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Do you know fics similar to A Slight Problem by kaistrex (weishen). Where derek can't control his shift around stiles and like just wants to cuddle and smell stiles because he is derek's mate.

Sure thing. - Anastasia

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A Slight Problem by kaistrex (weishen)

(4/4 I 5,389 I General)

The Hale family dog takes a shine to seven-year-old Stiles.


Losing Control by StaciNadia for ssleif 

(1/1 I 2,932 I General)

Derek wasn’t expecting to lose control during the three consecutive supermoons and start courting Stiles.

Angel Choirs and Magic by LadyDrace

(1/1 I 3,000 I Explicit)

Derek has been very, very patient, and has shown frankly incredible self-control in the face of brutal teasing and flirting for two months. But now it’s time for the mating run, and he’s about to get his reward.

Except for how maybe it’s actually Stiles getting a treat.


Between the Sheets by Infectedcolors

(1/1 I 3,848 I Explicit)

Another high whine as Derek nodded, back arching off the couch as Stiles pulled his hand away, letting out a controlled breath as he looked away once more. Not like he was much in control in the first place.
Stiles just knew that he had to look like he was in control in front of Derek, having learned to control his wolf at such an early age, knowing to wait until he was within the right age of claiming a mate for himself without going outside the laws. Stiles understood that he would be mating for the first time in his short life, at the ripe age of 25. Not like he hadn’t had sex before; college had taken care of that easily. But this? This was him claiming his own mate. The one person who he would stay with for the rest of their life. He had been waiting for this long, a few more hours wouldn’t kill him. Or Derek, for that matter.

What Now?

Authors: @mzrtinski @surpeme-bean @dylrider 

Request: Stiles had been spending a lot of time with lydia and the reader knows he likes Lydia but one night the reader shows up at Stiles’ house to confess her feelings for him and then maybe some smutty smut smut? Lol 

Warnings: Smut, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3126

A/N: Honestly this was the most fun to write, probably because I wrote it with my friends but yeah it was tons of fun, we (me, sorry anon) also changed the story line just a lil bit from the request it’s still good though. 


I sat in chemistry with scott, our teacher droning on about types of acids.  i was so distracted and lost in thought that i missed the question Mr Harris asked me, who obviously knew i wasn’t listening. i fumble over my words but manage to mumble out an apology along with “i-um didn’t catch that, what was the question,sir ?“

"miss y/l/n, maybe it would a smart idea for you to listen next time ? don’t think i’ve forgotten how behind you already are” i feel my cheeks redden a little at his words, broadcasting to the class that i’m failing chemistry.

scott gives me a concerned look, “what’s on your mind, y/n ?” he whispers, careful not to draw any attention back this way.

“don’t worry about it, scotty” i offer a reassuring smile “just daydreaming”

he doesn’t seem to buy it, “you know you can tell me anything, right?”

“i jus-” my words were cut off by Mr. Harris dropping a heavy book on our desk, both our heads snapping to the teacher.

“maybe you two would benefit from some time apart, no?”

“no” we reply in sync, irritating him more and he rolls his eyes.

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Forged in Fire.

On his way to work one morning, a runner catches Robert’s eye. He starts seeing the man around everywhere, growing more intrigued with each sighting and almost interaction. When he finally meets him properly in the elevator of his building, a spark ignites and the two embark on an intense relationship, but when Robert is reminded of a past trauma he gets scared. Will Robert be able to let go of his past or will he be consumed by it?

Robert Sugden was having a perfectly good morning, until he realised it was snowing.

The public transport he usually took to work would be horridly packed and late, and there was absolutely no point in attempting to take the car, so he quickly decided he would have to walk. With his satchel over his shoulder, a scarf wrapped around his neck, gloves on, and a coffee from the local coffee shop where his sister Victoria worked, he trudged along the pavement with careful steps, hoping he wouldn’t be too late to his morning meeting with Mr Pearce.

The weather was crisp and the air was dry - the sky was dark blue and beautiful, the ground illuminated mostly by the rising sun and the remaining street lamps that stood along the path. The trees were speckled with frost and the ground had a thin layer of snow blanketing it. Winter was a glorious time of year purely for the beauty in which it rendered the world, the freshness it gave the air, and Robert took a deep breath, enjoying the cold air in his lungs waking him up as much as his americano. The clothes he had wrapped himself in gave him a little warmth and the coffee in his gloved hand gave a bit more, and even though his breath dissipated quickly in the cold giving away just how low the temperature was, he found the morning quite enjoyable.

He was walking through the local park to get to work when he heard footsteps coming fast ahead of him. The notion of anyone running in this weather was ridiculous; it was dark, the ground was wet, it was freezing and who even had that self-control? After a few seconds Robert noticed a man wearing tight workout clothes running towards him, eyes focussed on the ground. Robert shuddered at the sight; he was wearing a bobble hat, thin gloves, and a thin running jacket; it must have been freezing for him but he didn’t seem to care. Instead, he seemed completely entranced in his own world; the black wire of his earbuds jumped as he ran, quite a fast pace considering the early hour and the snow, but his mouth was hard set and determined. He had black stubble on his cheeks, a straight nose and striking blue eyes, but most striking of all was his determination. He was fit, all lean muscle accentuated by his expensive running outfit, tight dark material stretched over the muscles on his arms and legs. He wore a thin body-warmer but his body was still quite obviously mouth-watering. The exercise gave him quite a lovely flush which Robert couldn’t help but notice; he was definitely Robert’s type.

31.8k words, explicit, no archive warnings apply, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, mentions of past trauma, firefighter!Aaron, lawyer!Robert. 

See @scrapyardboyfriends wonderful art here!

