fey talks about shit no one cares about

i’m at that stage of tired where everything is suddenly really funny so I was scrolling down my dash trying not to laugh really loudly
and I was like ‘oh no everything is funny i need to get off of tumblr’
and then suddenly google like crashed/killed the page
and i started laughing because google killed tumblr for me
but in the process doomed me to laugh

i don’t usually mention things like this, but whenever i see genderbend art of Karkat suddenly wearing sexy low cut clothes (or most characters like this), it kind of frustrates me, because a whole POINT of karkat’s character is trying to hide his blood color. Which generally means covering up as much skin as possible, in my mind? Like just because he’s a female doesn’t mean that the character would be any different.

She would still be incredibly self conscious about blood color. She would still try to hide every bit of it.

Know what’s really funny?

Someone last night reblogged that spider and called me a stupid cis for calling that a ps2 controller instead of a ps3. I don’t know if they were being serious or not, but to clear some things up:

Listen up guys.

Ps2s had wireless controllers too. The differences aren’t that distinct. I’m pretty sure the only differences is that the PS logo is there instead of the ‘Mode’ button on the PS2 wirelesses. Which I have one of, btw. 

Secondly, I’m not cishet. I don’t identify as heterosexual, I identify as pansexual. And no I’m not attracted to pans.

I’m attracted to people depending on their personalities. Gender, or sex, do es not matter to me. You can be male, female, genderfluid, or whichever else there is out in the world because I’d be listing for days, and as long as you had a decent personality?

I’d still love you.

People who don’t think others should add comments to their posts.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

People who think that their posts are holy and shouldn’t be touched.


People who actively get angry when others offer their input on a post, regardless of content.


This is tumblr, you can add your own text to a post for a goddamn reason when you reblog and your shit isn’t sacred or made out of gold. Get off your fucking highhorse.

  • don’t call me by my real name on the internet
  • don’t call me by my real name on the internet
  • don’t call me by my real name on the internet


Well, they’ve discharged him. They can’t find out the cause, so they’re saying it’s a problem with his eyes with why they’re turning.

Which is fucking stupid, because if it was his eyes, he’d be able to close them and walk straight, which he tried, and he still loses his balance and falls. And he wouldn’t be feeling numbness in his left hand/arm if it was just his eyes.

I swear I really hate Jesup doctors. They’re the same ones that misdiagnosed my sister four times before she died. I swear they have all the reject doctors from other places who can’t get hired anywhere else. They also misdiagnosed cystic fibrosis in one of my teachers over 5 times. 

If you get sick, never go to the hospital in Jesup GA because you’ll probably die like my sister.

Useless fucks.

(Sorry for the rant, this is stressful and these doctors have fucked us over so many times before)

Well, other than uncle now being in hospital ( waiting on MRIs back for more information on what happened), I did manage to find one hell of a sale this morning.

I got a red trenchcoat, a few other red pieces of clothing, and ADORABLE red and white apron, which can all be used for crocker corp cosplays.
I also found an american flat knit sweater that I can use for my America casual cosplays, and I found this ugly as shit pink christmas sweather that I can use for Christmasstuck!Roxy.
There was also a green suit top and pants (but they don’t match D: ) which I can use for my future felt or Callie Ohpeee cosplay! 
Also in the mix are two white button up shirts in great condition. 

Grand total?
Four dollars and twenty five cents. Everything was a quarter.

So by your defense that children need a mother and father, I should not have been allowed to be raised by a mother who loves me a lot because she didn’t have a man to put as a ‘father’ for me.

Children shouldn’t waste away in a system that makes it impossible for a loving family to adopt them, just because they’ll have two fathers or two mothers. Because it’s better that they have NO parents than two of the same gender?

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.

Working on making respective Livestream and Twitch streams for a group of game playthroughs with my friends. Who’d be interested in watching us? 


We’ll be playing Indie games and game suggestions. We will probably be streaming games like OFF, Amnesia, Slender, Machine for Pigs (when it’s released), classic games, flash games, and generally whatever we want to at the the time. (Even some Homestuck Flash games!)
At the moment, we have four people.

Are you ready, guys? ;D

I’ll post our tumblr group when we’re ready to produce. Please direct all questions to this blog until then if you want to ask about our little project.