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Peter Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: ”Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?”

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Warning(s): Language? 

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You knew Peter was going through a stressful time with keeping the secret from Erik. He was torn and distraught, but he wasn’t ready to tell him the truth. So you decided to get his mind off things and surprise him with a fun filled day while having the entire school to yourself. 

“So tell me again why you wanted to stay behind and not go wit everyone to the museum?” He muttered, following you into the study room. 

You flashed him a smirk, and chuckled. “You’ll see. Just be patient.” 

Peter stopped in his steps, his lips pursed. “One thing I cant ever do is be patient. Remember, I’m quicksilver for a reason.” 

“Shut up Maximoff! Patient you will be, or else I will kick your ass.” You teased. 

Peter let out a soft giggle. He loved how sassy you were with him. Not taking any of his bullshit. You were real, and spoke your mind. Even when he didn’t ask for it. Which somehow made you grow closer. 

“Okay, you can open your eyes.” You exhaled.

 He did, and immediately he was taken back. Everything was different from the last time he saw the room. There was  PACMAN console by the wall, with a few other arcade games as well. You had pizza and drinks and even a boombox playing a few of his favorite tunes. 

His lips curved into a smile, as he looked at you. “What is this?” He asked. 

You walked further into the room, and motioned all around you. “Its for you.” 


“Yea, Professor Xavier let me use this room today. Jean and Hank helped with setting everything up.” You muttered. “Because I had no fucking clue what to do.” 

Peter chuckled, still amazed. 

“I know you’ve been having a hard time with–you know. So I wanted to help take your mind off things.” You stated. “You do like these games right? Because I remember that night we stayed up on the roof to watch the sunset, you told me about few of your favorite games and-”

“This is perfect.” He chuckled. “Seriously, thank you.” 

Seeing that smile light up his face, that was the whole purpose of everything. And you could stay there all day watching him smile. 

His brows scrunched. “Is this Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics?” He asked, his lips curving.

Your mouth shaped into an ‘O’ as you nodded, snapping back to reality. “Y-Yea! Yea, I uh–I actually made you a mixtape.” 

Walking over to the boombox, you took out the tape and tossed it over to Peter. As his eyes read the words that were written on it, he couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“God, I love you.” He blurted. 

You looked up at him, your stomach fluttering. For a moment, you were quiet, and you even thought you were hearing things. “Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?” You asked. 

Peter smiled at you, slowing walking over with the tape in his hand. It was weird seeing him walk at a normal pace. He only ever did that a few times. 

Your breath hitched to the back of your throat, as he was now just inches away. He looked deeply into you, creating chills to cover you completely. “I am in love with you.” he whispered. 

And just like that, Peter slipped his hand under your chin and crashed his thin lips against yours. For a moment, your mind went blank. As it felt like something had ignited in you. 

Your hand clasped behind his neck, pulling him in closer. Not wanting this moment to end. 

But needing to catch a breathe, Peter pressed his head against yours, meeting your gaze. “Well, your plan worked.” He muttered. “You definitely took my mind off things.”

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Unpopular opinion: Sae Niijima being a romance option would not only ruin her character but will also spawn new fans of her to only see her as a prop to have sex with. I was creeped out when I saw Sae having more fanfics with Akira than Yuuki AND Haru? What sick freak sees her with Akira? But of course, Sae will have fun with a minor and noone will bat an eye

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My favorite little killer, Arya, really stepped up her game this latest episode of Game of Bones and I feel the need to celebrate it with some art. 

Also sorry I haven’t posted in a week, been busy with a secret project. 

Tonight I saw an 11/12 year old girl reading Alex Morgan’s book when I was out having dinner with a friend. Her Mom told her to put it away and participate in the family discussion (there were three older girls at the table with her - her sisters). I couldn’t help it, I leaned over and said, “She’s one of my favorite players too.”

The girl lit up, just positively beaming with excitement, and she said she couldn’t decide between Alex Morgan or Hope Solo being her favorite. I told her they were both amazing players and not to worry about picking a favorite. The Mom seemed happy and surprised that I was talking to her daughter about this. I asked the girl if she would be watching the upcoming matches in February. She said she didn’t know there were any, but that she had been watching the Victory Tour. She asked me if I saw those games and I said “Of course! But oh my gosh the last game made me so mad!” She nodded very seriously and said, “They were trying to do something nice.” I told her I agreed.

