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Paint by Numb-Her

“I’m going to do something experimental,” I say, as I instead find an excuse to spend 85% of my time drawing the hair, as I usually do.

“Dude. Dude. You don’t get to do this, okay. I dont get everything that’s going on with you. And I’m not saying that it’s not happening. I believe you, okay? I do. But you don’t get to die on me. You are not gonna do that to me, okay?”

My favorite little killer, Arya, really stepped up her game this latest episode of Game of Bones and I feel the need to celebrate it with some art. 

Also sorry I haven’t posted in a week, been busy with a secret project. 

I’ve played Mass Effect: Andromeda for about 6 hours now. The first 2 hours were exciting and new. But after that daaaamn I felt like I was doing chore after chore and they weren’t fun. I found myself not wanting to talk to any of the NPC’s after awhile because I just didn’t give a shit about what they had to say and I knew they were going to talk my ear off. Side note: I usually love talking to NPC’s: Skyrim and The Witcher 3 are a few of my favorite games. Idk I guess I just don’t care about any of the characters (I was digging Cora though) or what the story had to tell me. Also, the pseudo open world just isn’t compelling enough for me. RIP

Bless EA early access for letting me spend $5 dollars instead of $60+ before realizing I’ve made a huge mistake.


final fantasy ix dialogue - 1/∞


Undertale was released more than a year ago and achieved unprecedented popularity. It was a successful kid’s game and must have made many kids enjoy video games for the first time.

And yet, ever since I made my first online search for some artwork, I have been nothing but shocked.

Never had I witnessed something so disgusting as into what adults had turned kid’s favorite characters.

Let me just say this phenomenon DIDN’T EXIST when I was a kid. I was born in the 80s. Back in those days, you didn’t run the risk of going online and seeing Mario having anal sex with his brother, Luigi. There wasn’t an avalanche of porn shoved in your face a few weeks after your favorite game was released. Your childhood was safe against all the sexual perversion going on in the world.

But nowadays?

Dear Gods. This whole situation in the Undertale fandom is disgusting. I thought this was something only one or two adults enjoyed drawing, but it’s EVERYWHERE.

You have artists drawing porn based on a kid’s game and displaying it on Tumblr as though it were a trophy, with no regard as to whether kids will see it or not.

Because Undertale IS a kid’s game. Frisk is called ‘my child’ by Toriel, ‘kiddo’ by Sans, they look like and dress like a child, as noted by Monster Kid - he literally has KID in his goddamn name - when he talks about Frisk’s striped shirt.

And yet you make a quick research on Google, Tumblr, Deviantart or Pinterest and you stumble upon mountains and mountains of porn. To the point you have artists drawing incest and defending it.

I’m an adult who has played the game and I had ZERO interest in seeing any of them depicted as sex symbols. It’s understandable why teenagers - teens, NOT KIDS - felt attracted to Asriel in his Hyperdeath form, because their sexuality is blossoming.

But seeing characters like Sans depicted having anal sex with his brother? Doing felatio? Or Asgore and Gaster in a romantic relationship, kissing in the mouth (Gaster doesn’t even exist as a character in the game, he’s just mentioned)? Or Toriel and Sans having intercourse? Or incest between AU versions of the skelebros? WHAT. THE HELL.

The game is about family, friendship, bravery, your typical sex-ridden, safe for children game. There’s NOTHING in it that invites porn or interpretations of characters as in a sexual relationship. Even Undyne and Alphys barely share a kiss. That’s how pure the game is.

These aren’t fanart made by children. These are done by adults. Adults who are sexualizing a kid’s game. Who are using it to satisfy their personal fetishes out in the open, for everyone to see, with no concern as to how a kid will react when their mind is overloaded with all this content.

By now, the fandom has created terms and expressions to refer to the sexual union of these characters. Such as Honey Mustard. No, don’t go look it up. Don’t expose yourself to it.

And kids feel as though this is the fandom, so they have to accept all this shit as normal. Before they’ve reached puberty. Before they can even understand sex as a concept.

Ever since I’ve stepped in the fandom, I’ve been disgusted by this. Because it’s EVERYWHERE. It’s not one artist or another, I just want to see some normal, healthy artwork and BAM! Porn shoved on my face.

Based on a KID’S GAME.


Go enjoy your sexual perversions in PRIVATE. Stop forcing kids to see that disgusting content whenever they seek to engage with the fandom. The fandom is supposed to be for KIDS to enjoy it. THEY are Undertale’s targeted audience, NOT YOU, TWENTY-YEAR OLD SOMETHING GAMER. Stop normalizing erotic content in kid’s entertainment, you disgusting creatures.

What the hell is your problem? There are dozens of games for adults out there. With adult characters. Draw your porn about them. Just stop sexualizing kid’s content, you animals. Leave them kids alone!

futuristic / sci-fi au team stormborn / targaryen
(in which peter capaldi is barristan selmy)

Also, what is it with guys and FPS games?

Like… I am no good at them myself so I stay away.

And I don’t understand how ANYONE can just skip exposition/explanation if you’re about to play a game blindly.

Part of the reason why I can’t watch Game Grumps is solely for the fact that quite a few decent titles/my favorite games get shit on by whoever’s playing because they didn’t bother to read how to do things and I understand it’s for comedic aspects for their particular show on Youtube but trashing on the game for your lack of patience is shit.

This is the same issue that crops up with the majority of the stereotypical male gamer. Like… They’re in it for the… guns? And shooting? Like… There have been reviews of the Wii U I’ve read where they say it’s a shit console purely because it has “too many platformers” and it’s “underpowered”. Oh what. So we need the Wii U to have nothing but shooters like the fucking Xbone and PS4? and the thing fucking runs in 1080p which is the standard of high definition in this generation. 4k is excessive. Impressive, but excessive.

I feel like guys can’t dig a story as well as girls can, either. I find that my female friends enjoy story driven games as much as I do and are able to discuss them and the characters with me. While if I talk about the games I like to my male friends, they’ll sit there and shit on them.

But then the only stories they care about are the classic Marios and Zeldas.

Like, go away?