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Hmmm. How about malec and "can we pretend I didn't just say that?" Thanks!

@magnusbones said: malec + “Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?“

magnus has lived for centuries, has enough memories for lifetimes upon lifetimes, yet few things can compare to a slightly tipsy, sleepy alec cuddled up next to him, his arms around magnus and his face pressed against magnus’ neck.

“this is nice,“ alec mumbles, his words slurred together, and then presses a kiss to magnus’ neck. “you smell nice.“

“thank you, alexander,“ magnus says, breathing out a laugh and feeling alec’s lips stretch into a smile.

“i love it when you call me that. especially when i get called ‘mr. lightwood’ or ‘alec’ at the institute all day.”

“well, unless you want everyone calling you ‘alexander’-“ alec shakes his head rapidly at that,”-then you’ll have to get used to it, you don’t get another name.”

“not true,” alec says, causing magnus to frown down at him. “when we get married they’ll have to call me ‘mr. lightwood-bane’.”

magnus can’t help the way his body freezes at that, and after a beat, alec seems to realize what he said. he lifts himself up so he’s facing magnus, eyes wide and mouth open.

“can we pretend i didn’t just say that?“ alec rushes out. “not because i don’t mean it but we just, we never really, i mean i don’t know if you-“

magnus leans in to kiss him, and alec eagerly kisses back, both of them getting lost in each other’s lips for a few moments.

“when we get married?“ magnus asks quietly, and the blush that colors alec’s cheeks is truly breathtaking.

“yeah, i mean, we haven’t really talked about it, but i want to marry you, someday, if that’s something you want, too.“

“of course it’s something i want, how could i not?“

alec’s smile is bright and unguarded, it’s the smile magnus would do anything for, and he knows his expression mirrors alec’s. 

“i’m still going to propose, properly, with a ring and everything,“ alec says after a few moments, taking magnus’ hand in his.

“not if i beat you to it,“ magnus teases, but it does little to hide how full of light he feels at that moment, how loved he feels. 

he’s going to marry this man one day and that is something not even lifetimes of memories can compare to. 

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It's not an exaggeration to say that every time Benedict shows up on my dash, I grin like an idiot. So I love your posts, especially when my mood needs a boost. :) Works every time.

How lovely of you say so, @neriesle ! He lifts my spirits too, and in so many ways…whether he’s defining classic elegance…

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…or playing the cheeky tart for a bit of fun…

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…the picture of sheer sophistication…

…or being an utter dork…

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…teasing us mercilessly…

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…or being completely, unselfconsciously, confident & casual…

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…or giving us the living heart & soul of his fully truthful & beautifully rendered characters…

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…putting his deep compassion into action & urging others to do the same…

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…and by simply, beautifully, being himself–a generous, shining soul to which few can ever compare…

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Guess who’s back! 8D

After two long lovely restful weeks I’m back. And things are looking up! I’m so relieved today after news we’ve received I keep almost crying haha. Hence not being around for the last day or two when I actually got back very early Monday morning.

I see some very lovely messages in my inbox that I will be getting to tonight and some chats to get to too ^o^ So I promise nothing has been ignored, I just wasn’t here for a while and then what with waiting for today’s news I wasn’t really up for talking, that’s all. But the news was OK so we shall be OK! x

Anyway, I am here again ^.^ If anyone wants to ask/send me things tonight feel free 8D Who knows what I’ve missed over the last few weeks!

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Metagross is a pretty cool pokémon all around, especially being the signature pokémon of Hoenn’s champion, Steven Stone. Metagross is both powerful and intelligent, possessing four brains which are faster than a supercomputer.

So we have a lot to cover with Metagross: let’s start with its multiple brains! A brain, of course, controls all functions in an animal’s body. Humans only have one, but having multiple brains is not out of the picture. Leeches, for example, have over 30 ganglia which each help control different segments of its body, effectively acting like individual brains. Perhaps more similar to Metagross, an octopus has one central brain the size of a walnut in its head, but it has auxiliary “brains” in each of its arms: for a total of nine brains! This helps each tentacle of the octopus act independently and think for itself. The octopus as whole acts as a network of these brains, which when put together act the same as one large brain would.

Metagross has four arms, so perhaps it has one brain for each arm, like an octopus. Octopi are also infamous for being incredibly intelligent, able to open jars and solve problems with their tentacles.

So how does a brain compare to a supercomputer? There are a few ways we can compare them. 

  1. First, there’s storage: how much information can the brain store? This is measured in bytes.
  2. The next is processing speed: how fast can the information be processed? This is measured in a unit caled megaflops: one million floating point calculations per secound
  3. The last is power: how much enery does it take to run?This is measured in watts.