The Mom jumped in at that point and asked me when they would be playing again. (My friend was rolling her eyes and dying of boredom at this point, but I kicked her.) I explained to the Mom they would be preparing for the Olympics, Olympic qualifiers, etc and told her when the matches would start again (starting with Ireland, Jan. 23rd and then all through February.) Even how ESPN2 and FS1 are usually the ones that broadcast the matches. I had finished my dinner at this point and we’d paid the check, so I left after that. But as I walked away, I heard the family talking excitedly about watching the next game.

Spread the USWNT love! Spread the USWNT knowledge! If they won’t advertise the games well enough, word of mouth will have to do until then. People want to watch, they want to be fans, they just don’t know how or when. So jump in! That’s one more family that will be tuning into the match on January 23rd! And more in February!

I was grinning ear to ear for a while after that. My friend told me I was a dork. Fair enough. But I hope that girl got a little validation for her love of soccer tonight. :)

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What Pokemon fangames would you recommend? (of course, feel free to include Uranium on the list).

Sure! Here are the ones I’ve played and enjoyed:

External image

Pokemon Reborn - Set in the Reborn region where Pokemon are few and far between, this fangame is somewhat darker than your typical pokemon game since it’s set in a massive city where poverty, pollution and crime are rampant. The graphics are in RSE-style but there are Pokemon from all 6 generations available. I found the plot fresh and engaging and definitely worth playing. The game releases updates in episodes with one gym per episode, and is currently on episode 12 (there are 18 gyms, one for every element). There is already a lot of content (40+ hours according to the developers), making it well worth the price of free.

Pokemon Obsidian - A well-made game with nice graphics, a few new features, and a handful of fakemon (although it predominantly has real Pokemon). It’s also got an original soundtrack and some neat-looking maps. 

External image

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition - One of the most innovative fangames I’ve played, this game uses 2nd gen-style retro pixel graphics and changes out the turn-based battle system for an active-time battle system reminiscent of Chrono Trigger and other classic RPGs. Your starter Pokemon is an Eevee that has the ability to switch between its evolutionary forms at will (at first only Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon but you can unlock the rest as time goes on). It’s also got an interesting plot involving glitches and time travel, but I won’t get into that too much without spoiling it.

External image

Pokemon Sage - A very ambitious fangame made by the community members of 4chan’s /vp/ board. It was generating a lot of buzz on Tumblr a few months back so maybe you’ve heard of it. Sage has an entirely new set of Fakemon with incredibly creative designs and punny names. I’m continually impressed by the creativity and amount of planning that went into this project. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had a beta release for a while now, and the current beta is only a couple of hours long. Still it is well worth checking out for the creative fakemon designs and cool region based on South America.

And last but not least…

Pokemon Uranium - A fangame that takes place in the tropical Tandor region and contains predominantly fakemon with a few canon Pokemon mixed in. The current game release has about 12 hours of gameplay, with 5 gyms and about 80 different fakemon. The plot of Pokemon Uranium involves Pokemon that have been driven crazy through exposure to radiation and turned into the feral, unstable Nuclear type. The graphics are reminiscent of 4th gen games (D/P/Pt and HG/SS), and the game mechanics are mainly based on the 5th gen.The next release will have a working Global Trade Station, Virtual battle and Wonder Trade, but those features aren’t in the current release. It’s coming eventually… but the game is still very playable in its current beta (3.1) form.

There are so many creative and wonderful fan-games out there, I’ve just listed a few of my favorites. These games are all made by creators who love Pokemon and wanted to make something for people to enjoy, so I encourage you all to play ‘em and show them some appreciation for their hard work!


final fantasy ix dialogue - 1/∞

futuristic / sci-fi au team stormborn / targaryen
(in which peter capaldi is barristan selmy)

Netflix's new hit show is a triumph of 'New Hollywood' over 'Old Hollywood,' says showrunner

“Super Mario Bros.” is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. Little Super Mario sits alongside Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald as one of the modern world’s most recognizable characters.

And yet, even with something as popular and straightforward as “Super Mario Bros.”, the Hollywood movie industry adapted it into something hilariously bad.