Every Me And Every You - Thirty Three

Seven hours later and you landed in Las Vegas. Given the flight times and the time difference, by the time you’d hired a car it was pushing 5pm.

You’d tried to call Spencer again before taking off and when you’d got into the airport with no luck. The first few times it had gone straight to voicemail, but now it was ringing out.

Not knowing where to go, you called Penelope.

“Hello, my little ray of sunshine. What can I do for you?” Ever cheerful, you could hear her smiling down the phone.

“Pen, I don’t suppose you’re still at work? I don’t know where Reid is and he’s not answering his phone. I know we’re not meant to, but I wondered if you could ping his phone.”

“I’m not at work, but I am at home. I can link up. Give me five minutes sweet cheeks and I’ll hit you back.”

She disconnected the call and you sat waiting impatiently in the hire car, wondering if you’d made the wrong decision by coming out here.

Seeing her name flashing up on your cell,  you answered.

“He’s at his Mom’s hospital. Have you got sat nav, I’ll give you the address?” She read out the address and you programmed it in. A twenty minute drive.

“He’s been there for the last hour, I’ll keep my computer on and let you know if he leaves alright? Give him our love when you see him.”

“Thanks Penny, will do.”

You navigated the Las Vegas highway following the directions until you pulled up outside a fancy looking building. It certainly didn’t look like a hospital but you knew that Spencer paid a lot of money to have his mom cared for, feeling guilty that he’d wasn’t able to do it himself.

Parking up and finding the main reception, you asked for him, the friendly looking receptionist advising that he was here and that she’d send an orderly to go and fetch him from his Mom’s room. You waited nervously, still not sure whether you should have come or not.

A few minutes later you spotted him walking into the room, his eyes scanning around and wondering who his visitor was.

He looked tired, his voice mail to you had been left in the early hours of the morning so you guessed he was physically exhausted as well as emotionally. You knew he must have been super tired as he wore his glasses, an accessory that rarely made an appearance now.

When he spotted you he did a double take, squinting through his lenses. You gave him a small smile and a little wave as he crossed the room to you.

“Y/N? What are you…..” he trailed off, his voice small and raspy the way it got when he was upset.

“You said you needed a friend right?” You opened your arms to him and he embraced you, burrowing his head into your neck.

“You came…. ” he whispered, his words barely audible.

“Is it okay that I did? I’m sorry I didn’t pick up when you called me this morning. My cell died, both of them would you believe it?”

“It’s more than okay. I can’t believe you got on a plane and came all this way by yourself. Does Hotch know you’re here?”

He pulled away from you and you could now see how red his eyes were behind his spectacles. Poor Spence.

“I didn’t find out until I got to work, Em said something to him about us being really close friends and we don’t have a case sooo. I tried calling to check it was okay but your phone was off and then when I got here, it just rang out. I had Penny work her magic to find out where you were. They all send their love by the way.”

“My cells in my bag on silent, I wasn’t ignoring you I swear… ”

“Reid it’s fine. You’ve had more important thing to think about. How are you, how’s your mom?”

He sighed, his shoulders heavy.

“I’m… okay, I guess. My mom…. Well, she’s more upset. It’s almost like the last twenty two years never happened and she’s still married to him. I mean, she knows she’s not, she’s lucid right now. But she’s just devastated. And I feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m as upset as I should be.”

“She did spend more of her life with him than you did Spence. Regardless of what happened between them, she’s probably got a lot more happy memories of him than you do.”

“I know, I just don’t know what to say to her or how to comfort her right now.” He rubbed his eyes under his glasses, blinking a few times.

“Listen, I need to find a motel or something, do you have anywhere booked yet? I can go find somewhere for us both and then come back and meet you. Do you have a hire car?”

“Yeah it’s outside in the lot. Don’t leave so soon after you’ve got here, please. There’s a hotel a few blocks away that always has vacancies, I stay there all the time when I visit. Come… come meet my mom if it’s not too weird. You might help distract her for a bit.”

“Alright, I can do that.”

The Quiet One Part 2-Halfdan The Black x Reader

Summary: After being subjected to marrying Halfdan, (Y/N) withers away, her bright, kind personality suddenly disappearing. She watched as Halfdan ignores her, both of them wallowing in sadness over what could have been a good marriage.

Characters: Halfdan x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex


A week had passed since the wedding. Halfdan and I avoided each other as much as possible. He would always be out every night doing who knows what and stumble in at early hours of the morning. I didn’t really care though. It wasn’t like we were happily married, we never even looked at each other let alone be intimate. Would things ever change? Or was I going to be stuck like this forever?

As I laid our breakfast out on the table, Halfdan walked in, immediately digging into the meal. I sat across from him, eating mine with a few more manners. As usual, nothing was said. It was the same everyday; I did everything a wife should do whilst he went out and had all the fun. I hadn’t seen my friends in a while, it was starting to get lonely. The silence was broken when Ubbe and Sigurd had turned up at my door, walking in right after they knocked. I smiled, relieved that someone was here to rescue me, even if it was for a few minutes.

“What brings you two here today?” I asked as they joined us at the table.

“You haven’t seen Margrethe in a while, she is starting to grow concerned.” Ubbe explained.

“I have been meaning to see her.”

“We are all going out to train today. Will you join us Halfdan?” Sigurd asked.

“Yes. I need to get out of this house.”

My smile dissappeared at his comment and my friends saw that. Only a few minutes later, we were finished, following the brothers to their training grounds. Margrethe was waiting just before the edge of the forest, embracing me tightly as I almost ran up to her. She knew how much I needed that, not receiving any devotion for some time. We trailed behind the men, linking arms.

“Why haven’t I seen you around the village?” She asked me.

