fevers end part 1

Persona 5: Post #1 part 2.1

C. Stay with Yusuke 


“I’ll stay.” Akira told him. 

Yusuke sighed with relief. “Thank you. Your kindness is most appreciated." 

Akira ran a towel under cold water and dabbed the back of Yusuke’s neck. 

“That feels better.” He said, then swallowed and leaned forward over the bowl. “I’m still feeling quite nauseous.” Then a wet air bubble escaped and he tried to swallow, but gagged. “I’m- sorry.” He uttered before heaved into the toilet and puking up mouthfuls of liquid into it. 

He flushed the toilet and coughed weakly. “I don’t know how I could have gotten so sick.” He shook his head sadly. “Honestly, I just want to go back to bed." 

"Why don’t you let Yusuke go back to bed? I saw a trash bin you could put beside him just in case.” Morgana suggested. 

Akira nodded and helped Yusuke back to his bed. “Thank you Akira. You’re a very kind friend.” Yusuke told him.

Morgana meowed happily. “And you can wake Akira up if you need anything at all.” Akira shot a look at Morgana, but nodded. 

*I feel like my bond with Yusuke has gotten stronger* 


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Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)
Tablo (타블로)
Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)

Artist: Tablo (타블로 of Epik High)
Song: Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)
Album: Fever’s End (열꽃) Part.1 EP

Bumkey always does lovey-dovey songs and I love them but it’s awesome to hear him contribute something different. As the serious tone of this track insists, this is a serious song about being in your lowest state - pretty much the rock bottom of your life - and having the one you love experience the darkness in you. Tablo beautifully expresses the guilt and helplessness of one in this situation.

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Persona 5: Post #1 part 1.3

D: Take Yusuke to a doctor


Akira put Morgana in his bag and took Yusuke to Takemi Sensei’s doctor’s office.

It took them some time, and they had to stop frequently for Yusuke to catch his breath.

When they arrived, Akira banged on the door and Morgana scratched it until Takemi Sensei finally opened it.

“What- what are you doing here!” She sounded angry, but when she took one look at Yusuke, she scowled but let them in.

Without even having to ask, she handed Yusuke a basin. At once, Yusuke pitched over it and coughed up a mouthful of sick.

Akira looked at her in surprise.

“What? Look at him. He’s as green as a frog.” She said plainly.

Yusuke laid on her examination table and Akira sat in a chair while she checked him over.

“It’s most likely a virus. I’m prescribing him something that should help his fever go down and should be easy on his stomach. He needs lots of sleep and fluids so he doesn’t get dehydrated. He should recover in two to three days.”

When Akira took Yusuke back the the coffee shop, he put him back in bed and Yusuke fell straight to sleep.



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Persona 5: Post #1 part 2.2

D. Go back to bed 

*Warning for injury* (see tags below) 


Morgana and Akira were awoken only an hour later by loud sound. 

Yusuke sat over the toilet by himself for almost an hour. In the span of 50 minutes, he had been sick six or seven times. 

He was drenched with sweat and shaking from his fever. After what must have been his seventh round of vomiting, the nausea had finally dispelled and he felt safe enough to go back to bed. 

He tried to lift himself up to wash his hands but he felt so weak, that pushing himself up seemed impossible. He grabbed the edge of the sink and lifted himself up with great effort. 

Once in a standing position, he was left panting heavily. He only took one step before he faltered under his own body weight and felt backwards. 

He hit his head on the rim of the toilet and after feeling a sharp pain in his head, everything went black. 

Morgana and Akira ran inside the bathroom to find Yusuke laying on the flood. “Yusuke!” Morgana ran to check on him. “He’s out cold. You’d better call 911 right away!" 


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