(The “Super Mario Bros.” movie version of a goomba is this terrifying creature.Lightmotive)

This is the norm for video game adaptations taken on by Hollywood, whether it’s a TV show or a film — few expect their favorite game to get turned into a good movie or show.

The recently released “Castlevania” on Netflix, an animated show centered on the “Castlevania” video game series, is an incredible exception. It’s smart, funny, and manages to turn a largely uninteresting game series (story-wise) into a compelling narrative.

We caught up with “Castlevania” showrunner Adi Shankar over the phone last week to ask how he and his team managed to pull off what so many others in Hollywood could not. Shankar said the reason so many video game adaptations are terrible is because of the approach taken by Hollywood: Rather than diving in on what makes the game’s world interesting to the people who already love it, adaptations tend to broaden the scope too far in an attempt to draw in a larger audience.

“Let’s say the game sold 5 million copies, right? [The studios] look at it as, ‘Those are 5 million people who are gonna show up on opening weekend anyways. So let’s get more people to show up,’” Shankar said. “But what they didn’t get is no, no, no, no, no — that’s like your marketing department. Those 5 million people? If you love something, you want everyone else to love it. You want to share that fandom with other people.”

(Much of the “Castlevania” show is evocative of the game series’ art and style — an homage rather than a direct adaptation.Netflix)

To Shankar, “Old Hollywood” is represented by that old approach: Take a property that people already love, and broaden it instead of appealing to its core. And it’s “New Hollywood” that gave him the chance to make “Castlevania.”

“I was done,” Shankar said. He’d made a handful of successful but — by their very nature — unprofitable films on YouTube. He made what are essentially fan films that he dubbed his “Bootleg Universe”: short films based on stuff like “Power Rangers” and “The Punisher.” Since they’re properties owned by major corporations, he was unable to profit from the films (lest he get sued). 

“After that came out, 'Old Hollywood’ was kind of like, 'What is this guy smoking? What is wrong with this dude?’,” Shankar said. “But then I guess 'New Hollywood’ — the internet crowd — embraced me as one of their own at that point. Maker Studios gave me a three-picture deal. And there’s a bunch of stuff that happened behind the scenes that wasn’t even public knowledge. I was in kind of a weird spot because I wanted to leave, and I was like I’ll try out this whole 'Hollywood Career version 2.0’ for me." 

With one foot out the door, Hollywood pulled Shankar back in. 

(The art of "Castlevania” is reminiscent of shows like “Gargoyles,” and anime like “Berserk."Netflix)

"I shut down all the infrastructure I’d set up. I applied to graduate school. And then different brands just started hitting me up. It was kinda weird,” he said. “Those same corporations that I was like 'Ugh, go away!’ — they were calling me. There were rumors of maybe he’ll direct this movie, maybe he’ll produce that thing. And I’m like, 'What is going on? I’m literally out the door.’" 

It was around then that, through a chance encounter, Shankar learned of an opportunity to lead production on a show based on "Castlevania,” a classic video game franchise close to Shankar’s heart. He jumped at it, and the show we have now is the result of that chance encounter.

But Shankar sees his role in Hollywood as similar to that of Joss Whedon (who directed “The Avengers”), James Gunn (who directed “Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Jon Favreau (who directed “Iron Man”), only with video games as the medium being adapted rather than comic books.


Here’s Shankar:

“The way I see it is comic book adaptations were really bad for a very long time. And really what it took was a bunch of kids who loved comic books growing up, who were then pissed off at how bad the comic books movies were, to be like, 'I’m gonna change that.’ Right? They went out and made 'Iron Man.’ They went out and made 'The Avengers.’ They went out and made all these now-great comic book adaptations.”

And he’s not wrong. Before comic book movies took over as the modern blockbuster, there were dozens of whiffs. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch “Batman Forever,” for instance. It took decades of misses before Hollywood figured out how to consistently make hit films out of comic books. And even then, it wasn’t a measure of the film industry figuring out how to do it — they simply handed the keys to directors who grew up with comics, who love those comics. 

Shankar put it as such: “It’s on our generation to fix this problem.” His next project, unsurprisingly, is another video game adaptation: “Assassin’s Creed." 

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Tbh if you ever need a name for a story but can’t think of one just pick a few of your favorite video games or tv shows, look at what the different chapters/episode titles are (or cutscene titles if it has a theater mode), and just combine some shit. The closer they are in tone to your story the better.