“I don’t leave the house because I’m scared. I feel that I constantly need to make sure that the house is clean and that there is enough food for us, not to mention actually cooking it. If I don’t do that, I’m scared that Halfdan will get angry and do….something.”

“(Y/N), I didn’t realise. I would have come to help if I had known.”

“It’s alright. I’ve got used to the loneliness, in more ways than one.”

“You mean, you don’t have sex?”

“We’ve never had sex, not that I really want to. He’s out for the whole night, I know what he’s doing; a man cannot go long without a woman to warm his bed.”

“He didn’t bed you on your wedding night?”

“No. Apparently I was too drunk. I only did that to make it quick and easy.”

Margrethe knew there was nothing she could say to make me feel any better. We walked the rest of the way in silence. Once we reached the training grounds, Hvitserk, Ivar and Harald were already fighting, as well as some other men and shieldmaidens. Margrethe and I were going to take a stroll through the forest, staying close to them just in case. Neither of us learnt how to fight, I knew I would be useless anyway.

“(Y/N)! So good to see you.” Hvitserk beamed, hugging me.

“You too, Hvitserk.”

As I pulled away from him, my eyes drifted to my husband, who seemed to be getting close to one of the shieldmaidens. She seemed to be enjoying it too. I didn’t blame him. I was a boring, frightened young woman who could hardly wield a small knife. Of course he would go for someone like her. He loved bloodshed and fighting. The total opposite to me.

“Are you ok?” Margrethe asked, looking to where I was.

“Of course I am. Why should I care what he does?”

Hvitserk seemed confused by my reaction, looking to Margrethe the for an explanation but didn’t receive one. Turning on my heel, I grabbed Margrethe’s hand, dragging her away. It felt good to be outside, especially away from Halfdan. We ventured further in, sitting at the edge of a pond to finally talk.

“Have you spoken to Aslaug about this?” she started.

“No. She can’t do anything now anyway.”

“You have changed. And it’s not good.”

I shrugged.“Maybe. I just don’t want to anger Halfdan.”

“Why did you ignore what happened back there? Weren’t you angry?”

“A little. It was just embarrassing. Everyone knows what he does behind my back.”

“Then, why don’t you show him that you can be like those girls?”

My eyes widened at her.“I don’t love him, I don’t even like him! Why would I ever go to bed with him? Imagine what he would do to me if I did something wrong, I could wind up dead the next morning.”

“You’re overreacting.”

“No I’m not!”

“Perhaps you should just do it, just to gain some control. I did it.”

“You were a slave, you had to do it.”

She scoffed.

I sighed at her response.“Sorry.”

“You can’t keep living like this.”

“But…but what if he does something to me? I can’t live up to his expectations, even his brother looks down on me.”

“You are stronger in different ways.”

“That’s not enough for him.”

“(Y/N), look at me!”

I slowly turned my head to her.

“Somehow this man has brought you down, but I can’t understand why when you’ve been so headstrong since I met you.”

I could feel my lip trembling as I tried to hold back the tears.“I’m just frightened.”

Margrethe leaned over to hug me again, soothingly rubbing my back. Neither of us said anything, my sobbing being the only noise around us. I stopped for a moment, suddenly hearing something else. Margrethe sensed it too. Confusedly looking to each other, we tried to workout what the noise was and where it was coming from. There was panting and grunting, followed by the slapping of skin. Standing up, both of us wandered away from our spot, only taking a few steps when we saw the culprits; Halfdan had a girl bent over against a tree, shamelessly fucking her right in front of us. He looked over at us, not stopping what he was doing. The woman noticed too, feeling humiliated as She tried to scramble for her clothes. That was it, I had had enough. Margrethe tried calling after me as I stormed away, back to my home where I knew no one would bother me.

It was hard not to start destroying things in my house. The anger that was built up inside me, it had gotten too much. How was I supposed to hold it all in? Margrethe was right; I had turned into something I wasn’t. Why should I be afraid of him? He couldn’t kill me, Ragnar would kill him in turn. Pacing up and down the room, my fists were in balls at the side of my body, blocking out anything breakable. He had really crossed the line this time.

My pacing stopped as Halfdan casually strolled into the house, throwing his cloak over a chair before looking at me. He had a stupid grin on his face, knowing that I was annoyed with him.

“Who do you think you are?” I hissed out.

“I’m your husband who will not be spoken to this way.” he shruggd calmly.

“Do you know how mortifying that was? To see you fucking some woman right in front of me?”

He furrowed his eyebrows.“Well, you know that I do it every other night, why was this any different?”

“Because I am sick of this! You are a disgraceful man with no respect for me. I make sure everything is perfect for you when you come home and all you do is throw it back in my face!”

He started to walk towards me.“You won’t talk to me like that.”

My heartbeat increased but I stood my ground.“Yes I will. Halfdan, I’m never going to be like those shieldmaidens. I can’t fight, I will never wield a weapon and I am constantly terrified. You want to know why I am always terrified?”

“Why?” Halfdan towered over me. I wasn’t sure whether he was slightly mocking me.

Now my voice was shaky.“Because of you. I’m sorry that you had to marry me, that I’m a pathetic excuse for a woman. But just know I’m trying, even though we don’t love each other. I know I’m never going to gain your respect.”

His eyes cast downwards, he wasn’t sure what to say.

“I understand you have needs. I don’t blame you for going after those women. But from now on, I will no be direspected like that.”

The tension was still thick as it always was, Halfdan seemed surprised by my outburst. I quickly wiped away a tear, he still saw it.

“I’m going to bed. I suddenly don’t feel well.” I announced.