As you can see, the world’s fastest supercomputer (in 2011) has 10 times the storage and 4x the processing speed than the human brain, but the human brain needs astronomically less power to run: 0.0002%. The brain is so much more efficient simply due to the size: one brain contains over 200 billion neurons and trillions of synapses. The fastest supercomputer has over 83,000 processors, but takes up significantly more space, meaning it needs much more power to run. To get more computing speed, supercomputers simply need to add more processors. In the current state of technology, processors are as fast as they can get.

So Metagross’ brains are faster than a supercomputer, which means they operate at more than 10 billion megaflops. Super computers, and our brains, use parallel processing to arrive at results. Serial processing, like typical PCs, computers, and calculators use, work on problems linearly, taking steps, and not progressing until the previous step has finished. Parallel processing splits a calculation up into several parts, working on different steps at the same time, which result in a faster calculation overall.

This type of processing is important in the brain for lots of reasons. Take sight, for example. Our brain needs to interpret what our eyes see very quickly: colors, shapes, motion, etc. Parallel processing makes this possible.

Metagross has four brains, which operate like a network to control Metagross. It uses parallel processing, so it is able to work on different steps of a calculation simultaneously, making it faster than a supercomputer.

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Of your big fanfics your siren au is my absolute fave. I love how you adapted all of the characters into the world you created, especially Michael and Jeremy and how you changed their relationship. And my fave of your ficlets is “You’re a tragedy in the making” I’ve never seen second pov used so well and to give such an amazing twist ending. And the words you use at the end are so devastating I’ve read it probably 12 times.

aw, thanks, anon!

every time somebody tells me they love the ysyo I get impossibly happy, because I put a lot of work into that one, especially in terms of worldbuilding, and I really love the complexity of michael and jeremy’s relationship in it. and ysyo is the least popular fic of the 3 I’ve posted on ao3 (in terms of stats. it lags significantly behind the dj fic and protector in terms of hits/kudos/bookmarks), so I guess I’m protective of the runt of my litter? lol

ahhhh the yeah that was a fun ficlet to write! I really love plot twists, especially ones that change the entire foundation of a story (agatha christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd CHANGED MY LIFE), so I was absolutely delighted to write that little ficlet. plus, I’m pleased with a lot of the language in it. and seeing people lose their shit in the tags/replies? best thing ever.

tell me which story of mine is your favorite!


come back to me. always.

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what are your thoughts on rep so far? is it her best? which songs are bops? everything!

Tbh I have some cognitive dissonance because the SSers are like it’s her BEST album ever and it’s *lyrically better than red and speak now combined* but this isn’t the case so far… like they’re good songs, but red and sn were legendary and of another league and few things can compare to them. (I’m giving them the benefit of doubt that the rest of the album is really different, although for now I’m sticking to my red stan™ mode)

Also ready for it is the real bop!! It’s not my fav song (gorgeous is my fav), but I think it’s the most well-received amongst critics so far, because it’s dancey, cheerful and the kind of song made to be #1. But I’m glad she didn’t put it out as a lead single because it’s considerably mainstream. That said I like LWYMMD; apart from the content of the song (which created a big shitstorm and tarnished her reputation more than it should; I’m not saying that she’s wrong to take a stand, but I’m just saying that it’s unwise to use something controversial as your first appearance in three years), and apart from the fact that it’s a bit repetitive, it’s a brave choice for a lead single because it’s unconventional, experimental and boldly orchestrated. It sticks to her stand that this album is about the music, and that her art is able to speak for itself.

send me your thoughts, expectations, theories whatever about Rep


I hate rain and I hate wind even more. I don’t quite understand how anyone can enjoy these unless your prepared and happy to be blown about and end up looking similar to a drowned rat. However, as much as I do really despise them, the aftermath of rainwater is something extraordinarily captivating.   

The raindrops appear so perfectly placed on surfaces, moving and connecting with others, whilst the city lights glisten in the reflections. It’s a photographers dream. As I explored London in the early evening yesterday I became significantly soaked and frustrated that I was unable to photograph anything outdoors. However once the rain had come to an end, I could fully appreciate my surroundings. There are very few sights that can compare to the beauty and calm of a city night after a downpour. 

Edwige Belmore …Rest in Power … I first  met her in 1983 while working  as a ladies’ room attendant at the NYC club Area.  I was new on the scene and feeling awkwardly out of place when  her big beautiful red lips kissed me on the cheek as she was applauding  me for looking  “ unique” .  in 1987,  I was a cocktail waitress at her cabaret night on 13th and 6th . She was the hostess and chanteuse and living life with a passion and flair few can compare. 

if I was, would you be?

