I should list who i have as what for my Monster AU actually, so i’m gonna do that

Naegi - Frankenstein-esque patch up job. He’s made of of the parts of several different people, although the variations in skin tone aren’t that noticeable so no one really notices it. He constantly wears his hoodie, and clothes that cover up most of his body because the stitches holding his limbs together are very visible. He constantly looses his foot.

Kirigiri - Telekinetic/telepathic, her arms are missing from the elbow down, and instead are heavily wrapped with bandages that mirror the actual limbs themselves. She controls and manipulates these to act like limbs and they can harden on impact and cause serious damage. She’s mute, and communicates telepathically, but on a very high frequency that can only be picked up by a few people, namely Naegi.

Togami - Vampire with control issues, comes from a very rich, pure bloodline that dates back centuries. His attributes are newly acquired, and he has issues keeping in control and his powers will often go haywire, causing migraines and hunger issues often. He’s very picky with his food, and will only drink blood that has a certain taste to it. He often goes hungry because of this.

Fukawa - Blood witch/stomach mouth, her body is covered in wounds, cuts and scrapes, however these wounds do not heal, so she’s always in a constant state of bleeding. Its not heavy, it just weeps, so she’s practically covered in bandages that need changing every 3-4 hours, because of this she’ll have bathroom breaks constantly to check and makes sure the blood hasn’t seeped through the bandages and is visible. She also has a rather grotesque mouth on her stomach, with sharp teeth and drooling tongue, it calls itself Syo and is constantly hungry, grumbling about wanting food. She often gets Fukawa in trouble for things she says and everyone thinks its her. She wears baggy clothes to hide her.

Asahina - Water Siren, she has the ability to breathe under water and move unnaturally fast. Prolonged full body exposure to water however will cause the growth of mermaid-esque fins. She constantly needs to be hydrated, and carries up to 10-12 bottles of water in her backpack with her everywhere.

Hagakure - Future see-er, he can see anywhere from ten minutes to ten days into the future at any given time, although it will re-write itself almost instantly afterwards, generally picking bad outcomes for however’s future he looked into/saw.

Junko - Animal Shifter. She easily takes on the form of a large, monochrome bear at will, and can partially shift between either form - ie eyes changing into her bear forms when she’s human, ect. Prolonged time in her bear form however will cause her base animal instincts to gradually take over, ie she’ll lose the ability to speak properly and revert to growls and grunts, ect. After 10 minutes she must change back or the effects that happen will become more sever and she’ll end up getting stuck. If she wears herself out she’ll revert back to human form.

Mukuro - has the ability to talk to inanimate objects, favours weapons such as guns and knives. has trouble communicating with actual people because of this, and will often keep quite completely and avoid social situations. Will do anything for her sister, including and not limited to dying.

That’s all i have for the survivours and the Despair Twins, others are still being worked out and i’ll finalize things as i go.

Things that I hate:
  • When people tag shit with *INSERT CHARACTER/ACTOR NAME HERE* because they used a gif of that person but the actual post is just a text post about their day or something.
  • Hi
  • No
  • You’re messing up my tracked tags
  • If click the Castiel tag I want to see pictures of Castiel
  • OKAY
  • okay
  • I’m done
things that have made me fREAK oUT this wknd
  •  bought tickets for 1989 tour (!! & also $$)
  • my boys are here in 4 days!!!!
  • five cop cars in a row
  • today at the grocery store i tried and tried and tried to self-check a sack of candy, to no avail (the barcode was wrinkled! just a little!) and right after i gave up and paid (sad grocery bag with just mascara and a pepper in it) the clerk told me to ‘have a nice day’ and he had been standing silently RIGHT BEHIND ME THE WHOLE TIME >:(((
  • a dream where my boss brought a team of 100 men to the island where i was living to try and kill me, and i had to fly away and leave a cake i was baking in the oven to die
  • not 1direction im cured!!!

i’m sorry that i’ve newly turned in to one of those people that just obsesses over their dog so much but my puppy is so new and he’s fully my life right now and he’s so fresh as i’ve only had him for four days.

tonight we went grocery shopping and to pick a few things up from my apartment (that i’m moving out of very slowly). we came home and I went immediately to the bathroom in our place where we keep winston when he’s not out socializing with everybody. I noticed something was wrong with his eye and my heart completely sunk right in to my ass and I stepped over the baby gate to get a closer look.

my mum had a history of knowledge on holistic pet care up until I was eight and a lot of her knowledge on common pet ailments and their home remedies have been passed on to me, just through memory of flipping through books and reading up on things with my cat or my old dogs.

winston was developing cherry eye, which is what happens when a gland in the eye slips up in to a red, sensitive mass outside of where it should be, which is tucked under in the eyelid. you’ve probably seen it in a lot of dogs that start with the letter B, oddly enough, like bulldogs. anyways i’m sure you have a fantastic visual now of what i saw on my 11 week old puppy moving on … I promptly sunk down to my puppies level and had a tiny bit of a cry, while max and his eldest brother looked on.

“what’s wrong?” my fiance asked me tentatively, recognizably concerned.

“winston has cherry eye!”

he came in and sat beside us to calm me down. “oh my god. i’m so sorry. we’re calling the vet tomorrow.”

okay, here’s the thing - i’m a hormonal spastic right now who’s brought a puppy in to her life because i’m nearing my 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy, which has gone uncommonly smoothly, practicing my maternal stuff on this amazingly cute boston terrier/japanese chin puppy i found on kijiji. 

cherry is not life threatening to dogs, nor is it uncommon or painful to the animal who has it. i’m literally just an emotional mess pumping out progesterone and other pregnancy hormones at an unnatural level and i have crazy giggles a lot of start sobbing uncontrollably the next. it’s great fun for the people who love me. cherry eye can be fixed (when its in the early stages) by home remedies, some of which include a hot compress and a massage. worst case scenario, if left untreated, the dog will have to have surgery.

anyways. that was my 25 minutes that just passed. we are going to try a hot compress when hes tuckered out and a massage in the corner of his eyelid to see if he can have it slipped back in.