Quickly walking away, I collapsed onto the bed, curling up again like I had done on our wedding night. It was exactly the same as I cried myself to sleep, praying to all the gods that I would somehow manage to get through this, hoping that he would be a different man tomorrow.

lavender + vanilla ; one/two

one/two , two/two

pairing; taehyung x reader

genre; angst angst angst

word count; 4.7k

a/n; inspired by a text i saw while scrolling on tumblr

summary; a story about a boy who had forgotten his memory of you

After break ups, you usually would find yourself wanting to forget your significant other in order to heal all the pain by doing multiple things that either included drinking to forget their name, going out for a run to feel at least somewhat better your body and soul, or cleansing your mind entirely by painting or sleeping for a whole month. But in this case, you never thought forgetting someone could lead to a break up.

It was that morning when you remember answering your boyfriend of 3 years, Taehyung, on the phone when it was 8 and he had told you that he just left his class to greet you a good morning. It was your favorite type of calls- just hearing his voice in the earliest of day when you were too tired to get up and the only source of energy that got you awake was him- even though you miss the smell of his vanilla scent on your pillow.

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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 12 (final)

A/n: So, I don’t know how many reader’s I’ve lost because I’ve been posting updates like once every ten years and I know I’m a horrible writer because of that, but well this story is so important for me and many of my readers so, if you read last part and feel like this story was somehow written and finished well, please any kind of feedback is welcome <3 don’t forget there’s still prologue to come.

Word Count: 4808

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11 |

Originally posted by wooyoung

“Sehun, will you finish sometime today?” I asked, already feeling irritated at his antics. “We need to visit a lot more places and you’ve been looking at a single table for an hour.”

Sehun looked up and glanced at me, squeezing his eyes, hinting that I should just wait for him more.

To my surprise he had woken up earlier than the whole town that morning and not so very gently shaken me from my sleep, whining that we had too much work to do during the day, if we still wanted to invite his grandparents over in the evening. I had quickly changed into jeans and comfortable pair of shoes and soon we were in Sehun’s car, driving around the town while I was making a simple to-do list in my notebook, so we wouldn’t forget anything.

We needed a new couch, a dining table, a couple sheets for the bedroom and maybe new curtains. Any decorations that would catch our eyes during our strolls in various shops were also welcome.

The list wasn’t very long since we’d decided we would just see what more was needed when we actually started living in our new house, so I thought we’d finish quickly, but all my hopes were very swiftly crushed by a handsome man named Oh Sehun who decided it was okay to stare at every single piece of furniture for at least ten minutes straight.

At first I found it cute since I thought maybe he just wanted everything to be perfect for his new house but after sixth shop full of similar tables and sofas my patience ball was on the edge of exploding.

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Best Interests

Happy birthday to Kuroo Tetsurou!!

Over the years, Kuroo’s interest in his own birthday decreased exponentially. Gone were the reminders that came weeks before the event, and with them went expectations for a lavish celebration or a pile of gifts. His current lackadaisical attitude was a far cry from the way his five-year-old self would pine for his birthday the other three-hundred-sixty-four days of the year, but, frankly, after having lived through the special day a grand total of eighteen times, it had lost its glamour.

So, when he woke up to his blaring alarm on the morning of the seventeenth, the morning of his birthday, he just blearily hit snooze and napped another ten minutes. That, he concluded, was going to be the extent to which he treated himself. Of course, the gift was short-lived, and he soon had to crawl out of the warmth of his bed to get ready for school lest he was scolded by his teacher for being late for the third time that month. And, as he rushed through his morning routine, all thoughts of his birthday were pushed to the back of his mind. After all, it really was just like any other day; no matter when he was born, the world would keep turning, time would keep ticking, and, at this rate, his teacher would still mark him late without a single shred of mercy.

As he scrubbed furiously at his teeth — bad breath was a terrible, terrible trait — Kuroo realized that it was probably in the best to let his traveling companion know to go on without him. But, as he grabbed his phone to message them, he paused as a new notification popped up on his screen.

To: Kuroo

From: The Bae

Sorry, I can’t walk with you today! There’s some stuff I need to take care of so I left early. Don’t be late for class!

That… was strange. You always waited for him. Once, he had completely forgot to set his alarm, and had only scrambled out of bed after you called him demanding to know where he was. That day, the two of you were late by nearly fifteen minutes, but the next day you were still standing in the same place as always. So, for you to leave so suddenly, and with such a vague reason, was rather baffling. Still, another glance at the time reminded him to worry about that later. He really wasn’t interested in running the risk of earning a detention, and he didn’t have the leisure to be dawdling. Besides, the unsettling feeling in his gut was just because he was stressed and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, right?

Wrong. As the day went by, he grew increasingly puzzled as you kept your distance. During breaks, you’d usually meet him in the hall for a quick hug or, if either of you were feeling particularly bold that day, a chaste kiss. For some reason, however, you never spared a glance his way, and had already disappeared around the corner before he could call out to you. The first time, he thought it was just a coincidence, that maybe whatever you had to take care of before school started was still unfinished. Yet, when lunchtime rolled around and he still hadn’t spoken with you at all, Kuroo knew something was going on.

“Hey, Kenma,” Kuroo said as he chewed his lunch. “Have you seen [name] at all today?”

Kenma wrinkled his nose distastefully at Kuroo’s eating habits, but ultimately didn’t comment on them; years of being Kuroo’s friend had taught him that trying to teach the middle blocker some table manners was out of the question. “They talked to me before first period,” he said, dropping his gaze to the screen of his phone as he busily tapped away, no doubt playing yet another mobile game. “But that was about it. Why?”

“Nothing,” Kuroo responded just a bit too quickly, and Kenma glanced up at him, eyes pensive. They had known each other long enough that, no matter how hard Kuroo tried to mask it, Kenma could pick up on his little signs of agitation — the way he bit the inside of his cheek and ran his hand through his bedhead were both obvious indicators — with practically no effort. Considering his best friend’s state of mind, Kenma watched him sigh and continue poking at his lunch before ultimately deciding that it was best to offer him some comforting information.

