fever marlene!!

Ian Thomas. Making him make sense as a possible Uber A/twin candidate.

So as many people have posted today, the possibility of Ian coming back, whether in twin form or not are seeming slightly more likely than many of us would have thought a week ago. This being due to the fact that one of the PLL page’s countdowns misspelled the word ‘villain’ as 'VILLIAN’ followed by Marlene tweeting #fianlefever. This along with a few other bits that people have pointed out, including the parallel between IMK’s tweet and an A text sent in 1x22 right before Ian 'dies’ in the bell tower.

My thinking is that if Ian comes back, he had a twin. I think that it was the twin (let’s call him Bian) that was seen to have killed himself in season two and the suicide note left with him could have been written by Ian out of his previous A messages to the girls which is why the writing is the same as quite a few notes we’ve seen the girls get, including ones that Mona gets in the dollhouse from Charles.

Speaking of the dollhouse, I think that the Charles figure that was at the masked ball and the Spencer came face to face with could have been Ian too.
-the theme of the prom was the same as the year he and Melissa were crowned King and queen
-Spencer said she’s felt like she’d met him before
-there’s no way that was CeCe! Where would her boobs have hidden!?

My thoughts are that this could all connect back to the NAT club and that we might finally get more explanation on this. Maybe there was even more to those videos than the liars knew.

Why did he fake his own death? My thoughts are that he knew that the liars were getting far too close to him and one way to stop them from ruining his game was to take himself out of it. By killing himself off, he illuminated himself as a suspect, freed up all his time to focus on the liars, theoretically build a giant doll house and work out a way to get them there.

This next part is a little involved and some of it is a part of another theory I have but haven’t properly posted yet but here it goes. I’m not entirely sure how Ian and CeCe work as a duo yet or how that started at least but in this theory I think that they were working together. CeCe knew about Ian and was working beneath him. Ian, as Uber A would have been calling the shots. I think that Mona and Sara were just working for CeCe and didn’t know that there was a bigger A in the game. I think that when CeCe revealed herself to the liars, she’d gone off book, this wasn’t part of Ian’s plan and this pissed him off big time. When CeCe says “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister” I don’t think this was directed at the liars as we might have previously thought. What if it was directed at someone else she knew would be watching too. She was telling Ian to stay away or else. This leads me to season 6, I think that Ian could killed CeCe/Charlotte that night. He arranged to meet her and got revenge..

Finally id like to mention the countdowns.

6- shippers will be shocked
Okay I’m struggling with this one

5- liar will be betrayed by someone they love
Okay so maybe Melissa found out about Ian at some point along the way. This would be a pretty massive betrayal on spencer

4- Epic mystery leads to epic romance
Melissa and Ian together again after all these years

3- a villIAN is unmasked

(And they’ve just added 2)
2- a liar loses her sanity
Spencer, after being betrayed and lied to by her own sister can’t take it anymore and snaps

I know this theory is incredibly patchy, incomplete and all over the place. This is just me trying to make sense of thoughts I’ve had all day on Ian! There’s probably more I’ve forgotten or things that I’ve got wrong. This is basically just a train of thought 😂

I’d love Ian to come back but I’m not sure if this is just another publicity stunt. I can see them making it work but I also think there are other possibilities. Let me know what y'all think!