A very important Turnabout Boston photoset featuring Ghost Trick and my garbage camera. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Ace Attorney Meetup on Saturday night! Shane/ @ughlawyers and I live for being your shoot leaders–a huge thank you to Shane for setting up the spot and to Zack for being one of our head photographers!

Athena Cykes: @two-can-keep-a-secret
Ema Skye (shoot leader/dark green vest): @fairwind
Phoenix Wright ): @gogglecandyme
Trucy Wright: Warpstar Cosplay

Young Dhurke: @equestrianime

Ema Skye (pink 3ds case): @tsunderegrumbling

Simon Blackquill: @bythe-outsider

Bobby Fulbright: @the–lord–protector

Klavier Gavin: @klvrgvn

Miles Edgeworth: @maya-fey

Phoenix Wright: @sexycowboy123

Please tag yourselves and I’ll edit the post! Court is adjourned til next year!