“I wouldn’t worry about it so much if I were you,” Kenma mentioned offhandedly. From the corner of his vision, he noticed how Kuroo sat up straighter, leaning in as though waiting for Kenma to elaborate. But, as he recalled the insistence in [name]’s voice that morning as they requested him to keep their secret, Kenma resolutely kept his head down as he played with his phone. Eventually, Kuroo sat back in his seat, and they remained that way until the end of lunch.

Finally, when the entire school day had flashed by and he still hadn’t heard so much as a quick greeting from you, Kuroo began to get irritated. During class, he kept thinking up different reasons as to why you would suddenly ignore him like that, and the only logical explanation he kept revisiting was that he had upset you somehow and you were avoiding him as a result, and that only served to upset him even more. He’d like to think that you trusted him enough to be able to talk to him if he overstepped his boundaries, liked to believe that you knew he’d be more than willing to take responsibility for all of his mistakes. From the way you were behaving, however, it was obvious that you actually assumed the exact opposite, and now Kuroo was annoyed with you, angry at himself, and just in a terrible mood. Even the most rambunctious of his teammates noticed during practice, and everyone, save Kenma who had total immunity and Yaku who simply didn’t care, kept their distance. A few times, some opened their mouth as though to say something, but a meaningful look from either the setter or the libero shut them up. They were keeping secrets from him, and, realizing that, his temper grew shorter and he grew moodier, so much so that, when the coach ended practice half an hour early, he didn’t even bat an eye. Kuroo just wanted to go home, call [name] until they picked up, and talk things out.

Making a beeline to the locker room, Kuroo changed out of his uniform and collected his belongings in a matter of minutes, intending to be well on his way as soon as possible. But, just before he could head home, Yamamoto burst around the corner panting as he leapt into Kuroo’s path.

“Where are you going?” He demanded as he caught his breath, winded from hours of practice and the sprint to find his captain.

“Going home,” Kuroo bit back after recovering from his surprise. Moving to walk around his teammate, he scoffed, “What’s it to you?”

“Hey!” Yamamoto yelled, grabbing Kuroo firmly by the arm as he began dragging the taller male back in the direction of the gymnasium. “Come on! You have to be here for this!”

“What are you going? Let go!” Despite his struggling, Kuroo found that Yamamoto was stronger than he appeared, and, in the end, he ended up back in the gym’s doorway hissing and spitting like an offended cat when Yamamoto finally let go of him. “What’s the big deal, huh? Why can’t you leave me-”


The collective shout cut him off. Kuroo jerked his head around to find the entire team waiting in the room, each holding a small present as they grinned at him. But, what really caught his attention was you standing in front of everyone else, holding a cake in your hands. On it, written in a neat cursive, were the words, “Happy birthday Kuroo!”

“Happy birthday!” You called, giggling when he just stared, flabbergasted. “Are you surprised?”

“That’s, uh, yeah, I am,” he answered, still glancing at everyone uncertainly. “What is this?”

“You birthday party, silly! Now, come here!” You answered, beaming as you walked up to him and pulled him into the fray, everyone bursting out in a chorus of happy birthday. The song was discordant. Some people were belting out the words even though they were tune deaf, some were singing it as though it were a funeral march, and others were barely speaking at all. Harmony  was a foreign term, and everyone had managed to absolutely mangle such a simple tune, but, in spite of the chaos around him, Kuroo felt a smile tug at his lips for the first time that day. And it kept growing as the song ended in lieu of gift giving, which then transitioned to blowing out candles and cutting the cake. By the time everyone had a slice and were happily digging in, his smile had evolved into a full-blown grin.

“And for our birthday boy!” You announced, bringing him a slice of cake as you held a plate of your own. “How did you like your party?”

“It was great,” he answered sincerely, lifting his fork to his mouth and enjoying the taste of his favorite flavor as the dessert practically melted in his mouth. “Is this what you left early for this morning?”

“Yeah, and I was rushing around the rest of the day trying to track everyone down to let them know what was going on,” you replied, sitting down next to him and leaning into his side. He eagerly welcomed your affection, draping an arm over your shoulders and tugging you closer. “Then I had to bike home after school to grab you cake and bring it back here before practice ended. Honestly, it was kind of draining, but I’d gladly do it again for you.”

Meeting your eyes and noting your honesty, he pressed a quick kiss to your temple. “You’re perfect, you know?”

“I do,” you replied cheekily, breaking out in a fit of laughter as he nudged you in teasing disapproval. But, as the playful antics died away, you rested you head on his shoulder, remarking nonchalantly, “Kenma told me you were upset today. Did something happen?”

For a moment, Kuroo felt a hot flash of guilt run through him. How could he have doubted you? You always had his best interests at heart, and had never done anything to warrant him questioning that fact. “It’s nothing,” he said, offering you a reassuring smile when you peered up at him. “Really, it was just something silly. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

You hummed in agreement, finishing the last bite of your cake and standing to throw away the paper plate. Before you could walk away, however, Kuroo grabbed your hand, causing you to turn back, a brow cocked as you asked a silent question.

“You know, there is something upsetting me now though,” he spoke easily, genuine smile twisting into a smirk. “Everyone’s given me a gift so far, everyone that is, except you. Now, can I really believe that you, of all people, had forgotten to give me gift?”

You just shot him a smirk of your own as you shrugged your hand free of his grip and walked away. “Unfortunately,” you called over your shoulder, “I can’t give you your gift here. I don’t think the rest of your teammates would appreciate it. But, if you’re willing to be a good boy until later, I can consider giving you your present.”