April 2, 2010  by Edwige Belmore

My life has been nothing but a blink…. a breath…. a hiccup…. a sneeze….
I’m opening my eyes and everything burns. everything ’s blurred.
I see a bridge, I’m crossing it, I’m almost over it.
Am I the bridge I need to cross and get over? Bridge to what? I’m confused as always, and yet the clarity of my emotions is frighteningly blinding, burning, crippling.
No wonder I’m losing my eyesight along with the rest of my human capacities….
Am I becoming the crumbling stones of what used to be a path, a destination, a temple?
Am I the pounded dirt of a family home, or the dust one kicks in anger? Am I a rock, a root, a pebble, a leaf, a feather?
and again what would be my purpose?
if I was a rock, would you stand on me or hit me with myself?
if I was a root, would you grow with me or trip and fall?
if I was a pebble, would you collect me or throw me in the river?
if I was a leaf, would you gather rain drops on me to quench your thirst or crumble me?
and if I was a feather, would you let me float in the wild wind or wear me on your neck and nestle me on your heart?
If I was, would you be?

Edwige Belmore

Updated Bio from Dean’s WWE.Com Superstars Page

Dean Ambrose is a dangerous man.

The Cincinnati scrapper began his path to WWE with a fearless career on the independent scene, notable for his ability to absorb and to distribute punishment in equal measure. Through his years toiling away in obscurity, Ambrose competed in some of the most vicious environments imaginable, sacrificing his body and blood in the pursuit of inflicting as much damage on his opponent as humanly possible. Victory was incidental. What mattered to Ambrose was always his message: No one is safe.

If you thought the PG-friendly environment of WWE would be enough to contain The Lunatic Fringe, Ambrose’s brutal debut as one-third of The Shield certainly put that notion to rest in a hurry. As did his record-setting reign as U.S. Champion while he was one of the brothers in black, as well as his increasingly manic attitude after The Hounds of Justice imploded, during which Ambrose pursued rivals such as Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper with all the intensity and lack of self-preservation instincts you’d find in a rabid animal. This unpredictable nature proved virtually unstoppable and allowed Ambrose to capture the Intercontinental Title from Kevin Owens at WWE TLC in 2015.

Crazy stuff, right? Dean-o is definitely onto something, though: The WWE Universe has latched on to his mad machinations in a way few Superstars can compare with. It seems whatever twists and turns The Lunatic Fringe takes in his career, it’s only a matter of time before this inmate runs the asylum.

Magic Carpet

Full moon’s high in my window pane,
a sleepless night yet again.
I think of what that old moon’s seen,
and the billions of days in-between.

Billions of stories it could share.
But few like grandma’s can compare.
Her life began long, long ago.
Raised in places few ever know.

In forests, jungles and never-ending plains,
there were exotic cities and quiet country lanes.
Naturalist nurtured traversing the globe,
her parents explorers and professors in robes.

She too attended their university,
majoring, of course, in anthropology.
She graduated at the very top of her class.
Then returning to a high mountain pass.

A place where dear friends made, one nevermore,
new will be made though not as before.
For the sisterly love they both did share,
her dowry passed from generations with care.

Their rug was presented for the mutual esteem,
more cherished than a simple weaving would seem.
With sheep twists dyed and hands knotting all day,
life’s artful history’s made to give, barter or pray.

That winter spent mourning by choice and terrain.
Gram then ventured east with the new spring rain.
Her path soon ended on a long Pacific beach,
her life of the past now far out of reach.

She then called upon as never before.
She volunteered proudly as a nurse in the war.
Through years of blood, pain and tears she served,
refusing all the medals and honors deserved.

Though her true love was found slumped on a cot,
they soon returned home, where time was forgot.
Gramps got better and a new family sown.
their many shared scars were never shown.

Her old rug was placed by hearth and chest,
each full of stories though not all are best.
It’s a place we’d sit to hear grandma recall,
sometimes a place to do nothing at all.

So I tip-toed downstairs since sleep no option,
I’ll rest on that rug where dreams are begun.
It’s where secrets are shared and magic seen,
then a place for relaxing time in-between.

Once sewn as a bag keeping safe, precious things.
It’s been many a blanket with a picnic to bring.
It’s been a shawl in the cold and hood in the rain -
and a comfy pillow on the overnight train.

Adventures had in time that’s flown,
together worn from long years grown.
This rug’s grandma’s confidant and oldest friend,
soaring together their wove lives transcend.

Though colors now faded, ends torn and frayed,
beauty more timeless cannot be remade.
And when the winds do bellow just right,
we’re drawn up the flue and into the night.

Holding fast and climbing high,
we touched the stars in our moonlit sky.
We’d see twinkling lights in our town below,
then off to the hills where roads don’t go.

Over the wood, back to the place we all live,
where the door’s always open and love’s to give.
There blissful slumbers had snug as a bug,
whilst wrapped with a hug in grandmas old rug.