’t, so he just smiled and nodded. “I promise.”

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Hey I made you another version of the “When you walk away you don’t hear me say” thingy.. this time with Noctis saying that he has a new recipeh… I hope you like this one too :D enjoy!



“…Branded for life.”

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how to wake up ur prince: a step by step guide by prompto


a soft concept: iris carrying around these cute little hair clips and putting them on the boys  (*≧∀≦*)