As Kuroo watched you make your way across the room, only one thought was running through his head: later couldn’t come soon enough.

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how about 3 or 103 for stormpilot? :)

I love my gay space dads :’) disclaimer i know nothing about timekeeping or basic universe laws in star wars rip sorry in advance

103. “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”


Finn liked the mess hall best between the hours of 0200 and 0300. The normal endless bustle of the Resistance dissipated. Most of the officers were asleep. Only the occasional rebel returning from a mission or passerby roamed the halls, and the mess hall was almost empty, save for a few scattered workers who, like Finn, sought the quiet that came with the early morning hours.

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Innocence || Part 4

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader
Summary: Sirius Black gets charged with the murder of his best friends. He’s denied a fair trial, and gets thrown into Azkaban. You know for certain he’s innocent, so you take matters into your own hands.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

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Dating Hoseok would include:

·         You trying to mad at him when he does stupid shit

·         But literally, as soon as he flashes his award winning smile you instantly             forgive him

·         Because, like, who can stay mad at this sunshine for long

·         He’d constantly have you sitting on his lap just so he can be as close to               you as possible

·         He’d also insist that you play with his hair constantly

·         Especially when he’s sleepy

·         Which would be the only moments of the day or night that he was calm               and quiet

·         He’d probably call you at early hours in the morning asking you to pick                 him up from the practice room

·         And you’d end up scolding him for staying up so late and working himself           too much but he’d just give you a sleepy smile and cling on to you

·         Hobi loves to cuddle

·         He doesn’t care where

·         Or who may be in the room

·         He will not hesitate to cuddle with you even if it earns a few words of                     disapproval from the other members, especially yoongi

·         He’d just be soo clingy but the good type of clingy that makes you feel                 like you’re loved

·         You two would go on dates to the park a lot but hobi would end up                        making friends with some 5 year olds and he’d probs spend the whole               time going on slides with them

·         And probably getting stuck

·         But you couldn’t be mad at him because he looked so happy and his                   cheeks were a lil red from the cold and you’d just be the luckiest human             being on earth because your boyfriend is literal sunshine

·         He would love to share food with you but he’d end up just eating all of it               and you’d be left with no food and that’s when you’d wonder if he was                 nice as he says he is

·         Also have you seen Hoseoks body rolls????

·         They may come in handy, if ya get what I mean ;)

·         He’d also be pretty protective

·         But like low-key protective

·         He wouldn’t care if you had friends that were guys and went out with them           often

·         Hell, he wouldn’t even care if they hugged you

·         But as soon as said persons arm starts creeping down ur back

·         Ur saviour hobi jumps in

·         “hey, babe I think it’s time to go home now”

·         I mentioned this earlier but his smile is literally the best thing ever

·         And his dimples

·         Oh god

·         You’d have a habit of just poking his dimples

·         And he’d try not to smile so that they would go away

·         But as soon as he saw your smiling face he couldn’t help but laugh

·         “hobi, why are you so cute?!”

·         “babe…for the last time, I’m not cute, I’m manly”

·         “okay, whatever you say”

·         “Listen here, I’ll show you just how manly I am” ;)

·         Hobi would also love to spoil you

·         And even though you’d insist that he doesn’t have to spend a lot of                     money on you

·         He’d totally ignore you

·         Like, if you were out shopping he’d notice how your eyes lingered for a                little longer on that dress or that bracelet or that pair of shoes

·         And the next thing you know he’d be telling you to stay put before                         ‘sneakily’ buying said item for you

·         And he’d only do it to see the surprise and happiness on your face

·         But he’d also do it because to him you are his world and he just wants                 you to feel loved and valued and he just always wants to show you how             much you mean to him

Okay, so shout out to my beautiful friend @seokjin-kookie for helping me with this because I had serious writers block and she gave me so many ideas, she is a literal angel, pls check out her blog x

{jimin ver.} {namjoon ver.} {yoongi ver.} {jungkook ver.} {taehyung ver.} {seokjin ver.}

Bear Lake Monster

(John x Reader)

„Where are we going this time?“

„Bear Lake.“

You get out your laptop, searching for the new destination. You and John had just finished a hunt but he already had the next case on his list. No rest for the wicked.


“Hmm.” He grumbles, tiredly beside you in the car. He hadn’t slept that much and although you had offered to drive, John wouldn’t let you. God forbid you touched his car.

“Why there? How do you even find all these cases. I haven’t seen you using any kind of technology other than your phone, since I started hunting with you.”

“Bobby called earlier when you were sleeping.”

“You know, you should really learn how to use the internet.”

“No thanks, I’m fine.”

You had tried to get him a laptop before and it had ended…well, it wasn’t really his thing. Though it would make things a lot easier sometimes, especially since John had a habit of not answering his phone when you called.

You leaned your head back and tried to get some rest while you were on the road. It would take quite a while until you’d arrive.

“Okay so we’re basically looking for a big ass snake who’s eating people?” You ask, sitting on your bed in the motel room. You both had slept a few hours but were already awake again early in the morning. Not really your choice but John kept tossing around beside you until he finally got up. Of course you weren’t aloud to sleep any longer either.

“Care for a swim?”


“Don’t worry.” He laughs, “I was planning to go anyway, you don’t have to.”

“Noo please don’t. I’m the one who has to get you out again. You always do this reckless shit.”

“I put my complete trust in you Y/N.”

“You shouldn’t.”

You drove out to the lake around midday when the sun was shinning and it wasn’t too cold to swim. If you didn’t know about the supposed monster you might have gone in yourself because it was getting kind of hot. For now you rather watched John swimming around, searching for anything out of the ordinary.

“You found anything yet?”

“No nothing.” He yells back, “You know you should…” He’s suddenly cut off and when you look out onto the water you can’t see him anywhere anymore.

“John?…that’s not funny!” You wait a few moments but he’s not showing up so you run into the water and swim over to the last place you saw him. You almost get a heart attack, feeling something brushing your leg. You suddenly feel two hands on your shoulders and jerk around to see a smirking John looking at you with a smug face.

“You asshole! Was that necessary?”

“I was just trying to get you into the water with me.” He gives you an apologetic look, “See? My trust in you wasn’t misplaced. You would have totally saved me.”

“I hate you sometimes.”

John pulls you close to him, hands wandering down to your waist. His face is inches away from yours and he gently kisses you. You smile until you see something in he corner of your eyes.

“John…” He turns around following your view. There’s something coming your way, very quickly. You’re not able to see it clearly but it sure as hell doesn’t look friendly.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” You both start to swim back to the shore as fast as possible. Luckily you make it in time, a bit out of breath but alive.

“Next time you want to get me into the water with you pull me into the shower.” You say while panting heavily. That thing, whatever it was, had scared the hell out of you.


2009 - King County has settled with the family of a man who was severely injured by sheriff’s deputies in 2009 for $10 million.

Christopher Sean Harris, from Edmonds, suffered permanent brain damage when he was tackled by deputies in May 2009. Harris’ family filed a civil lawsuit against King County, claiming deputies used unnecessary force when they arrested him after a chase, knocking his head into a wall.

Harris’ wife said the settlement will help care for her husband, but it can’t change the fact that he is still paralyzed and can’t speak.

Harris was a passer-by when Metro transit deputies responded to an assault at a convenience store in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood in the early hours of Mother’s Day 2009. A witness wrongly identified Harris as a suspect. Harris ran in fear of his life because they were not identifiable as police, and deputies chased him. Harris then stopped a few blocks away at the Cinerama Theater, and one of the deputies tackled him, knocking him into a concrete wall. The impact caused Harris to hit the back of his head against the wall and he suffered a severe brain injury. Harris is now unable to walk, talk or take care of himself.

Witnesses who testified in the trial said they didn’t recognize the deputies as law-enforcement officers because they were wearing all-black uniforms. Many thought the deputies were either security guards or bouncers.

The deputies were not criminally charged. King County says Harris was responsible for his injury because he ran, instead of letting them determine he was not a suspect. [video]

silentmoonknows  asked:

Hello me again! Is there anyway you can update or so me some stories that have alpha!stiles? I think I saw a story here but I don't know it would mean alot thanks!!!

hello! and yes we can

Oh Alpha My Alpha by PolarisTheYoungWolf (1/? | 2,672 | PG13)

((The pack dynamic is based from my story Nyctimus Rises, but the stories aren’t connected.))

Talia always warned Peter to keep his mischievous side in check or face the consequences when he gets in trouble. He doesn’t think much of it until he nearly gets him and Derek killed, and Ennis’s pack by hunters. Talia kicks Peter out. Derek doesn’t hear from Peter until about a year later. He’s found a new pack. From there, Peter and Derek communicate mostly from post cards…

Until the Hale Fire happens. When it’s just him, Laura, and Cora, without a pack or an Alpha, Derek reaches out to Peter, who asks his Alpha to consider letting the three other Hale’s join.

My Omega by irishasianpersuasion (1/1 | 2,039 | NR)

tiles is a good person, he swears he is, but sometimes he just gets so angry. He knows that Derek would never cheat on him…EVER but that doesn’t mean that he trusts Kate Argent around him. She was a hungry Alpha and to her, Derek was a mouthwatering steak, done to absolute perfection and she would stop at nothing to get this little Omega, even stalking.

(Or the one where Derek is cute af and Stiles is a BAMF who gets jealous easily!)

No Vacancy by KaliopeShipsIt (¾ | 24,361 | R)

“29-Year Old Omega (muscular/scruffy/perpetual sourface) Seeking for Alpha-Baby-Daddy. Might or might not be named Stiles”

Derek is an unusually muscular Omega with irregular heats and dumb luck.

Stiles is an unusually polite Alpha who forgets to leave his number.

Laura is a furious Alpha who wants to wear Stiles’ balls on a golden chain.

Cora is a pragmatic Alpha who composes Craigslist ads.

… aka, my first A/B/O-Fic

Nothing Stays The Same by BigBadLittleRed (1/? | 1,815 | PG13)

There had been a tremendous amount of stress, emotional and physical tolls pressing down on all of them. There had been death, pain, sadness. Many things pushed him to act, certain moments that told him it was time to make a move.

So he left with a note to his dad and two bags of stuff before getting on a bus. Beacon Hills turned into a distant memory behind him as the bus drove through the night. No matter how much guilt he felt, there was a fire in his chest that told him he was doing the right thing for himself.

That was three years ago, and now he’s back. Armed with victory scars, a new outlook on life, and a new list of priorities.

Number 1: Derek
Number 2: Himself

He’s only here for a favor, that’s it. He needs to do his job, and get the hell out.

Alphas by Pirotess666 (1/1 | 41,865 | NC17)

Stiles is attacked by vampires and he’s about to die so he has to accept the bite and become a werewolf. What will a sourwolf do with a hyperactive teen wolf on his hands? Especially since a blue moon is approaching and on that night mature werewolves are guided by only one instinct. To mate. *Timeline: After the end of season 4 * YAOI Fanfic, so…it’s a MAN on MAN story. Fair warning!

Between the Sheets by Infectedcolors (1/1 | 3,848 | NC17)

Another high whine as Derek nodded, back arching off the couch as Stiles pulled his hand away, letting out a controlled breath as he looked away once more. Not like he was much in control in the first place.
Stiles just knew that he had to look like he was in control in front of Derek, having learned to control his wolf at such an early age, knowing to wait until he was within the right age of claiming a mate for himself without going outside the laws. Stiles understood that he would be mating for the first time in his short life, at the ripe age of 25. Not like he hadn’t had sex before; college had taken care of that easily. But this? This was him claiming his own mate. The one person who he would stay with for the rest of their life. He had been waiting for this long, a few more hours wouldn’t kill him. Or Derek, for that matter.

Fight For Your Right by literaryoblivion (1/1 | 5,461 | PG13)

Stiles spreads his arms out wide to show off his look, and he’s pretty sure that’s a look of disdain on Scott’s face.


“That’s what you’re wearing?” Scott says, and yup, definitely disdain, and judgement, and rudeness.

AKA in which Stiles is an alpha who protests for omega rights, and Derek is an omega who does not care.

The Blood Marked Alpha by Alexdoesthings (8/? | 12,002 | PG13)

Excerpt from the Argent Bestiary:
“When a werewolf kills one of its own pack, it becomes marked. This blood mark is a spiral pattern on the skin that works out from the wrist and grows with the blood of the werewolf’s pack as it kills them. These blood marked get stronger the larger their mark is and more mindlessly blood thirsty. An alpha marked this way is especially dangerous.
Kill any blood marked on sight regardless of territory boundaries.”

Stiles gave up on having a pack the day he fled Beacon Hills with his mark and the alpha power from the mad wolf who turned him. Until Derek Hale, still covered in the ashes of his family, asks him to be taken in.

Unhinged by hey_its_grace_14 (4/? | 9,795 | NR)

Stiles is out jogging when he spots an omega being picked on by some goons. So, as an alpha, he naturally goes to defend the teen. Romance blossoms, Flirting ensues, and at some point Stiles is surprised to think that he lived this long without Derek by his side.


March 16th, 1991: Reba’s Darkest Hour

The twin-engine Hawker Siddeley took off about 1:45 a.m. from Brown Field, a municipal airstrip in southern San Diego near the international border and crashed a few minutes later into Otay Mountain, which rises to 3,572 feet about 10 miles east of the airport, officials with the Federal Aviation Administration said. Seven band members and McEntire’s tour manager were killed, as were the plane’s pilot and co-pilot.

Daryl x Reader - Rick x Reader “What were you thinkin’?!”

You grab the bag and lug it over your shoulder.
No one will know. You hope.
You step out of the small room and head down the stairs, hearing a door open.
Shit, it better not be Rick.
“Y/N? Where are you going??” You hear a small whisper-yell. Carl.
“I’m just heading out.. gotta clear my head,” “Is that a bag?”
You sigh, and keep walking ahead, he grabs your shoulder and stops you.
“Y/N, is that a bag?”
“Yes Carl. It is a bag.”
“Why? Why leave us now?”
“Carl, I’ll be back, with Daryl and Glenn okay?”
“..Hmm fine. But I’m telling Dad when he wakes up.”
“Fine, I’m leaving now. Take care of your dad and Judith okay?” You say calmly and quietly, pecking the top of the young boys head, walking slowly out of the door.
Time to find them.
You’ve been outside of the gates for a few hours now, no sign of them at all, nothing.
Sitting on a thick tree branch you keep lookout with the early morning sun peeking through the trees, with the occasional walker ruining your line of sight.

Rustling. Rustling is what awoke you from your slumber.
“Y/N?!” Who the hell is that?! Shit, you fell asleep. It’s about midday now, you look below your hiding spot and see Rick.
“Y/N get down from there right now!”
You jump out of the tree, landing on it wrong, almost twisting your ankle.
“What were you thinkin’?! Comin out here all alone? And in the middle of the night!? I’ve been searching for your for hours. Are you insane? What am I gonna do with you? Why do I bother with you?”
You stare at the ground, not knowing you’d feel this guilty.
“Rick, I’m, I’m sorry okay? No one was going to look for them so I thought I would..”
Rick sighed and ran his hands through his hair, frustrated he point his finger at you threateningly, “If you leave that gate EVER again without someone else, you are gone, clear?”
You nod your head. Afraid to speak. Why did he just, where did that come from? You just followed suit as he stormed back to civilisation.
~~~~Traveling thanks to Castiel and his amazing wings~~~~
Back in the gate of the safe town you both head back to your home, Rick then locking you in your shared room.
Oh you fucked up now, what if he hits you what-what-wha…
The door unlocks and in walks Rick.
“Y/N stand up please.”
You get up from your corner, avoiding any to all eye contact.
“Look at me.”
You flick your eyes up to his and back down. He is pissed.
“I said, look at me.”
You look up shyly, and he glares disapprovingly.
You feel like a child being punished for breaking a cherished vase.
“Y/N.. Are you okay?”
You look at him with a cocked head.
“Are you okay? Are you hurt or scratched or anything?” He said again, calmer, worried.
“Y-yeah I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”
“Y/N what I said before with when I said what am I going to do with you and why do I bother, I’m just. I’m sorry I said those things. I love you, I just don’t want you taken away from me.”
“It’s fine Rick, it’s true anyway.. I don’t know why you bother with me.. I do nothing right, I-”
“No, no no no, you are an amazing person, you are like a mother to my children okay? I love you and I will never leave you.”
“Rick I love you too.. I really do..”
“GUYS!!” You hear a voice yell, Maggie “GUYS IT’S THEM!” Your ears perk up and your spirits lift as you leave the conversation completely and run out of the house to see none other than Daryl and Glenn.


SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG I WAS OUT OF TOWN WITH NO DATA AND EVERYTHING RESET ON ME AND YEAH - Part 2 is a bit better but part 3 will be good, I hope.